Everything Happens For a Reason #Rumya FF

Hii people this is Khushi.I am writing a new Fanfiction and again it is on Rumya since i love Rumya so much.I am going to continue the Rumya_FF and it will be updated soon but i want to give this is a head start.Do leave your opinions down below.Tell me if you liked it or not.

Note:This is not at all related to Ishqbaaz or DBO.This came straight from my thought.The characters and the setting is same.The plot and storyline is very different.

In Morning @ 8:00 AM At Oberoi Mansion
Shivaay:Rudra you have to go to Lawyer’s Office today.
Tej:Please Beta,I beg you to do this right at least.
Rudra:Don’t worry Papa what can go wrong in just signing some documents and giving them back safely to him.
Dadi:Omkara,Why is your dad so worried?
Omkara:Actually last time Rudra signed document which said that Tej Oberoi will give Rs.500,000 to different charities every month this whole year.Dad is still figuring out to which charity will he donate this month.
Rudra:Ok stop that was by mistake and now i have to go to that lawyer’s office.
Tej:Jhanvi,Pray to god that nothing worst than that happens.

Meanwhile in the Mehra house a girl was still sleeping and then her mom entered to wake her up.
Nitya:Wake up Beta you have to go to lawyer’s office to get your documents.
Soumya:Oh yeah!!! What time is it now?
Nitya:It is 8:24 AM
Soumya:Oh My God!!! I am late.
Nitya:Take shower and then come downstairs.
Soumya got ready quickly after taking a shower.Put on some makeup and jewelry.Took her bag and phone and went downstairs.
Her dad and brother were waiting for her.
Soumya:Good Morning Dad and Bhaiyya.
Mahesh(Soumya’ Father):Good Morning Soumya
Aaryan(Soumya’s Brother):Good Morning
Soumya:Ok bye I am going to the Lawyer’s Office.
Aaryan:Wait,Let me drop you.
Soumya:I am fine with it.But be quick.
Aaryan took his car keys and they went to the lawyer’s office.They reached to the lawyer’s Office.
Soumya:Ok Bye you can go to your office.
Aaryan:Take care and go straight to our house.
Soumya:Ok bye

With that Soumya rushed inside and Rudra was inside the cabin.The lawyer was studying Rudra’s case.
Soumya:Excuse me Mr.Kapadia,Can you give me my documents.
Rudra:Excuse me,Can’t you see he is doing my case.Can you wait outside?
Soumya:Listen,I am in hurry.
Rudra:So What? You think i came here to pass my time.
Soumya:I don’t care why are you here.Mr.Kapadia Please it will take 2 minutes.
Mr.Kapadia:Soumya you have to sign in.
Soumya:There is paper all over here.Which one do i have to sign.
Rudra:Mr:Kapadia,I came here to sign a document.
Mr.Kapadia:Soumya,You have to sign in this paper.Mr.Oberoi,You have to shut up currently.
Soumya was confused on which paper to sign so she just sign randomly.All the documents were scattered all around.She didn’t see the whole document.
Rudra:I am getting late.Can you tell me which paper to sign.
Mr.Kapadia:Soumya,You can wait outside now.I am going to give you your documents later.
Soumya:Thank you
Mr.Kapadia:Sign this paper
Rudra:Which one?
Mr.Kapadia pointed toward the scattered paper.Then Mr.Kapadia got busy on his phone.
Mr.Kapadia:Shush I am busy.It is right there.Just sign it.
Rudra looked through it.I am going to sign the paper which is already signed.It might be signed by dad.Even Rudra signed the same paper as Soumya not knowing what it was.
After some time of waiting and Rudra was waiting for him to speak something.
Mr.Kapadia took the paper and took his glasses and wore then and the time he read the first line hew was shocked and he was even more shocked to see Rudra and Soumya’s signature on the document.
Mr.Kapadia:Mr.Oberoi can you call Soumya inside?
Rudra:Why not?
Rudra called soumya inside.
Soumya:What happened?
Mr.Kapadia:Do you know what you signed on?
Soumya and Rudra looked at each other and then nodded saying no.
Mr.Kapadia:This is a Marriage certificate.

Did you like it people?Tell me your opinion.Tell me your views and opinions on this.


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  1. Haaaaa i liked it too much post it asap and another ff also

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thank you so much and currently I have no other work in bank but if I do then I will sure post it.I am working on another update and another update on my rumya_ff.

  2. I luv it plz update soooon

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thank you so much and it will be updated on sunday.

  3. Awesome plz update soooon

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks and it will be updated by monday.

  4. INTERSTING?????

  5. Interesting,??

  6. Amazing dear as all ways

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Awwww thank you so much that is so sweet of you.

  7. AMkideewani

    Superb Khushi

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thank you so much

  8. Anu16

    Amazing start…

  9. Nice

  10. It was nice dr and superb dr…

  11. Sanjanagarg

    what an accdental marriage….loved it

  12. Renimarenju

    Its really wonderful and something fresh and entirely new for Rumya…..I loved the way u ended the first episode and i could say that as the best catchy moment of this episode…..Really missing the beautiful pair rumya and thanks for writing a fan fic for them which means a lot….. I liked it so much and in fact i loved the way both of them were dying 2 sign in papers and their usual talks which reminded me cry baby and sumo only…..want 2 see how our love angel and mr.cool bonding will happen in this ff….I was just scrolling entire tu for now and suddenly my eyes got sucked on this unique piece….and trust me this is really an amazing start and it is increasing my curiosity to read this ff’s upcoming episodes…I will not be able 2 comment on regular basis…but i request u humbly 2 send this ff’s links via pm if possible…..pls send links as soon as u update…this…..Thank u for presenting a different story for rumya and if possible can u high light sumo a bit more in any upcoming episode…or give her any monologue ….of course she is not getting any scenes and rudy is some how seeing as best bhai in dbo and ib….it’s just my request only……Once again thank u so much for giving such a unique work for rumya and i really loved it….from the depth of my heart…bye….

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thank you this made me day.The comment is so sweet.Even I am missing Rumya so much.I am happy that u liked it.I will send u the ff’s link in pm when posted.I was thinking about highlighting soumya’s character bit more.Now I would surely do it.i would try giving her the monologue.Thank you for reading my work and appreciating so much.I am happy and stay tuned.Bye ???

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