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Everyone was puzzled by the way Prinku was excited and to see her happy after three years and even tej was happy without even bothering abt the deals cancelled and such a downfall in their shares……..This increased the curiosity of the members in the family…..

Meanwhile all were ready to leave for Oberoi Mansion and somewhere few ppl were not happy with it and one among them was his Jhansi ki Rani…..

Anika: Shivay are u sure we are going back to OM and do you think they all will accept you and pinky aunty will she accept me???? And am sorry shivay yet I couldn’t digest what she said abt me ( said this with her heads down and in a sad tone)

Shivay( who Very well knew what she was talking abt lifted her head and cupping her face) anu I knw we both hurt u much and I knw u need time to forgive and forget coz it took two and a half years for you to forgive me so take ur time and now I think she might have changed………

Anika: are u sure she wud have changed but somewhere I feel very strange and some kind of fear is still prevailing but untill u r with me I can overcome​ any fear……(said this with a happy smile followed by few drops of pearls from her eyes and hugged him)

Soon they both finished their kind of little romancing they headed towards other members and they all departed to the most awaiting place…..

Saumya’s pov:

Oh god!!!! Why it is happening and what is happening????? I left everyone there with just a letter and now for real am going……When I left OM I went to aai and she confronted for what all I did and she slapped me to my surprise coz she never raised her hands against me but that day she did all coz of our accidental marriage and it took few days for mom to forgive me and understand me….. But he never understood me and blamed me for the mishaps created in their house and even when we met on his friends engagement day even for that highjack he blamed me and I felt so broken and oly after our accidental marriage I realised I love him and when he blamed be I died thousand times and even today I feel like a lifeless body but somehow I managed and for sake of my mother I decided to finish my studies and then start in with my career….But oly then I came to knw Shivay bhaiya and anika bhabi left mansion. and to my surprise I saw bhabi and got to knw abt her plan of shifting to Lucknow luckily it was the same destination and we met them and moved along and never in my dreams I thought I wud get a family with a bade bahaiya and chote bhai and a sweet bhabhi cum sister……And now they are my strength and even my weakness but what will happen if I become weak coz of him…..His eyes ,his dumbness, his cry baby face, his innocent smile, his fear of losing his brothers, and his love towards his protein shake and what not all this thoughts jus bring smile in my face even at tough times and yet am in love with him but I hate him equally……..

All her thoughts were broken buy a sudden brake and she turned the other side to witness the most dreadful dream of her life is that they reached oberoi mansion and now she’s​ in front of the test that is gonna be held for her by her so called fate or destiny…..

Not oly she was trembling with fear even few others too but before anyone could figure out what is happening soon they were ordered by Sahil to get one as he was the only one to be happy and eexcited coz he desperately missed omru and his partner in crime as well his bibiggest competitor when it comes to Saumya……

There inside the mansion priyanka was running up and down to check the arrangements and in excitement she even forgot to call them and enquire the whereabouts of her brother and soon she found her phone on the couch in living room near Jhanvi and soon she rushed there and took the phone and dailed his number and soon she screamed in happiness that they came and rushed to the door to open it to welcome them along with her father leaving everyone confused

After opening the door she shouted in anxiety TIA……..And hugged her thight and soon she hugged Robin and soon asked them to step in…….All were shocked to see Tia and Robin and when dadi was about to question abt Tia’s presence there came a cute little voice YOU FORGOT ME PRINKU…..

So there came out little shivika surprising everyone not with her but with the person who accompanied her it was Sahil… And soon Prinku hugged Sahil and took shivika in her arms and placed a soft little kiss on her cheeks……

Rudra: (who was shocked to see Sahil along with the kid made an o face and turned to the other family members who were also in same oh my Mataa state but except Tej who was happy witnessing all this) O…… (Shaking om he asked) pinch me brother pinch I want to knw whether am in dream land or what do pinch me bhai ( shouted at his top voice)

Om( who was equally shocked and now irritated by his little brother shouted) shut up Rudra!!!!!!!!

Directly Sahil went in and took blessings of the elders followed by Tia and Robin and soon they​ reached Tej and he hugged them tightly and welcomed them to which all others were shocked…..

