Hi guys back with the next plot and before that I need to that k each and everyone for commenting and making me feel happy and encouraging me …….and with all your support and comments I’ve reached 20th episode….. I would like to share a secret with u all……. I have interview by next week,so without preparing for that am writing this coz whenever I try to prepare this story revolves around me so am pausing the preparation but seriously tmrw have to prepare ???? if not definitely my sisters and mom will do my oh my Mataa!!!!!!! So with no further delay here comes the next plot….

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The revelation about Ranveer made everyone numb….. But to one person not exactly one two persons were really happy about this and among that happy persons, one person ran and directly hugged Mohit as tight as possible……… The way that person hugged him conveyed that they both know each other very well….. It was such hug that coz that person jumped and hugged Mohit putting the hands around his neck and burried the face deep inside near his right side of his head……and without even thinking he just reciprocated the hug without any disgust and caught that person very tight from falling…..

Everyone present there were shell shocked and almost all their jaws touched the floor but there three souls were really happy to the core….(ll reveal who is that three souls soon)

The first one to react is our great Rudy and he cried in such a voice that brought back everyone to reality…

Rudra: OH MY MAATA!!!!!!! CHULBUL!!!!!!!!!( screamed in his top voice)

Yeah it is chulbul who hugged Mohit…….regaining consious chulbul came out if the hug and stared Rudy who screamed…

Rudra: what is wrong with you???? Have you gone mad???? Aise keise kar saktha??????? aur…(before rudy shoots him with next question was cut off by Mohit)

Mohit now turning chulbul and making her face he stared deeply into her eyes and continued..

Mohit: Moti!!!!! Thu yaha????? Aur yeh Kai ha???? Disguised as a boy?????

Chulbul( now lifting her face up and with tears filled eyes continued) mei moti nahi hu!!!!!!! Mei ek beautiful chiriya in form of chirote………(now smiling a bit and winking her eyes)

Mohit (keeping both his hands on his waist) accha!!!! Beautiful chiriya??????? okay then let me find out……

Saying so he slowly removed her specs, cap, and finally wig…..then his eyes were wide opened to see what she actually meant that a beautiful chiriya in the form of chirote…….and soon he hugged her tight and she too reciprocated and both cried their hearts out and soon someone too joined the hug……

Will you not hug ur brother who is 2mins elder than you??? Asked Ranveer…..hearing this gauri broke the hug and stood in front of Ranveer….

Gauri: you are not my brother……who doesn’t even care bout younger sister coz always worried about elder one so you are not my brother and the one who used to fight with me often is not my brother…

Ranveer (taking gauri’s hand and holding it) it was not me and it is not me who is fighting with u always…it is you who start a fight and that too for a useless teddy bear and end up in sitting on me holding my hair and pulling all the hairs literally…….

By now Gauri lost all her cool and hugged Ranveer and both cried as much as they can spilling out all the pain which was hidden for 15 years…….. And soon Mohit too hugged them tight and three were consoling each other in their embrace…..

All this while everyone left confused and both Rathores and Shekars were confused and surprised and obreois were speechless coz a major discovery has happened…..yes it was obviously about chulbul…..who has now become a bulbul…..

This was not digestible for sacch ki boyfriend so he shouted…

Om: how dare you???? You lied to me??? And you what the hell are you doing in my house??? And you cheated me???



Gauri(turning towards om) HAAN…it’s me Gauri kumari Sarma……… 5th standard form Bareilly…….

Om(lost his control rushed to her and holded her by shoulder) how dare you??? U lied to me and stayed in this house for almost three years and I just hate you and now u stayed with me and with my family….. People like you don’t even deserve to stay at platform….(saying this he pushed her but she was rescued by two strong hands)

Ranveer and Mohit together holding his collar: how dare you????(and raised their hands to slap and punch him) but another two hands​ came and stopped in between and it was none other that Shivay and Gauri…..

Before shivay could speak Gauri came forward and spoke…

Gauri: bhaiya, golu leave him….he is like this and ll never change and ll never listen to the whole truth being an honest person himself….

