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It was a very pleasant morning and all the birds were chriping the cool breeze the sun rays and the lawn which was decorated​ beautifully for the two people of the day….. The dhols sound made everyone dance along with that the smell of the flowers that were spread on the carpet which was for the bride and the groom of the day…..the groom was already sitting near the fire with his face covered with flower (hanging from the sherwani cap he was wearing) and the pandit was chanting the mantras…..

All the members of the Oberoi Family was present around the mandap and they were waiting for the bride to come…..

Soon the bride also came down with her face covered with veil…..she was wearing red color lehenga and she was looking damn pretty even with her face covered…. Matching to her the groom was wearing a light red color sherwani……

The marriage rituals started and the couple were instructed to exchange the garlands….. Followed by seven rounds around the fire…….next moment he made her wear mangalsutra and filled her hairline with Sindoor (with her face covered)….. The pandit announced that the marriage is over and now they are pathi patni and asked them to remove their veils……. They obliged him and removed their veils…… Their face is reviled and by now it has turned into dark red as both of them were blushing and standing in front oof elders and all wished them together as…..


No………(the voice echoed the whole room) nahi nahi aise kaesi ho saktha??????? Saumya weds chulbul what the wuck.???????

It was ofcourse a dream sequence of the great Rudy the lady killer…but soon he’ll become chulbul killer…..

Rudra: Chulbul …………(in an irritated voice) first my long hair creature and now my sumo……… No never ever I will allow you near my sumo……. she’s mine only my sumo….. RUDY’S SUMO AND NOT CHUL’S​ SUMO….(saying so he made an crybaby​ face and with a jerk he got down from the bed and rushed outside…..

But for real he became an crybaby by the visual he had seen……

Saumya was pestering chulbul/Gauri to accompany her till the temple holding his..sry sry her hands……seeing this rudra’s blood boiled in jealous and that red blood might burn anyone who comes in front of him……

Rudra: chulbul first you tried to become my bhabha and now you planning to become my sautan…… Very bad mistake chulbul I underestimated you……..but not anymore you’ll have to pay for this………(in anger hit his legs on to the near by wall but again it backfired him and his legs got hurt and soon he ran into his room hopping)

But chulbul denied Saumya with a shy face and now Saumya turned to an crybaby but she pulled chulbuls cheeks and went from there coz her mom and her bhabi was already waiting for her……..

Rudra who was in great relief went to his room and fell on the bed with a thud….and again he closed his eyes but the same nightmare of chulya’s Marriage haunted him and he ran inside the washroom to wash himself and his nightmare …..

Dadi excited about her best friends visit after long years was kneely observing the preparation and arrangements and all food each and everything was checked throughly coz she doesn’t want anything to be compromised……….

Om who was figuring out all the possible ways of regaining the deal and trying to crack the answers for his brother’s question….

Rudra who came down list in his own stupid nightmare came and sat near om and questioned about the day’s work…..

Shivay as ordered by dadi came with dhushyant,Sahil along with the little devil…….pinky doesn’t like Shivay caring for someone’s child and that too she was the one who cheated her and made oh my Mataa of her……….. But Jhanvi adorned her in her arms and soon she found her more comfortable started to play with her heavy jewelleries……. dhushyant felt really uncomfortable by the way pinky behaving but Shivay assured him and they both went to meet Tej who was busy in his own thoughts….

Shivay and dhushyant entered Tej’s study oly to find him lost somewhere but their voices brought back his thoughts and he composed himself…..

Shivay: bade papa aap teek hain na???? Any problem?????

Tej: no…. nothing as such was…was….just thinking about how to sort out this deal issues….

Shivay: bade papa Shekars are coming today and you can ask them and then back to normal stocks, deals that’s it…

Dhushyant : Shivay Mohit Shekar???? The one with whom we planned to sign a deal right????

Tej: what??? Shivay is this for real??? Coz you doesn’t make any deals with big industries then how come with Shekar???

Shivay: you are right…. But he himself came forward and we couldn’t deny it and I jus accepted it oly whn I was convinced and assured that the other small industries invested their shares with us will be Benefitted….

Tej: why is that you want to deal oly with small and budding firms…..

Shivay: it’s because they are being underestimated by big industries and so their exposure and their survival in the business market is less that’s y….

Dhushyant: so once when small firms like mine get to collaborate with other firms like mine then the shares and the stock levels of the small corporates or firms ll be increased and this will pave way for other collaborations too…..

Tej: fine great that’s interesting and even I ll think about it and sure ll try to imply it….

Shivay: sure bade papa coz there are so much of graduates who are interested in business have no way to prove themselves and this small group collaborations ll pave way for them to showcase their talents and again there ll be an increase in small companies stocks and shares……

Tej: well……. Quiet impressed Shivay……and a very all the best to both of you and best wishes…..

