Everything is fair in Love – A Shivika Ts (Part 2)

Hi guys..I’m here with the last part of the Ts which I had started yesterday. I’m greatly delighted by the support and love you all have given me. Sorry, I couldn’t reply to you all, but I’ll do that as soon as I get time. Here’s the last part..
Part 1

Shivaay ” But Anika, its a challenge, you have to ask me for something. ”
Anika,” Okay Shivaay. When the time will come, I will ask you what I want. ”

The next morning, Dadi and Pinky were sitting in the hall , talking about random stuff and Pinky complaining about how Mrs. Someone had done something. Omru had just come out for breakfast, when they heard someone descending the stairs in a hurried manner. It was Anika and she was followed by Shivaay. All the four looked at them in surprise, as to what was the matter.
Shivaay, ” Anika ! ”
Anika, ” No Shivaay. You are not trying to understand. ”
” Anika, you can ask for anything else, I can give you, but this…”
” Shivaay, you promised me yesterday. I know that you are thinking that its not possible, but you are Shivaay Singh Oberoi. You used to say na that you can do anything. Then cant you get me what I want ?”
Anika got off the stairs and walked out of the
Mansion , upset.
Shivaay also descended, but stopped in the hall. He heaved a worried sigh.
Rudra,” What happened Bhaiya ? Why has Bhabhi become Jhansi ki Rani ? That too early in the morning ? ”
Om,” Bhabhi said that you cant give her something. Is it about that challenge she won yesterday and you were supposed to give her what she asked and you aren’t able to ? ”
Shivaay just nodded his head.
Dadi,” Billu, what did she ask for ? ”
Pinky, ” Mummyji, surely she musts have asked fors some supers expensive things. ”
Dadi, ” Chup kar Pinky. Shivaay can get her that, whatever it is. More over, Anika isnt like that ”
Pinky, ” Thens surely she musts have asked for somethings very bigs, like something similar to Kohinoors or maybe a shares in the Oberoi property. She musts have taken this opportunity for her benefits and asked for somethings which Shivaay cannot give her, Shivaay kya, no ones can give her. ”
Om, ” Shivaay, say something.”

Shivaay, ” What will I say Om ? For a change, Mrs. Oberoi is right. She has asked for something which I cannot give her. ”
Pinky gave a winning smirk. ” I told you alls. That roadsides girl will definitelys show you her true colours one day. I havent seens anyone as greedys as her. ”
Shivaay, ” Enough Mrs. Oberoi. You have no right to speak about my wife in that manner. ”
Om, ” But Shivaay, what did Bhabhi ask for which you cant give her ? ”
Pinky, ” Why are you askings him this , Om ? Why dont you gos and ask your laadli bhabhi ? I knews the intensions of that girl. She is a gold digger…”
Shivaay, ” Okay, stop. Just stop. Mrs. Oberoi, you are right. She asked me for something which I cant give her. She said that she wont marry me if I dont give her that. Do you know what this means ? She has only us, The Oberois , and not marrying me means she would have nothing left. For her, family , happiness and love , all is from us..basically the reason why she is living is us…and she was ready to leave all this, just for that gift..”
” I had tolds you na. She is like..”
“I havent completed yet, Mrs. Oberoi. She was ready to give anything for the gift which I promised her, and what did she get in this ? Nothing….She did all this, just for you. ”
Pinky’s forehead bore a frown. She couldnt understand what was Shivaay talking about.
“What do you means, Shivaay?”
“Do you remember that you asked Dadi to persuade me to perform a ritual of your choice for my marriage? ”
“Yes, how can I forgets that. Mummyji tolds you and you refused to dos so. ”
“Yes, and Anika heard that. For her challenge gift , she is asking me to perform that ritual with you…which I cant give her. ”
Pinky’s eyes filled up with tears. She had never imagined that the girl whom she thought , was stealing her son away from him , that same girl was now ready to give everything to reunite the mother and son. She had realised how wrong she had taken Anika to be and much much more wrong she herself had been to taunt and mistreat Anika from the past months.
“What have I done ! I mistreated such a pure soul…”, she said, water of guilt and repentance trying to wash away her sins.
Shivaay, ” This is exactly the reason why I broke my relation with you. You never accepted Anika and never even tried to see her qualities because of that cover of misunderstanding on your eyes. ”
Pinky suddenly jerked, as if she had been given an electric shock. Everyone looked on.
Pinky went inside somewhere and brought put an aarti ki thaali.
Dadi, ” Pinky, yeh kya hai ? ”
“Mummyji, this is for my bahu. ”
Shivaay, ” What ? ”
Pinky, ” Shivaay, go and bring my bahu,I will not only try to change her wish,but also accept her as my bhau and your wife …”
Shivaay, ” No need to do that.. I will give her what she wants…”
Shivaay and Pinky share a hug.
Rudra,” O,how did Bhabhi do this? Indirectly hi sahi, but she still DID mend the relations and our whole family. ”
Omkara,” This was possible because Rudra, everything is fair in Love….”
Omkara and Rudra smile at how their Bhabhi fixed everything !!
Thanks a ton to everyone reading this. Thank you so much !!

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