Everything Happens For a Reason #Rumya Part 2

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Mr.Kapadia:This is a “Marriage Certificate” that you signed.
Rudra and Soumya looked at each other in shock.
Soumya:This cannot happen.I hate him so much and plus i have a boyfriend.
Rudra:So does it look like i want to get married to you.I hate you more.
Soumya:Mr.Kapadia,You already probably know our equation with each other.
Rudra:We don’t get along with each other even tiny bit.
Mr.Kapadia:Bus still,You signed this.
Soumya:I want to sign divorce papers.
Mr.Kapadia:You can only take divorce after 6 months of marriage.
Rudra:Not at all possible

Mr.Kapadia:Listen,I am telling you decide if you want to stay in this marriage or not.
Soumya and Rudra(in unison):I don’t want to stay in this marriage?
They looked at each other for a mere second before soumya broke the eye contact.
Mr.Kapadia:Listen,at least discuss it with your parents.It is very important decision of your life.It can potentially change your life.
Rudra:My dad will literally kill me and we barely know each other.
Soumya:Same feeling here
Mr.Kapadia:If you want i can talk to your parents.
Soumya:No,thanks and after 6 months we will come back and sign divorce papers.
Rudra:We at least agreed on something together.
Mr.Kapadia:If you both are agreeing on this than what can i do.
Just then Soumya gets a call.
Soumya:Yes,What happened?
Reyaan:Can you come to college canteen now.
Soumya:Today is saturday.Why do you want me to come to college on a saturday?
Reyaan:Just come right now
Soumya:Can you pick me up?
Reyaan:Where are you?
Soumya:At Mr.Kapadia’s Office
Reyaan:I’ll be there 15 to 20 minutes.
Soumya:K bye
Soumya disconnected the call.Mr.Kapadia and Rudra were talking.
Soumya:Mr.Kapadia,Can you give me my documents.
Mr.Kapadia gave her the documents.
Soumya:Okay,I am leaving and Mr.Kapadia please don’t tell anyone.Ok Bye
Soumya(Thinking):That was weird.
She shrugged it off.

Soumya was waiting outside for Reyaan and Rudra was going to college for his saturday classes.Just then Reyaan comes outside the office and picks her up and Reyaan’s car was behind Rudra’s car.So they almost reached at the same time.Chubby was waiting for Rudra.
Rudra:What’s up Chubby?
Chubby:Nothing but can we go to canteen?
Rudra:You can only think of food.
Chubby:Just like you have so much girlfriends.I only have food.
Rudra started thinking about Soumya.Chubby was calling him but he wasn’t listening.He shook her and he came out of his thoughts.
Rudra:Let’s go to canteen first.
They entered in canteen and sat down at one place after placing order.
Chubby:Why is the canteen more crowded today than the usual day.
Rudra:How would i know? And Does it look like i care?
Chubby:No and No Let’s just wait and watch.
Just then their food came and they started eating.Just then Soumya’s parents and brother came inside.
Chubby:They are Soumya’s parents.
Rudra:I don’t know and Soumya studies in this college?
Chubby:Bruh yes she studies in this college and i am telling you that they are Soumya’s parents and brother.
Rudra:What are they doing here?
Chubby:How will i know.
Just then Soumya and Reyaan came in canteen as well.Soumya was surprised to see her family in college canteen.
Soumya:Mom,What are you all doing here.
Nitya:Reyaan invited us here.
Soumya:Why did you call my family here?
Reyaan bended down on his knees and forwarded his hand.
Reyaan:Since you have came into my life.I have the best with you.I am so grateful to have you in my life.I can’t thank god enough for sending an fairy like you to my life.I would love to have you for rest of my life.Will You Marry Me?
Soumya was shocked and Rudra was starting to cry.Before hearing Soumya’s Response he ran out of canteen.
Inside the canteen,All the students were screaming say yes,Say yes.Her parents and Brother seemed happy.But she was just thinking of Rudra.
Soumya:Listen Reyaan,Can i talk to you in personal?
Reyaan:Why Not?
She took him away.

Soumya:Listen,I am not saying no or yes right now.I need time to think about this.So can i tell you my answer later this week.
Reyaan:I am fine with it.
With that Soumya left from there.
While Mr.Kapadia came to visit Oberoi Mansion.Everyone were at home.All of them were chatting in hall.
Tej:What happened Mr.Kapadia did Rudra made another mistake?
Jhanvi:What did he do now?
Mr.Kapadia:This time it is not a small thing.He signed a marriage certificate.
Dadi:Tell us the whole thing.
Mr.Kapadia tells them everything that happened in his office.
Shivaay:Why are they not taking this whole thing seriously.
Ishana:I think they don’t want to accept their marriage.Which is actually normal for their age.
Omkara:But we have to explain it to them that marriage is not a bad thing.
Dadi:Can you give me phone number of Soumya’s Mom.
Dadi dialled the phone to Nitya.
Dadi:Hello,I want to ask you if we can meet.I am Rudra’s Dadi.
Nitya:I don’t know who is Rudra.
Dadi:I am going to tell you that later but can you come to Oberoi Mansion to meet us.Bring your whole family.But don’t tell them that you are going to Rudra’s house.
They disconnected the phone.
Priyanka:Why did you tell them to not reveal our identity?
Pinky:Then she would not come.Right Dadi?
Jhanvi:is your plan to make Soumya our permanent daughter-in-law?
Dadi:Something like that
Priyanka:I am against this.
Dadi:Beta,When it’s time for two souls to meet,there is nothing on earth that can prevent from them meeting.No matter how much distance or differences.Even you cannot stop it.
Pinky:You can take your two brothers as example.Now it is time for the third one.
Whereas in Mehra House Soumya came back.
Mahesh:We have surprise for you Soumya.
Soumya:What Surprise?
Aaryan:Are surprise meant to be told?
Nitya:Go get ready
Soumya went to get ready.

In Oberoi Mansion,Mr.Kapadia left.They were still discussing or moreover fighting when Rudra came and stopped them.
Rudra:Is World War 3 happening here?
Omkara:Kind of!!
Rudra:For what reason?
Shivay:You will will get to know that by tonight.
Dadi:Pinky,Jhanvi,Ishana,and Anika can you go do some cooking.Rudra,Some guests are visiting and you have to stay at home.
Everybody went to do their own thing.

Precap:Some nice,sweet,cute,funny,and fighting moments between Soumya and Rumya.

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