Saying so they headed outside oly to find the devil’s mischief all over the living room…..

But a voice caught everyone’s attention from the entrance…

Dadi who was overwhelmed by seeing them opened her arms and walked towards them….. And she hugged them tight and pulled them inside…..

Dadi: on time huh……..as usual……dint change a bit…..(spoke with them while walking and took them to the living room were all others were remained silent an surprised…….

Dadi: arre khothiya what are you staring at(closing the opened mouth of Rudra who was bit shocked by his dadis gesture towards them) they are my best friends……… Leela and vidhya….(both smiled at him and blessed him as he bent down and touched their feet)

Now all the three ladies sat on the couch and all others too sat and dadi started the introduction section….

He is my elder son Tej and his wife Jhanvi…..

He is my younger son Shakthi and his wife pinky….

Turning to shivomru…..

He is Shivay the eldest grandson and son of Shakthi and pinky
This is Omkara the second eldest grandson, son of Tej and Jhanvi
This is Rudra third eldest grandson, son of Tej and Jhanvi
And where is Prinku????

Rudra: dadi she went to mandir along with bhabhi…..

Dadi: accha….I ll Introduce them after they come from temple…… woh vidhya,Leela bhaisab kaha hai???

Vidhya: both of them discussing about something blah blah blah..

A voice: it is not blah blah blah actually it is called as conference call…..

All turned to see who it was and there stood four people and came to the living room….

Leela: haan Haan conference call with your secretary rosy right????

Karan Singh Shekar (kss) Leela meri maa..not with rosy as you think and for ur kind information it was you who fired her

Leela: Haan Haan I know I know just checked whether you are lying or not…..

Vidhya: bhaisab ignore her and Kalyani woh meri pati hei Raj Singh Rathore(rsr) and he is my son Kailash and Dil Parvathi…..

Leela: yeh meri pathi the great Shri Shri shri Karan Singh Shekar Maharaj ji……. and my son and Dil shifted to Canada fifteen years back and oly our grandson came back now to see us and he took over the business in India…..

Jhanvi: Parvathi ji what about your children they dint come and what they are doing???

Listening to this her face became sad and tears flowing down her cheeks

Parvathi: we lost our children in an accident…….two daughters and one son……..

After listening to this they felt very bad to scratch the burnt wounds of their past……

Sahil who came with shivika and dhushyant there shocked to see Kailash there and without his own knowledge he questioned him

Sahil: aap Mr.Kailash Rathore na????

Tej who understood why he asked him stood immediately from his place and went near Sahil and singed him no through his eyes and answered him yes told sahil to take shivika along with him to Om’s room……

Shivay who witnessed the sign language between them felt something is fishy and decided to ask Tej but before that he turned to the guest and Introduced him as shivay’s brother in law….

But suddenly from nowhere a bucket full of black color water was splashed on Mr and Mrs. Kailash…..

All stood with a jerk and meantime chulbul who brought tea for the guests dropped the plate and made all the galsses to break into peices……..he/she was shocked to see the scenario and the people in front of her……

ANIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Shivay shouted at his top voice) yes it is Anika who poured water on them….but Anika dint respond instead directly went near Kailash and held his collar and started to yell at him…

Anika(holding his collar and shaking him) why the hell you came back??? What is now left with me???? You snachted everything from me and now again you came back for what????(all were shocked to see Anika shouting and none witnessed her anger and this behaviour was new to all of them and even for Shivay)

Tej who was standing immediately went near Anika and pulled her towards him and she like a kid hugged him and cried telling him to get out of her life and nothing is left with her…..

Anika: looked at Tej and aksed him to send them away as she doesn’t want to see them and they are really such an 2rs people who wud do anything for their business…..ask them to leave bade papa (said crying and folded her hands and pleaded him )

Tej( hugged Anika and who couldn’t tolerate it shouted at his top voice) MR.KAILASH OUT NOW……….. FOR GOD DAMN SAKE OUT NOW……

Shivay:babe papa what is happening and are you sure what you are telling???


Shivay who went near Tej to take Anika with him but she pushed his hands away to his surprise and continued uttering the same and soon she fainted…..

Tej immediately picked her in his arms and took her to his room and shivay was literally shocked first by his wife’s behaviour and now she is unconscious and followed Tej along with omru…….while they informed the doctor to him fast……

Chulbul just ran to his room and he was trembling with fear and whose eyes were filled with tears only indicating the pain of her’s…..

Saumya who witnessed​ all this called her mom to come back from her frnds house and she rushed towards Anika along with prinku and Tia……

The others were left numb as to how to react………….


So to find the answers stay tuned and wait for next update….

Untill then take care


Love you all

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