Everything is a deal (part-1)

“Nice to meet you Ms Trivedi !” He told with a smrink

” Hello Mr Oberoi good to have you here please take your seat !” She greets him back

” So you know for what we are here !” He asked taking his seat

” Yes ofcourse and remember one thing Everything is a deal for our parents and I would love to follow the same !” She replied with a smrink

” Ohh wow I’m impressed so what’s the deal !?” He asked curiously

” You’re my future but you have no rights to ask about my past because I believe past is past !!”

” Well I expect the same from you !” He replied with a serious look

“Well let me come to the point I’m not a virgin ” she told fidginng her nails

He splits the water which he just drank

” I know you are staright forward but I didn’t expect this much !” He replied

” Well are you a virgin then !? ” She asked with a smrink

” No I’m not !” He replied smiling

” Then don’t expect your wife to be virgin too because first you be perfect and expect the same from others !! “. She replied with attitude

” Okay any more !?” He asked raising his eyebrows

” I don’t like you claiming me yours like if I talk with others you come and kiss me infront of him like I hate it okay so please avoid it !!” She told fidginng her nails

” Don’t worry I won’t I’ll give my partner her privacy to do whatever she wants and personally I hate kissing in public but it depends !” He replied with a smrink

” Well that’s so sweet of you !” She told smiling

” Yes anything else !? ” He asked raising his eyebrows

” One thing don’t interfere with my past I’ll share with you only if I feel like sharing with you !!” She told nervously

” Okay I agree with this even I have my past and I never want you to ask questions about that you better remember this !” He told in a serious tone

” Okay so do you agree with all this !?” She asked raising her eyebrows

” Yes I agree with everything and remember Miss Trivedi I expect the same from you too !” He told with a smrink

” Main thing are you that playback kind of man !? ” She asked quite curiously

” Obviously no !!” He told honestly

” Wow that’s great !”

” So deal !?” She forwards her hand

” Deal !!” He shook his hands with her

” Everything is a deal !!” Both told together and chuckled

To be continued….

Authors note

So hi telly updates remembered me ? I’m your old author Shabana I left 2ffs in between and vanished some where I guess toadp??? . If you want to read them ofcourse you can . I’ll give the link in comment section. Please do support me

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