Everything is a deal (part-2)


” Mom I met him finally !” Anika told entering the home happily

She took the seat beside her mom . And placed her head on her shoulders. 

” So how was the date !?” Her mom asked excitedly 

” Mom dont call it date okay ! It’s an arranged marriage for god sake ..  and you people call it a date seriously..  huh date is something different and the thing which I did is no less than any business deal !” She told laughing 

” Oh my god !! You did deal with him !? What did he tell you for your stupid deals Haan !?” Her mom asked pulling her ears 

” Mom leave me it’s paining.. and Haan he had no problems with my deals …. ” She told sticking her tongue out .. 

She was so busy checking her mobile that she forgot to see who was coming in front of her , she bumps into her  grandmother 

” Oh lord !! Where the hell is your eyes , why will you see day and night you’ll be busy with that phone don’t know what rubbish you do with that.   ” She started cursing Anika 

” Oh god stop it I’m sorry okay.  That’s my mistake I did not see properly I don’t want to create any scenes here.  ” By saying this Anika left to her room angrily

She jumped onto her bed and  started scrolling her Instagram suddenly she received a call from a unknown number 

She smiled looking at the Truecaller name . It states Shivaay.  

” Hello Mr Oberoi we met just some times before I guess you started calling me now only Haan ?” She teases him 

” Nope it’s so awkward to marry someone of our parents choice whom we don’t even know and you’re kinda interesting just like me making deans and all so I thought why not we become friends first .. ” he told sipping his green tea on the other side 

” Yeah you’re right.  I thought I would never marry .. now I’m going to marry you look at this fate games..  ” she told laughing at her own lame joke

” So let’s start from the first a proper start , I’m Shivaay and you !” He asked finishing his cup 

” I’m Anika ” she told rolling on the bed. 

On one hand she was listening to him and on the other side she was getting bored of his business talks 

” Mr Oberoi.  I think you have a meeting tomorrow please go to bed early . I’m also having an important work ! So bye okay !” She hung the call without giving him a chance to speak 

He realised he was making her bored with his business talks , he thought to ask sorry but then thought not to call her again and again.  



The next day in Trivedi’s office 

” Anika you’re so lazy these days why didn’t you finish the work on time !? You’re fit for nothing . Your granny was right I should get you married as soon as possible you’re  nothing but a burden for me ” Her dad yells on her 

” Dad I don’t want to work here anymore . I’m resigning ..” she told politely and left from there 

She didn’t realise there was one more person in the office too. 

” I’m sorry I didn’t notice you , hi !” She told in a chirpy way covering her face with a fake  smile after what all her dad told to her 

” Hello hi , shall we go out and talk !?” He asked with a smile 

” Fine .. and yeah wait a minute !” By saying this she pulls her handbag and takes out her resignation letter and threw it on Mr Trivedi’s face 

” weather You sign it or not , accept it or not I don’t care I’m not going to work for you anymore ! ” She told angrily and left from there

Mr Trivedi sat on his chair holding his head 

” I’m sorry Shivaay for all this scene , she is like that only . ” He concluded 

” Do you hate her !?” Shivaay asked him 

” No but I don’t like her too . ,” He told coldly and started doing his work 

Shivaay left the room in disbelief. 

” Hey , up for any deals!?” Shivaay asked the sad Anika . 

” I’m not in mood for any deals but still you are  my new friend as you asked I’m agreeing okay !” She shows her thumbs  up and winked at him 

” The deal is I’ll buy you one ice cream and in return you’ll share with me your favourite things  !”  He told with a smrik

” What kind of deal is this !?” She asked being confused

”  But anything for icecream is okay for me !” She told happily 

” Come let’s go then !” He took her hands 

They walk hand in hand on the pavement and reached one small cafe . They placed their orders and were enjoying the food 

” Is money so important to you !?” She asked Shivaay all of a sudden 

” Ahem .. if you ask so suddenly I don’t have any answers .. my father is money minded.  Your dad is also the same well I’m a bit money minded too !” He told munching his burger 

” I have you for that . ” She told angrily and licks her ice-cream 

” So you don’t like money minded people !?” He asked raising his eyebrows 

” Obviously no I hate my family too !” She told coldly 

” But why !?” He asked with a confused face 

” That’s none of your business.  I told you already you’re not asking about my past you forgot that already !!” She told in a dramatic way 

” Okay okay leave it . I thought I could help you !” He told with concern

” Hey it’s not like that please don’t feel offended its just leave it right i don’t wanna share !” She told wiping her little years which were ready to betray her anytime soon

He smiled widely and asked ” so what’s your favourite flavour in ice-cream!?” 

” BUTTERSCOTCH !!”. She told excitedly 

” I have got one good idea I really wanted to do such stunts with my to be  wife will you accept it !?” He asked hesitantly 

” What’s that just ask I’ll tell you if I’m okay or not !” She assures him 

” Well will you come with me to eat ice-cream at 3 am in the morning !?, I promise I’ll get you 3 butterscotch ” he told like a kid 

She laughed holding her stomach, everyone there were looking at her in disbelief 

” Hey dont make fun of me ” he whined

” It’s okay anything for butterscotch !” She winked at him 

” Wow so you agreed !! You’re so sweet !” He kissed her cheeks in excitement 

Her eyes widened in shock 

”  I’m sorry I was over excited !!” He told nervously

” It’s okay but next time inform me atleast I will be prepared for it !” She told licking her ice-cream 

” Shall I drop you back !?” He asked picking his car keys 

” Hey so I want to make one more deal for your ice-cream stunt i want you to help me in learning scooty !” She told picking her clutch 

” Ofcourse so now you’re free I mean you re-signed your job I’ll be taking you out more frequently so get ready for that okay !” He told winking 

To be continued… 

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