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All turned to see who the owner of the voice and all they could see is a lady wearing red color saree with minimum make up and few bangles on right hand and a bracelet similar to that of anikas and a ring on her right hand index finger with her hair tied to a perfect bun……..she was looking beautiful with her simplicity and her blue orbs was like adding fuel to already burnt wounds………(though her height was normal) and she just walked in holding a man’s hand who was looking perfect for those blue orbs wearing three piece suit…….as both walked in all the family members of three khandhan stood up from their place…….

The three oberoi brothers were confused and awestruck by the lady’s attitude and her way of style and the pride in her blue orbs made the brothers to open their mouth wide……… And the most amazing shock was she too possess kanji eyes like their elder brother…….

As she came near the group of people she opened her arms for the three important people of her life and there came RV,Gauri,Mohit running and hugging her tight…….and let her emotions out to the astonishment of the youngsters…soon they came out of the hug and the lady walked to Tej……..

As soon as she she reached Tej she bent down and touched his feet for his blessings….for seconds Tej was standing still and soon when she touched his feet he came back to reality and blessed her by placing his hand on her head and she stood up…..for few seconds they both were looking into each other’s eyes with spoke so many things,so many questions,so many emotions which oly they both know and understand……..Tej who hold for long pulled her into a bone crushing hug and she too reciprocated……. The oberois jaws touched the ground…

There came the possessive wife and sons…..they came near Tej and cleared their throat to bring them back and they were staring the both like an hunter waiting for it’s prey……

Once when they both were out of each other’s embrace that lady saw Jhanvi and omru who were standing beside Tej and staring at her…… Looking at them the lady asked Tej….

Lady: bhaiya​!!!!! Who is that three staring people?????

Tej(looking at Jhanvi and omru) woh….she is my wife and they both are my sons…..(the conversation was oly audible to them no for others so this confused Jhanvi more)

Lady: oh………….seems like she is very possessive on u….(winking her eyes)

Tej(laughed loud enough listening the joke) ha ha!!!!!!!! Possessive??????? Ha ha nice joke huh…….

Jhanvi on listening this came and stood very close to Tej and holded his hands……. Seeing this that lady chuckled and spoke to Tej..

Lady: bhaiya I said you that she is very possessive on you….see now it is proved(signing her to see the hands which Jhanvi holding)

Jhanvi(surprised, shocked and relaxed) bhaiya???????

Lady(widening her eyes) I think so….. Few seconds back I addressed him as bhaiya!!!!!!!?

Jhanvi(giving a sigh of relief) oh……. okay………u weren’t that audible….that’s y I asked again………

Lady(giving a faint smile she turned to Tej) waise bhaiya……..bhabi na ek dhum kidikithod beautiful aur app dhono be ek dhum kidikithod couple……

After listening to this wired words from an unknown person left the oberois surprised and Shivay was totally confused coz till date he was thinking that only Anika his wife had the copyrights to use those words……..Shivay was now done with the maze introduction he asked that lady who is she????

Shivay: who are you??? And how come you knew bade papa??? And ho…how…..how…..come….you know all those words like kidikithod……etc……

The lady turned towards Shivay and walked…..and stood straight facing him…. forgetting the whole world around her and people around her she just touched and caressed shivay’s face with her left hand…..Shivay who stood there felt something from that touch and that eyes and he too holded her hands and soon here eyes were filled with tears……but before that tears could break from her eyes Mohit sensed the situation and rushed to that lady and holded her shoulders bringing back her to real world…..she was jerked by the touch and realised what was she doing and gained her compose…….then looking at Mohit she jus shook her head in affirmative and for a sec she gained a glance to look at Shivay and turned as mohit made her turn…..and there came her introduction…..

Mohit(holding her by shoulders) okay now….let me clear the maze by introducing herself……she…the beautiful lady in red…..is none other than the CEO OF CHAND FASHIONS AND DESIGN…….it is one of the top most leading international fashion designer’s house……….. THE GREAT GREAT MRS.MEERA SHEKAR……..and am proud and privileged to pronounce me as HER SON……….(annouced with all pride and proud in his voice) and moreover she is the Bua maa of those three devils……(pointing towards RV and Gauri)

Rudra: three devils???? But there only two of them are standing????( With his all time confused look)

Meera: Haan….Haan……two oly but soon you’ll get to know who is that third person and (beating slightly on Mohit’s hand)they are not devils but my angels………..(smiling as broad as she can)

Mohit(taking his anger) o….oh…….now u forgot ur son and jumping to that gang of devils……. Coz of them I couldn’t spend time with you in my childhood and most importantly that elder devil …she is the leader for this devils gang and she took aways my mum……now let’s see who wins and who loose…….

Gauri now walking to Mohit and stood in front of him folding her hands towards her chest……..

Gauri: accha…… We are devils for u right GOLU……(stressing that word Golu) you are gone(saying so she in slow pace started walking near him and Mohit by now understood what she was upto…with that he started walking backwards, within seconds there was a tom and jerry chase inside the whole house)

All were shocked to see that and Meera was laughing whole heartedly and shivomru by now went into the flashback of their past and their moments……and om was continuously staring at the combo of Mohit and Gauri and was kinda burning……..

Meera’s gaze now fell on someone …. slowly steadily she raced near him……she by now directly staring into his eyes which gave a strong stab for his deeds……. Tej who saw this rushed to Meera and whispered something in her ears……after Tej’s action she was back to normal and went and stood near her husband….she was not aware that a pair of eyes were witnessing all this….

Ranveer who was now fed up with the chase of those stupid people even after being an grown ups shouted at them to stop their childish act…but they weren’t ready to stop and started chasing him and all ended up in hugging Meera…….

Kishore Singh Shekar (Meera’s husband and mohit’s dad) saw Sita standing near jhnavi and reached her…… Sita who saw her brother hugged him both shared a lovely hug after very long term…….Kailash who saw his sister Meera went near her and placed his hands on her shoulder but she jerked off his hands……

After jerking his hand off she turned to Mohit and asked him where is her gudiya??????? Tej replied she is resting as she was stressed much….. I guess u’ll hav to wait for some more time…..Meera assured him in turn with positivity….

And soon her phone rang and she answered it….after few minutes there a breaking sound…. Of course yaar it is the breaking sound of Meera’s phone and that poor phone’s live came to an end……Gauri , Mohit, Ranveer together shouted NOT AGAIN……….

All the oberois turned to see Shivay who is by now shocked and let his eyes pop out of his socket……..


Author’s note: do read the character sketch for the Rathores and Shekars as I posted it long back so jus a simple intro regarding as to who is those characters….


Anika,Gauri, Ranveer parents..( THE RATHORE”S)

vaishnavi mahant- parvathi kailash singh rathore
sooraj thapar- kailash singh rathore

Anika’s grand paretnts – paternal (RATHORE’S)
Sudhir pandey- Raj Singh Rathore
Anita Kanwal- Vidhya Raj Singh Rathore
Anika’s grand parents – maternal(SHEKAR’s)
pratima kazmi- leela karan singh shekar
Ashok lokhande- karan singh shekar
Anika’s aunt and uncle..(SHEKAR’S)
sanjay batra- Kishore singh shekar
anita kulkarni- meera Kishore singh shekar
Yash dasgupta- mohit Kishore singh shekar
geetanjali tikekar- sita sharma(mother of Saumya,sister of Kishore Shekar and Parvathi Rathore)
Ranveer and Gauri as in real ib and dbo…..
So that’s all for today and to know the answers for those questions do stay tuned for next post…..keep reading and commenting…..
See you soon with next plot untill then
Take care…
Love you all…
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