Everything Happens For a Reason #Rumya Part 5

So after Soumya left they all were upset that that somewhere in middle of everything.

Soumya was right.
Dadi:I think Soumya was right.She was not at fault.At this age she has to focus on her studies.
Rudra:She could have also declined going to college for one day.
Shivaay:I should have known this.College is hard and plus this is her final year.She must have worked so hard these last 3 years.
Omkara:Rudra,You should understand that she is not rich like this.She is from middle class family and she doesn’t want to fool around like you.
Jhanvi:She wants to be independent.She doesn’t want depend on her family for everything.She wants to built her career.
Pinky:That is a really good quality of her.
Ishana:I think we should fix her mood.
Anika:But how?
Ishana:I have an idea.I heard that family and time can fix everything.So if we combine those two what do we get?
Omkara:We will bring her family here and then give them some time together.
While Rudra was angry and he went to his room and saw Soumya sitting on his couch with tears in her eyes.
Rudra:Listen,I am sorry for hurting you.But it was also your fault.
Soumya:Of course,It was also my fault that i agreed to stay here.
Rudra:I didn’t mean it like that.Now come downstairs for lunch.We didn’t had breakfast.
Soumya:I am not hungry.
Rudra:I am very stubborn.If you don’t come i will drag you downstairs.
Soumya:You don’t have to do that.I am going to come.
Rudra:Let’s go

Soumya and Rudra goes downstairs.The whole family was sitting on
Dining table.Rudra sat on one side where all the male members were sitting and on the opposite side all the ladies were sitting.Dadi was sitting on the head chair.They were discussing about everything.
Soumya:Do you always sit together for lunch.
Pinky:Not always but ladies do always sit together for lunch.
Jhanvi:But dinner is always done together.It is like Oberoi Family’s tradition.
Tej:Mr.Kapoor is getting divorced.
Shivaay:Ye toh hona hi tha.
Omkara:Jisne ki woh bhi pastaya aur jisne nahi ki woh bhi pasataya.
Rudra:Pehli baar shayad O ne kuch sahi kaha.
Shakti:Marriage is like gum.First it has a good taste for first 1 to 2 minutes but then it is just a tasteless piece of nothing.
Tej and Rudra shared a high-five.
Tej:This should be in wedding cards.
All the ladies were hell angry and Dadi was just enjoying the show.
Ishana:Marriage is just a fancy word for adopting an overgrown male child who cannot be handled by their parents.
The males saw the angers that their wives had.
Pinky:Come Shakti Ji,Let’s go you must be tired.You can take rest.
Tej:Tu toh gaya Shakti.
Jhanvi:What are you waiting for tej.Let’s go.
Tej:I am coming.
Om:Good Luck papa.
Ishana:You will need that as well.So you might as well just keep it.Let’s go Zulfi Singh Oberoi.
Omkara left with ishana.
Anika:Billu ji,Aaj apko apki Tia aur Malika yaad nahi dilayi na toh mera naam Anika nahi.Ab chalo.
Even Shivaay left.
Soumya:Hahaha!!! Aapko kya mein invitation card dena padega ya phir pandit se shubh muhurat nikal vana padega.
Rudra:Ye toh hona hi tha.
Even they left.
Dadi:Which show should i watch.I should start with the first one.

