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All are busy in recollecting what had happened that day morning while the doctor was examining anika…..Tej, Shivay, Om, Rudra, Saumya, Tia all were standing outside the room waiting for the doctor… Shivay who was reminiscing what had happened few hours ago and how his wife reacted when she saw Mr&Mrs.Kailash Rathore and above all how Tej reacted and as to how he handled anika and how he supported her and how he consoled her.. This made shivay’s doubt raise and he decided to confront Tej…..But as soon as he moved forward the doctor came out..

Doctor: Mr.Tej Oberoi I’ve told u long back that she should not be given any kind of stress but today in this state she has become stressed and this is not good for both mother and child so do take care of her properly…. I’ve given her a light dosage so that she gets enough rest and sleep. Let she wale up when she is but make sure this doesn’t repeat again….(saying so the doctor left followed by tej and leaving others in utter shock)

Shivay rushed inside the room to see his lady love sleeping peacefully but the dry traces of tears can be seen on her face clearly soon he went and sat aside and kissed her forehead and took her hand in his and continued.

Shivay: I know that you will be no more stressed hereafter and it is a promise to you and our child… but before that I need to know as to y u behaved so and the oly person who can answer this is bade papa…(saying so he pecked her hands and placed down and got up and went out, but before going so he ordered Tia and Saumya not to leave her)

But in all this turmoil one person was shocked and was trembling with fear coz of the only one face flashing in front of his eyes…..

Chulbul/Gauri’s Pov:

Sankarji wht have you done and in what situation you have put me???? The person who is responsible for the tragedy that happened so far in my life is just because of him…..But he doesn’t even feel guilty for what he has done… He is happy with his wife and his son as he got what he wanted for him and his business empire…… but the only thing which makes me confused is why did Anika babhi reacted in such a way and what is the reason??? Is her life also destroyed coz of him????wait a minute let me rewind the scene(so rewinding the previous scenes her eyes caught something)hey sankar ji what I saw is dream or is it for real and it means……

End of Pov….

After few minutes all the elders were sitting in living room(oberois,shekars and rathores) except Kailash couple… all were extremely confused why she behaved like that and what is the connection that she has with him….but soon their thoughts was disturbed by a voice……and all were shocked especially Leela Shekar…….and she stood with a jerk and so others leaving the oberois confused…..

Leela: Sita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(it is sumo’s mother)

Sita was shocked to see her and so she stood numb…

Leela jus ran to her and hugged her as tight as she can and cried like a small child…astonishing the Oberois…..

Dadi(here dadi is kalyani oberoi) : Leela what happened and you know her before???

Leela( breaking the hug and turning towards dadi) yeah I know her(while caressing her face)yes….. she is my daughter Sita Shekar….

Sita who lost her control after listening to this statement just shook her hands off and shouted at her top voice and listening her voice all the youngsters came to living room..including chulbul……

Sita(shouting at her top voice) NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEITHER AM YOUR DAUGHTER NOR SHEKAR UNDERSTOOD!!!!!(all were shocked to see this behavior of calm sita and by now the kailash couple too came down…)

Leela: Beta!!!! No…no…. you shouldn’t talk like this to your mother and the truth can’t be changed…..you are my daughter(cupping her face)

Sita(removing her hands and backing off two steps away from her) no you are not my mother and am not your daughter…. Your daughter died long back and am Sita Sharma not Shekar….you disowned your daughter and tried to kill her just for the reason that I loved a man who doesn’t have equal status as yours so u sent the goons to kill him but luckily he was saved and you escaped if not you people will be ruined on the very next day itself…..

Saumya rushed to her mother to support her who has fallen weak after so many years……..

Saumya: Aai….. aap teek hei na??? (holding her mother and making her sit down on the couch…but she hugged sumo and cried like a small baby)

Saumya who was surprised to see her mother like this dint know how to handle or hoe to pacify her as she has never became this much weak….

Dadi: Leela what is all this and why is she saying so??? Would you please give some explanation….

Parvathi Rathore came forward to give the explanation asked by dadi…

Parvathi:maa ji I will answer all your questions…….(saying so she went and sat near sita and started caressing her hair and continued) she is my youngest sister…..Sita….whom we assumed to be dead for years…we got no traces of her and we even tried searching whole india but we dint get any clue but one day we got a news that she died in a car accident along with her husband..

