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The day is really a celebration for the members in oberoi mansion as their long awaited happiness and peace came back to their lives …. But there are some people who are really in guilt for playing with other’s emotions and some people were jealous while some were enjoying the total scenario to the fullest……

Scene-1 @guest house

Everyone settled in the guest house exactly not a guest house a small oberoi mansion with minimum five rooms and a living room smaller in size when compared to that of OM’s living room…….all were comfortable well certain people weren’t….. the most happiest person was prinku who enjoyed her brother’s company and her best friend cum bhabi’s non-stop talk and her would be babhi of her third brother…….shivay felt the uncomfortable which anika is going through and went near her….

Shivay(holding her hands) Anu I know what you are thinking and what u r undergoing… but let me tell you one thing that do trust me I will set everything fine and we will definitely return to our place…….

Anika(immediately hugging shivay and sobbing a bit) Shivay I trust you more than myself and am sorry for the way I behave I don’t know what is happening it feels like our past is coming back to our lives and am feeling guilty now as I separated you from ur family…

Shivay(breaking the hug and lifting anikas face) Anu its nothing like what u think and u dint separate I on my own left them…..even I feel the pain of our past but it has to happen one day and that day is today so jus don’t worry as you will become so fat and even our children will become fat so stop worrying my Jhansi ki rani……..

Anika now smiling after listening to her husband’s words just hugged him and everyone who witnessed this understood what they were going through and assured one another that all wud be together in all situations…..

Scene-2 OM

All were busy thinking and worrying about what happened and how to bring him back to his house and how to rectify the mistakes and worried in discovering each others mistakes……But somewhere in a room in OM one person was thinking deep how to get or win his lady love back…..

In a room with full of dumbells, punching bags, tredmill and all other gym equipment were occupied half of the room…….and a boy is seen walking to and fro like a pendulum biting his nails and thinking deep…..

Come on rudy think something you have to get her back how to get her back??? Arre stupid before getting her back you shd apologize to her for ur behavior and now you are matured though but she will not accept that I’ve become matured and she will definitely not forgive me…….. ahhhhhhhhhhh now it’s high time and I have to do something think rudy think……(yeah he is rudy and thinking about his sumo)

Suddenly he heard his ordering the maid to call shivay and the gang to come for lunch and soon his brilliant bulb in his head glowed and left the room doing his logic step….

After fifteen minutes all were heading towards OM form guest house all entered the house followed by shivay…. But soon one person dint come and someone was eagerly waiting for her to come hiding near the stairs…….and soon she came and his eyes were excited and his hands was ready to catch her when she slips……

Flashback: rudy’s plan

Rudy while thinking how to get sumo back suddenly he hears dadi and plans something…. Haaaannnn yeh accha plan tha….along with shivay bhaiya sumo also ll come and they will come crossing the stairs so all I have to do is pour some oil near the stairs when she’s stepping in so that she ll slip and I will hold her from falling down and soon she will be in my muscular arms and will have an eye lock and then small romance………..ha ha wow rudy superb plan and sure she will thank me and then I will say sorry and will build our broken friendship……..

End of flashback..

But poor rudy he doesn’t know that his plan will backfire him… he is eagerly waiting for her to step in and then she came talking over phone and she looks like little frustrated but rudra ignoring all that and poured the oil from the cup he was holding and ready to catch her anytime she slips….. but there came another person before saumya and slipped but saumya caught him from falling……… and both shared and intense eye lock…….

But suddenly there came an irritated voice gathering everyone near stairs…


(ofcourse it is chulbul who got slipped and saumya is the one who caught him from falling down, in that wonderful romance plan by our great rudy for his sumo…..)

Everyone gathered there hearing his loud voice and all cupped their mouths seeing the beautiful eye lock between them…..

Om who too was shocked rushed to them and shouted at his top voice to bring them back and soon both composed themselves and stood straight ….

Both felt embarrassed by the situation and both blushed which again shocked everyone….. rudra who couldn’t control him shouted at chubul…..

Rudra: chulbul what have you done and why the hell are you blushing or whatever it is??

Chulbul: arre rudy ji I’m not blusing or busing… jus smiling at her…(again she started blushing)

Om: saumya u are alright na???? did you get hurt??? And you chulbul always u are slipping and someone have to help you……..(said in an irritated tone)

Saumya: I’m fine bade baal wale bhaiya… and who is he???(asked pointing towards chulbul/gauri)

Om: he’s chulbul sharma my best friend and he is like our family member and he has helped us all in past three years………and saved mom’s life too..

Saumya: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! He’s so cute and he doesn’t look like boy but more like a girl… but whatever it is he’s too cute…..(saying so she pulled his/her cheeks)

This gave an thunder shock to rudra whose plan failed him and moreover his sumo called him so cute and pulled his cheeks instead of his cheeks……. He hit the near by wall with his hands and left from there…..

@dining room

All were seated round the table and began their lunch…..dadi was sitting in her usual place to her right sat sita, shivay, anika, saumya, sahil, tia and dushyanth…. And to dadi’s left sat pinky, jhanvi, rudy, om and after three long years prinku sat next to om followed by tej and shakthi…..

All were busy having lunch and shivay with much care made anika eat followed by sita and saumya……. Dadi and others felt bad by looking at their care towards their daughter-in-law……. Rudy continuously staring at saumya and she too noticed it and even someone noticed too……

Anika suddenly felt like eating something sour so asked shivay but he denied… chulbul sry gauri who saw this understood and went inside kitchen and brought something sour prepared by herself and gave to anika……

While anika getting the cup from chulbul their hands touched and soon both felt a current shock and left the cup and it fell on shivay….

Shivay: What the wuck!!!!!!!!! Anu what have you done and can’t you hold the cup properly……

Anika: shivay I dint do it intentionally and we dint do it intentionally when both our hands touched I felt a current shock and I lost the grip……

Shivay: what current???? Why current??? What the wuck????

Anika: (at the verge of crying by seeing her shiv like that bursted into tears who actually fake one) shivay im telling the truth that I felt the current when I touched her(started her fake drama of crying like a small child)

Shivay(who is now defeated cupped her face and ) meri ma….sorry okay and okay I accept that you dint do it intentionally and u felt the current okay…. Am sorry…. So pl stop your drama and finish your lunch and I very well know that u doesn’t like this food so you are doing drama so stop it and eat you can’t escape so finsh it!!(said winking his eyes)

Sita: Anu beta I know that why you are doing this drama so no more excuses and finish it beta……

Anika who felt defeated continued to eat leaving chulbul confused and then om asked anika…

Om: bhabi you too felt the current….even I too felt but it is kind of static you know…

Anika: but om he’s a boy right and why do you feel that static vatic whatever ????? who chulbul not bulbul…

Rudy: finally I got my superwoman back to support me in teasing chulkara!!!(while doing his logic step)

All in unision…. CHULKARA????

Rudra: haan haan…… Chulbul se Chul+ Omkara se Kara = CHULKARA………

All together SHUT UP RUDRA!!!!!!!(except saumya, sahil and chulbul)

Thank you guys and I hope u all liked this plot and don’t forget to comment …..

See you soon with next plot….untill then..

Take care….


Love you all……..

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