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The whole mansion echoed with the person’s statement and turned towards the doorway…..

Oberois were shocked to see person and the remaining members were left confused…..

Shivay: ACP Ranveer?????(yup it’s our very own Ranveer and here no accident drama and no vengeance over om and Prinku )

ACP: yes Mr.Shivay or let me say Mr.Shiv?????

Shivay(surprised and shocked) what????Shiv??? And it’s Shivay not shiv….

ACP(smiling a bit) yeah yeah Mr.Shivay………..and yeah where I was yes…… U sacrificed ur children……and that too believing in ur so called obsessed superstitions????? Right Mr.Rathore(staring directly into his eyes)

Shivay: what are you talking about and do you have any proof for all the accusations you put on him???

ACP(shouting at his top voice) bring him in….

A person enters and he was in his mid 45-50’s but still healthy enough to walk on his own and even to run in any marathon….

ACP(facing Shivay) here is ur proof Mr.Shivay…..(pointing to that old man) his name is Suresh and he is the chief secretary of Mr.Kailash Rathore and he is the witness for what ever happened 15years back……so I think you received ur answer…

Raj: Suresh you??? How are you ???and y suddenly u vanished and dint even try to contact us????

Suresh: wo..wo…woh………. actually I was threatened by Kailash sir so I had to leave…..

Raj(shocked)what Kailash threatened you??? And for what??? But why???

Suresh: woh 15years back he left you granddaughters in an orphanage……

By now everyone’s face became same expression to that of shocked…..

Raj(holding his collar) how dare you u put such accusation on my son??? I know he has done wrong with them but not fall as low as he can…..

Suresh (removing himself from his clutches) Haan sir ji…. whatever am telling is truth……..he jus believed blindly what a saadhu said and he sacrificed those little kids and left them in orphanage……

By now everyone was puzzled and was feeling kind of michmichi thinking about the act that Kailash has performed…

Parvathi(made Kailash face her) is this true??? Did u leave them in orphanage and did u lie????? You told that u were taking them to a boarding school but u really left them there…..

Kailash now bend his head down indicating that the act he performed was wrong…..

Suresh: he was influenced by that saadhu and he said that he will be very successful oly when he sacrifice his daughters and oly then his son ll become the prince of Rathore industries…so fooling all of u by telling that he is taking them to boarding school and left them in orphanage…when I opposed him he threatened me to harm my family so I just left from there and resingned the job…..

Omru who listened to this where utterly shocked coz they were thinking that oly their dad can do any sort of thing for his business but when they saw another one bt there were lots of difference between them as he never sacrificed them but he sacrificed that too daughters…..they both saw each other and saw Shivay who was now staring at them ……

Vidhya(directly went to her son and gave a tight slap) how dare you????? You and ur obsession??? Do u ever thought coz of ur this obsession how much u suffered and how much u lost and how much we lost….we lost our three precious possession of our lives……(she sat on the couch with a thud and started crying)

A voice from behind:

But who are you to do all this??? And why u did all this???

ACP: Mr.Tej Oberoi…..(it is my favourite Tej) coz It is my old debt to payback….

Not exactly…..(another voice from doorway)

Oberois dint know who it was but Rathores and Shekars ofcourse they did and even shivay and his family knew him(I mean saumya and Sita along with Tia and Robin)

Shivay: Mohit Shekar??????

ACP (who lost his control after listening to the name with full rage faces Mohit ) IT IS MY PAYBACK TIME AND THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS MR.SHEKAR SO STAY AWAY FROM IT(shouted at his top voice)

Shivay: ACP……(shouting at his top voice) don’t you dare raise your voice against our guest and who the hell are you and what the hell is your payback?????

Mohit( smiling at shivay’s anger and now moving closer to Ranveer) i know what is your payback but let me remind u one thing oly when u remove your mask of ur profession I wud allow u to do what you wanted to do????

Karan and Raj who is more confused by now moved towards them and making them apart they enquired both of them as to why he wanted to arrest kailsh and how he knew and what is the relation between all this…..

Mohit: because he is none other than THE PRINCE IF RATHORE INDUSTRIES…….MR.RANVEER RATHORE….

This made Raj and Karan stumble and so the remaining ladies of Rathore and shekars……

ACP(shouting at his top voice now being irritated with the introduction) HAAN MEI HU WOH……. RANVEER RATHORE…… But not now and that Ranveer is dead….now all I want is to destroy this Kailash Rathore for destroying the lives of my sisters…….when I come to knw the truth somehow frm Suresh kaka I decided to leave this kaandhan and then live the same life my sisters living so I left from there​ and I myself went to an orphanage and studied there and became an police officer jus to do find the whereabouts my sisters and i was desperate to destroy the great Kailash Rathore for ruining my sisters life……

Shivomru were astonished hearing this form him….coz never in their dreams they thought that someone ll leave all the luxurious life behind and live like an orphan voluntarily jus for the sake of his sisters and to take revenge on his own dad……. They together saw Prinku who by now was broken completely as she oly got what she wanted before she tells but not the love or the bond which they three brothers share and by now she was staring at her brothers who bend down their heads in shame……

But somewhere one person was very happy and to everyone’s​ surprise that person came running and hugged Mohit as tight as he can!!!!


To know who is that and so on keep reading…see you soon with next plot until then……..

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Love you all……

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  1. Yahoo….my guess was right I had a gut feeling that it’s ranveer….and FINALLY the much awaited revelation started…..and ranveer’s sacrifice for his sisters…..hats off di only you could write such a touching story….and about prinku I always thought that she was left out in the obros moments…but here you gave her justice……and about the person who hugged mohit is chulbul….just guessing…..post as soon as possible…..love you and your work…..??????

    1. Arthi

      Ha ha thank you dr…..and love u lot and a big thanks for ur boasting comments and yup u wud knw in the upcoming plot who is that and some more suspenses are waiting so keep reading dr……..

  2. so Chulbul is going to hug Ranveer & acknowledge him
    The three siblings will reunite
    but the main qstn is forgiving the elders would b rite or not?do they really deserve forgivnss

    1. Arthi

      Read the next plot dr…….wait and enjoy the suspense baby

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Simply superbbbbbb… You are doing well dear and your mysterious and thrilling ff is awesome dear… Plz update soon

    1. Arthi

      Am happy that u liked it and thank you for ur comments dr……. keep reading dr

  4. Dhar

    Superb, awesome, fantastic, fabulous amazing and what not, a perfect episode ??, loved the to the core yaar plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Arthi

      Really happy today and thank you so much and keep reading dr

  5. Niriha

    Wow….awesome amazing mind blowing dear I’m so excited to know about further story very interesting..I don’t have words to describe my excitement dear ur just amazing.eagerly waiting for next part plssss update soon love you??????

    1. Arthi

      Thank you dr and keep reading and supporting…..

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    1. Arthi

      Thank you dr keep reading

  7. nice

  8. arthi….nice epi dear next part soooon

  9. Awesome

  10. Ruksy

    Loved it loved it loved it totally amazing post ASAP

  11. Alvia

    This is so amazing ??? i think the person hugging him is either chulbul or anika but thats mohit so i am not very sure but still fingers crossed but i still loved it

  12. Greatttttttt
    Fantastic as always didi
    Post soon pleeez?

  13. Gayathri.visu

    OMG!! Its fantastic….. I loved it! Waiting for next part….

  14. Awesome update..

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