Now Gauri turning towards om and started to shout at him but in a cool voice…

Gauri: Yes Omkara ji I lied and it is not easy to lie as you think and not everyone are willing to lie coz there may be some compulsion for one to lie and even to save them and their loved ones they have to lie and when it comes to a girl’s self respect definitely she can lie…..

Mohit(making her face him asked) what compulsion are you talking about and what made u Change urself Into a boy???

Gauri(taking a pause looked at her brother,golu(Mohit), and om) I was living in barilley and there lived a don named Kali TAKUR…..he is very powerful not oly In money but also with his man power….he lived with his wife and two brothers……. unfortunately one day his eyes fell on me and he wanted to marry me and make him mine inspite of having wife….but I denied…to my surprise he captivated my maa and he used my weaknesses against me and caged me and chained me and took me…..and next day he arranged for Marriage oly then I came to knw that along with him his brothers were also dressed like groom and trying to marry me but me with the help of small children escaped​ and boarded the available train…..

By now mohit’s and RV’s eyes were red blood due to anger and Om’s eyes were oly filled with guilt….

Shivay: but how come you reached here and why is that om behaving so rude with u…..

Gauri: it’s coz kaali’s wife committed suicide coz of her husband but Omkara ji thought that it was because of me and hated me much but when he came to sign a deal with KAALI…..and I reached Mumbai and was searching fr a job and Sulthana madam ji offered me job as I was a boy in disguise and she offered me three months salary in prior and ordered me to keep an eye on Omkara ji…….but I found her intentions are wrong I started to work against her collecting all the proofs and finally exposed her.. but then I didn’t have guts to reveal my identity as on one side Omkara ji considered me as his friend and other side Kaali’s men were searching for me so I remained in this disguise…..

Taking a pause Gauri turned to om and continued…

Gauri: being honest is not bad but being tooo honest is not good…..and not everyone ll lie and the person who lie are cheaters and and characterless……. They might be pushed Into a situation to do so and not everyone those who speak truth are good and humble and noble…..they are the biggest cheaters……and in my case I tried to clear the misunderstanding but u remained in ur conclusion about Gauri and ur hatred scared me coz I don’t want to loose a good friend like you….. And after all this if u feel am guilty then punish me and I’m ready to accept it…..

All this while om couldn’t meet her eyes and shivay was feeling bad for his brother’s actions and finally rudra is relieved that chulbul is actually a bulbul and his long hair creature and his sumo is safe from chulbul…….

Mohit: moti………I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you and safe you when u needed……but I have a doubt how did you find out that it was me???

Gauri(smiling and turning to him) coz I know you and how can I forget what Bua maa has give us so it was coz of that I recognised you, veer bhaiya and……(she jus winked her eyes confusing RV but not Mohit)

Amid all this they forgot all the elders who was now filled with lots of questions,anger, disgust,and what not all sort of mixed emotions………but RV couldn’t understand anything from her winking he asked her…

RV: chutki……pl tell what is that you are hiding…..did you find her??? Is she alright????

Yes beta she is absolutely fine…….(a voice from behind RV)and instantly turned….and it was Tej….

Tej: yes beta she is fine…..and she is resting now…….(this statement of his made everyone confused as to whom is he talking about and RV was very much confused coz how he knew about whom is he talking about)

RV(stammering in shock) wo…woh…..what are you talking about and about whom you are talking about?????

Tej: because I know everything and she herself told me everything and now after I saw you confronting Kailash I was convinced and when Mohit revealed about u I was much convinced and when chulbul sorry Gauri revealed the truth I was and I am very much convinced that you three are the people whom she is and was waiting for the past 15years………

Ranveer (amused, happy, excited) where is she??? What happened to her??? Is she fine????

Tej: woh…..(couldn’t complete his sentence which was disturbed by a familiar voice known to him)


So that’s all for today……..TO KNOW WHO IS THE OWNER OF THAT VOICE AND TO WHAT DRAMA IS AWAITING just stay tuned for next update…..

Untill then take care…


Love you all…..

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