Dadi: what?????Sita your sister???

Parvathi: ji maa……as she said our parents disowned her for marrying against their wish but we never sent goons to kill them…

Sita(on hearing this she just stood up furiously) just stop your nonsense…… am not you sister and am not dead…..and don’t justify your actions which doesn’t gonna change any past…..or any loss……you better stay in you limits with your happily ever after family along with your so called status…..(and took saumya along with her and started to move from there but she stopped by dadi’s voice)

Dadi: Sita this is not the way to talk to elders and she is your sister and she is your mother you have a relation with them which cannot be changed and you have to accept it……and more than you they have rights on Saumya who is your daughter and now their grand daughter too so jus face the truth and let saumya know her family…

Sita(broken completely after hearing dadi’s words) which family are u talking about??? This family(pointing towards both shekars and rathores) they never considered me as their child and never considered my happiness and all they worry about their status, business, shares, stocks all such things….. when I informed them about my love with sharma ji…they invited him for lunch and insulted him on basis of status and it was done by the great Kailash Rathore who was obsessed with superstitious, money, fame, stocks, shares, deals and status……..they opposed my wish so I eloped with the man I love but then too they sent goons behind us to kill but was rescued by sharma jis parents and were safely sent to Hyderabad……we then married and was blessed with a boy and then soon with a girl, I was very happy and felt contented but soon that was also snatched my son and sharma ji met with an accident and left us but I became strong only for my daughter and started a small business along with my husband’s business and now am happy that am independent and successful along with my princess and only for my princess….

Saumya soon rushed to her mom and comforted her and soon shivay also went to her and comforted her in his embrace and after few minutes she gained confidence and stood up….by now all were listening this huge revelation with teary eyes…..

Sita: Shivay am sorry beta I cant stay here for minute so we are leaving and am sorry beta(saying so she started to move holding sumo’s hands)

Shivay: maa…..this is not the solution….it is who you taught me and anika to fight back against our weakness and now you are running away from it…….think about saumya she has to know the truth and has all the rights to be with her grand parents….

Sita: but shivay what if they snatch her from me…she is the reason for me to breath and I can’t live without her and if someone harms her I will not even hesitate to take their life…. The time she was born I promised her dad that I will not anyone to harm her and the smile on her face will not fade but she is oly crying now but I will make her smile but I can’t let anyone to hurt her….and most importantly I just dint pay any heed to what your brother to my daughter just because i respect dadi if not on the very next day of their marriage truth itself I wud have killed him…….(glaring at rudra and this fierce glared wud have killed rudy by now)

Shivay: maa I understand what you are telling and regarding rudra I cant support him nor oppose him and I promise you now I will not let anyone to harm Saumya as she is like prinku to me…let it be anyone my own brothers or myself I will not leave them….and Anika needs u now so please be with us and now let saumya meet her nana and naani…..

Sita whom was like a cracker few minutes back was convinced because of shivay and went took saumya and introduced to her grand parents….

Sita: pointing to leela and karan shekar- they are your nana and naani….. moving towards parvathi and kailash- they are your bade papa and badi maa…… moving towards vidhya and raj rathore- they are also like your nana naani….so go take their blessings…..

Saumya obeyed her mother like a kid and went towards them but was shivering with mixed emotions after hearing as to how they insulted her dad and how her mother struggled and now whether they will accept her??with this question she went near them but soon all hugged her tight and it was Karan and Leela who was overwhelmed by the cuteness of their grandchild just kissed her and both hugged and happy tears were flowing….

Sita was happy though but was afraid for her daughter and turned to shivay and spoke

Sita: shivay I have no problem with saumya being with them but I need some time to think about it and again im reminding you that no one should mess with my daughter if so then that will be their last day(looking directly into Rudra’s eyes)

Karan(breaking the hug and spoke) Beta….what are you telling how we will harm our child and moreover I already missed my grand children and now I don’t want to miss her so please don’t say that ever….

Sita(turning towards karan) what???? Lost your grand children???? Iska matlab didi’s children sorry I mean your elder daughters children died???

Vidhya: haan choti..(sita’s nick name kept my vidhya and raj) our children died and……(was cut off by a voice)



I hope you all liked this part also……..and do post comment both positive and negative…

To know the answers stay tuned and wait for the next plot….until then…..

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Love you all..

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