Everything Happens For a Reason #Rumya Part 3

Hii Guys This is going to be hopefully be up on time and sorry for not updating Rumya_FF actually i want to get both of them at one place then i can do updates on both of them.If you haven’t checked out that FF then i will link it below.

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Part 1 & 2: http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Everything+Happens+for+a+reason+%23rumya

It was around 7:00 PM.Mehra family reached to Oberoi Family’s door and Shivaay opened the door.Rudra was getting ready so he was upstairs and Shivaay started introducing his family.
Shivaay:This is our dadi.The best dadi in the world.She always gives advices.She is the coolest dadi in the world.

The mehra family took blessing from Dadi.
Omkara:This is Tej Oberoi and Jhanvi Oberoi.He is my dad.He is sometimes annoying but nice.My mom is simply best.This is my wife Ishana Oberoi.The best dancer ever.
Shivaay:This is my amazing dad Shakti Oberoi and cutest mum Pinky Oberoi.If you want to learn english then don’t ever come to her.This is my wife anika Oberoi.
They hugged and talked with each other for a while.
Mahesh:My name is Mahesh Mehra.This is my wife Nitya Mehra.This is my son Aaryan Mehra and my daughter Soumya Mehra.
Dadi:You have such a nice daughter.
Dadi:Soumya,Can you get my grandson.
Soumya(Whispering to herself):Why me? But whatever i like playing with kids.
Soumya:Ok but where is he?

Soumya went upstairs and she was lost.She was not finding where to go in this huge mansion.
Soumya:Why can’t they have directions.There would be more chance of finding someone lost in kumbh mela rather than this house.Where will i find this kid.
She was walking around when she bump into Rudra and before she could fall.Rudra held her in his arm.
They were having a eye contact.
While Downstairs in hall,they were talking.
Nitya:Why did you invite us in your house?
Dadi gave her a document which was the marriage document.
Nitya showed it to her husband and son and they were equally shocked.
Mahesh:Can you tell us the whole thing.
Omkara told them everything.
Nitya:How can Soumya hide this huge thing from us.I feel like slapping her.
Anika:You cannot do that.It is not her fault.The situations were wrong and in wrong situations you cannot take right decision.
Mahesh:Then What can we do?
Ishana:I suggest that keep Soumya here few days and try to ask about this marriage.Because if we ask her right now and Rudra too they would deny it.But give them time with each other.
Dadi:I completely agree with what Ishana said.
Nitya:Would Soumya agree to stay here?
Shivaay:You can think about that.and tell us that later.

While Soumya and Rudra broke their eye contact.
Soumya:What are you doing here?
Rudra:This is my house.What are you doing here?
Soumya:Your dadi possibly invited us here.By the way you have small cousin or brother somewhere.
Rudra:I am the smallest brother here but i do have younger sister.But why?
Soumya:Dadi told me to get her grandson.But i can’t find him.
Rudra:You found him.
Soumya:Where is he? She said excitedly.I love kids.
Rudra:That is me.
Soumya:Ok… What??
Rudra:But you know my dadi?How?
Soumya:No,I don’t my parents brought me.Is it what i think it is?
Rudra:I am probably thinking the same thing as you.

Nitya:I agree to keep my daughter here but for only 1 week.
Dadi:That is more than enough time.
Mahesh:But no more than one week.
Just then Rudra and Soumya came downstairs.Then they had dinner very quietly.Soumya and Rudra were tensed from inside.After having dinner they went into hall and straight up got on the topic.
Dadi:Listen,We found out about you and your marriage certificate thing.
Nitya:It was not your fault.
Anika:So we just wanted you to stay in our house for 1 week.
Soumya was shocked and looked at Rudra.Rudra was surprised.
Soumya:I am so sorry.But i can’t stay at your house.I cannot stay away from my parents.
Rudra found this cute about her.
Ishana:You will have to get used to it.So just try it.You will get three sisters,two mothers,two brothers,two fathers,and you also might get tw…I mean one husband for free.
Jhanvi:This is once in a lifetime opportunity.
Pinky:Please,stay here for 1 week.
Soumya:If you are saying so much then why not?
Aaryan:Bye,and Soumya have fun.
Rudra was happy from inside as well as outside.
Soumya’s family left from there.
Soumya was missing them already.
The Oberoi family decided to cheer her up.
Omkara:I have a poem for you and it is based upon Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Rudra:Irshaad Irshaad,Om
Omkara:Dil ke maamle me main kamaal karta hoon,
main sirf tera hoon likh ke,
Sent to all karta hoon,
Sent to all karta hoon.
Everybody started laughing except Rudra.
Soumya:Good one Om bhaiyya
Rudra was going to get angry on her but after seeing her laughing so much.He forgot her anger.
Dadi:It is time to go to sleep.Saumya,You can sleep with Rudra.
Omkara:If you want,You can just throw Rudra out of bed.
Rudra:Om I am going to tell Ishana bhabhi about your Ex.
Dadi:Can you both stop with your both tactics?
Rudra:Of course
Dadi:Now go to your room to sleep.
Rudra:Let’s go
Soumya:You sure?
Rudra:1000 percent
They went to their room.
Rudra went and slept on bed.
Soumya:Can you sleep on couch so that i can sleep on the bed.
Rudra:You can sleep on couch.
Soumya:Let’s flip the coin.

Who wins? Any Guesses? Or it will be tie?

Precap: New,Fun,Exciting,and cute family moments


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