Within few seconds a familiar voice of a bubbly and chubby person filled the whole mansion and this was unexpected for Rudra……Soon he turned to find Saumya with her mom standing at the door step…….He couldn’t believe what is happening and gulped his throat and rubbed his eyes again and again to make sure that she is standing in front of him……

Rudra’s pov:

Oh my Mataa!!!! As choti ma say today my oh my Mataa ho gayi…….Am I dreaming??? Or is she for real???? The same sumo whom I scolded and accused her, made fun of her weight, her diet and her parathas…….She was the same when she left me no no when I asked her to leave forcefully….I tried searching her and all I got to knw is she got transferred from college and that’s it….. No traces of her in these years but today she is in front of me…. All I wanted to go and hug her tight and warn her not to leave him alone coz as she know that am a dumbbell Oberoi who used to cry often and become a cry baby and I can’t accept how much I missed her but wait wait what am I thinking???? Am the great Rudra Singh Oberoi the lady killer but thinking about missing a girl in these three years i knw I knw the reason after all she made the lady killer to love her …..Yup agree I’m head over heels in love with my sumo….. Rudy what if she has moved on in her life????

His thoughts were broken by priyanka shouting at her top voice bhaiya……….

Dadi , Jhanvi, pinky, Shakthi, Om, Rudra all were shocked to see Shivay standing in front of them with his hands in his pockets in full SSO style sorry sorry not sso in full taadibaaz style……His dressing habit have been changed from three peice suit to jus formal shirt and format pant which added much more elegant to his look and charm to his smile and still girls wud die for his looks from those blue orbs…..

Dadi was the first one to speak out…

Dadi: billu……….

As soon as the long hair creature and cry baby saw their brother arrived ran to him like small kids to hug him but to their surprise he stopped them and turned back to see the entrance where Anika entered with her eight months baby bump……

Om and Rudra cupped their mouths in shock and so the others…..But this whole scenario was witnessed by a pair of eyes with a smile on his face like he knew this already and was jus njoying all the shock faces of the family…..

Shivay holding anikas hand went to dadi and got blessings from her and soon he did the same with jhnavi and pinky who just blessed his son and hugged him as tight as she can which indicated him not to go away again ……And he went to Shakthi and he blessed both of them happily but when he was about to hug him Shivay jus moved away with Anika and meanwhile Anika felt really bad coz of pinky which she knew already but still she couldn’t take it and they both went to Tej and shivay took his blessings and both hugged each other and tejs eyes were filled with fresh tears and when Anika bent down he jus holded her and hugged her and blessed….

After minutes Saumya and Sita went to dadi and got her blessings and dadi hugged both of them and Saumya went to other elders to get their blessings and Tej again he welcome here with a warm and happy hug……..

After few minutes dadi questioned Shivay about his whereabouts…..

Dadi: Shivay where u went leaving us all alone and what happened and how all this happened and anika Sahil Saumya Sita Tia and Robin and that small child what is all this???

Shivay( smiling at his dadi and grasping all the questions he answered) dadi I left this house coz I myself failed in front of my idealogies…. And in these three years I was the happiest man as I was living the life and knowing what exactly life has for one and then lived ….

Jhanvi: shivay how come Anika with u and how u met and what happened????

Shivay( still smiling and holding anikas hand and replied) she is my wife and where can she go leaving her husband….. As soon as I left I landed in her place and she without questioning me stood with me and there came my little sister and my super mom (pointing towards Saumya and Sita) to us and we all left from the city….And then I saw what is life and what is money and above all.what is love……… I traveled with these people on the same boat with same love and affection for all and I reached my destination (pointing towards Anika) she changed me completely, my idealogies, my perspective about people and about love then again we married and now life is complete with them . Then one day met Tia and Robin and cute little devil.

As always in everyone’s life there will be an angel and is an angel and in my life that angel is Anika and in your lives (pointing to the rest of Oberoi family) the angel is bade papa… If he had not convinced me then I wud hav not come Mumbai and coz of my pehelwan’s insistence I came here today to set things fine and make few people realise the mistakes they have done(stared at omru)

All this while omru were standing like pillars and were listening to the speech given by their brother with teary eyes and his last statement made them understand it was for them but don’t knw for what…..

Prinku aksed all of them to come with her for their room but Shivaay gave another shock to his sister now..He asked her to set the guest house and keep their luggages there as he wish to stay there untill he’s feeling that everyone is comfortable with his family’s presence and untill and unless everyone’s mistakes are rectified we ll think about stepping into OM again saying so he did his hair setting step and went to guest house followed by others and Tej too followed along with priyanka……

Thank you all for reading and do comment both positive and negative……

See you all soon with next plot untill then

Take care…


Love you all……

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