Everything Happens For a Reason #Rumya Part 4

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Soumya chose heads and Rudra had no other choice other than tails.They flipped the coin and it landed to be Heads.
Soumya:Yes,I won.
She was so happy.She was doing crazy things in the room.Rudra was mesmerized by how cute she looked.He came out of his thoughts in fractions of seconds.
Rudra:This is not happening.This is my bedroom.
Soumya:It used to be.Now it is also mine.
Soumya:I mean it is also mine for a week.
Rudra:By the way,I don’t mind sharing this room with you for my life.
Soumya:But,I do.So you can sleep on couch.
Rudra begged her so she agreed for it.
Soumya:Just today not tomorrow if i stay here tomorrow.
Rudra:Don’t say that you will stay here for a whole week.
Soumya:Ok and i didn’t mean that i am going to die tomorrow.I just meant that i might go to my house.
Rudra:What if you did? There is no guarantee for tomorrow or today itself.
Soumya:If i did i would have no problem.I don’t depend on tomorrow.I just do it today and if you depend on other day then you will miss it out.I like living in presence.
Rudra:How do you follow this philosophy? Mrs.Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi
Soumya looked at him more surprised.

Rudra:You said you like living in the present and in present you are SRSO and in short you might call yourself SSO2.
Soumya:Why SSO2?
Rudra:Because my brother’s name is Shivaay Singh Oberoi so he is also called SSO for short.My O is OSO.I am RSO.My Ishana bhabhi is IOSO.My Anika bhabhi is ASSO.
Soumya:I like that.Tell me about your family?
Rudra:I can go on forever about my family.You might get sleepy.
Soumya:I am not sleepy.You can start your essay on your family.
They were sitting on couch.Soumya was in sleeping position with a blanket on top of her.Rudra was sitting beside her.Soumya was deeply ready to listen to him.
Soumya:Start with your never ending tale of your family.
Rudra:That can be a good name for it.The Never Ending Tale of Oberoi Family and you are the new addition.
Soumya:The new temporary addition.
Rudra:Don’t always focus on the negatives.Sometimes focus on the positives.
Soumya:I am dieing to hear your never ending tale which never starts.
Rudra:My family is a very famous and most renowned family in India.Our grandfather built it from scratch.Om and I are brothers and we have a sister and her name is Priyanka.Our parents are Jhanvi and Tej.While our other brother who is our first cousin is Shivaay bhaiyya.His parents are Pinky Aunty and Shakti Uncle.Him and my O are married.Anika Bhabhi is Shivaay Bhaiya’s wife and Ishana Bhabhi is o’s wife.Prinku is with Dev and i am with you.You are now my wife.Isn’t it strange that at the start we didn’t even wanted to see each other but now we are such good friends and from inside i have a feeling that i should accept my feeling but at the same time i feel you are just here for 1 week and you will go back to your world where there is no place for me and you might be with Reyaan.

Rudra realized that he was just blurting out his feelings.
Rudra:I am sorry soumya.
Then he looked up to soumya and realized that he was just talking to himself and Soumya was fast asleep.
Rudra:Mera toh popat ho gaya.But Soumya is looking so cute.I should probably position her better so she can sleep comfortably.
Rudra positioned her better then he just sat on floor staring at her.
Rudra:I don’t know i feel about this new entry in my life.She just enjoys her own company so much that she doesn’t care about other people think about her.One side of my heart tells me to stay away from her.But other moment i want to blurt all of my feeling to her.
He fell asleep on floor in few minutes since he was so tired.
In morning @ 8:00 AM
Dadi,Shivaay,Ishana,Omkara,and Anika came in Rudra’s room and they were shocked.
Dadi:What do we have beds for?
Ishana:One is sleeping on couch and other one is sleeping on floor.
Omkara:I don’t know what is going to be happening for 6 more days.Today is day 1.
Shivaay:The day didn’t even started yet.
Then Om got a bucket of water and poured it on Rudra and he started screaming and woke up and with the noise even Soumya woke up.
Rudra started running behind Omkara and everyone tried to stop them and Soumya got up from couch and stood at the side with Ishana and Dadi.After few minutes Omkara and Rudra stopped.
Rudra:We will talk about this later but why did you come here?
Dadi:Actually we wanted to give some clothes to Soumya and you can take shower and come downstairs for breakfast.
Anika:Come downstairs and that too quick.
Ishana gave Soumya some clothes and then they went downstairs.After They left Rudra was going inside to take shower.
Soumya:First,I am going to take shower first.
Rudra:I am going first.
Soumya:Take shower in some other room.I am pretty sure there will be some other Shower in this Bhool Bhulaiya.
Rudra:You named this house Bhool Bhulaiya?
Soumya:Yes,I have valid reason.I always get lost in this house.
Rudra went into shower quickly and locked the door.So Soumya had no other choice than to go in another room.Soumya jumped from one window and she landed in another room and there was no one so she took shower and wore clothes and she went into Rudra’s room.

Rudra quickly wore his shirt and he was so amused at Soumya’s reaction.
Rudra:Why were you screaming like you saw a ghost.’
Soumya:Do you roam around your room without wearing your T-shirt.
Rudra:Yes,I do.
Soumya:You will have to change this habit and start wearing your t-shirt or literally anything until i am in this house.
Rudra:I am not changing this habit of mine forever.
Soumya:Who said i am staying in your house forever.
Rudra pinned Soumya to a wall.Soumya was shocked.
Rudra:Don’t say negative things all the time.You say that you should stay in the present.Then try to enjoy the moments you have with my family and me.Maybe we won’t see each other after this one week.
Rudra had tears in his eyes.Soumya suddenly hugged him.
Soumya:So instead of crying you should enjoy the time you have with me.Don’t think about future and maybe we can become good friends.
They broke out of hug, after wiping each other’s tears and after Rudra wore his shirt.They went downstairs for breakfast.Rudra sat on the chair and soumya took blessing from elders.
Soumya:Can I go to college?
Rudra:What is the hurry?
Soumya:But we have finals coming up and because of a mistake I don’t want to compromise with my future job.
Rudra:How is one day going to affect it?
Dadi:Stop with this fight.Soumya please stay home for 1 day.
Soumya:Please,Can i go? I am fine with staying here after finals.
Shivaay:Soumya,Please try to enjoy here for few days and then catch up on your work.
Soumya:I thought at least someone will understand.Thanks to all of you,You made me regret my stupid mistake so much.I wish I can leave from here.
She ran upstairs to Rudra’s room and started crying.

How did you like this new twist? More about this twist in next part.For now enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day in advance.

Precap:The whole Oberoi Family try to make Soumya happy.

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