Dadi went to Pinky and Shakti’s room.Pinky was standing there on the Bed and Shakti was sitting on the floor.
Pinky:What were you saying.Marriage is like a gum.This gum AKA Marriage is stuck to you.So from now you will not enter this room or don’t talk to me.If you ever need anything don’t come to me.Take your pillow and blanket and do your afternoon resting and night sleeping somewhere else.
Shakti(thinking):I will go to Guest room.
Pinky:Don’t think about going to guestroom.Prinku’s boyfriend and his family is coming so the rooms are being cleaned so now you have no choice.
Pinky closed the door on Shakti’s face and before Shakti can see her.Dadi left from there and left to go to Tej’s room.Shakti went near Swimming pool to sleep.Dadi stood near the door of tej’s room.
Tej:I am sorry.
Jhanvi:Keep that sorry and take your blanket and pillow with you.So you can sleep somewhere from today.
Tej:But i didn’t even said anything.
Jhanvi:But who was laughing so hard.Was that a joke that you were laughing so much.
Jhanvi:So now go and don’t think about any guest room.
Jhanvi:Ask someone else.I don’t want to see you so get lost.
Before Jhanvi can say more things.Tej took his blanket and pillows with him and left.Dadi moved on to Jodi number 3.
Ishana:Jisne ki woh bhi pastaya.You regret your marriage and now you will regret your life.
Ishana:What will sorry fix?
Ishana:Then take your stuff and move out of here and stay somewhere else.
Omkara:Fine then but then don’t come to me.
Ishana:I will definitely come to you but for hitting you.
Omkara:I am leaving.

Omkara also decided to go near swimming pool.
Omkara:Aap dono yahan.
Tej:Tum bhi
Omkara:jis wajeh se aap yahan hain usi reason se main yahan hoon.Now let’s wait for Shivaay and Rudra.
Tej:I don’t think Rudra will come.
Omkara:He will.You don’t worry.Let’s wait for him.
Shakti:How are you so sure?
Omkara:I am just so sure.
While in Shivaay’s room Anika was showing her sarcasm.
Anika:You think marriage is just a regretful decision.Then regret that decision more but outside of this room.LEAVE
Shivaay:Ok I am leaving.
Shivaay was so scared that he just took his phone and left from there.Dadi was laughing hard she left to go to last but definitely not the least.
Soumya:I am not going to scream at you.
Soumya:Because in our marriage it was not our fault.But I will not leave you like that.
Rudra:What will you do? Leave this house like a typical wife?
Soumya:Nope,I am going to make you leave this room and in future this house.
Rudra:What? You have gone mad?
Soumya:Shut up and leave.
Rudra left from there and even dadi left from there before anyone can see her.
Rudra also went near Swimming pool.
Rudra:Aaj mujhe pata chala ke shaadi karke phas gaya hoon main.
Shakti:Tragedy hoti hai.
Jhanvi was passing from there when She heard them talking.She hid near the door and called Ishana and told her to bring

Pinky,Soumya,and Anika.That is what exactly Ishana did.Then they went to Jhanvi and they started hearing what they were saying.
Shivaay:I suggest to keep your marriage going you should always praise your wife and at least once a week give her money for shopping.That way you both stay happy.
Tej:Never tell her that she is wrong.
Shakti:If she is ever fighting with you then just accept your defeat.
Omkara:Don’t lie to her ever.If she found out then she will knock you out.
Rudra:Don’t say anything about their brains.They don’t want to know that they are dumb.
The ladies were shocked.They decided to confront them just then even Dadi and Priyanka came there.
Soumya:These are the golden Rules of marriage.
Dadi:What happened?
Jhanvi:Prinku,Make sure that your would be husband should not be like these boys or i reject the proposal of marriage.
Pinky:110 percent
Soumya:Room main aao mere brain ka ek namoona dikati hoon.
Anika:Aapki toh tareefon ke pool bandhti hoon.
Jhanvi:Aapki toh galtiyan ek list dikhati hoon.
Ishana:Jhoot Bole kauwa kate.
Pinky:Aapki tragedy aur tragedy batati hoon.
With that the ladies left.
Tej:Dinner pe milte hain.Dinner bana toh.
With that even they went to the room.
Dadi:What else will happen?
Priyanka:Tell me What happened? And who was the one who was screaming at her?
Dadi told her everything from flashback.
Priyanka:This was so fun and in future it will be more fun.
Dadi:Are you ready to meet dev?
Dadi:Look at you blushing.

Precap:Dev joins the boy team and Prinku joins the girls team.

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