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How can you leave me and go???? How can you and she started to hit him on his chest and again she held his collar and started to yell at him…..But to his rescue his wife came and shook her to the real world and shouted her name….PRIYANKA!!!!!

But Prinku dint even see the person who she was and pushed her in frustration and started to yell at him……

But soon Priyanka was back to normal buy the familiar voice or the shout, the voice which she longed for three years …..

She was back to senses and then realised what she did and whom she pushed and the situation and the people around her…..

Prinku ( who turned to see the person whom she pushed was being held by her dad and the others rushed near her and making her sit) Anika……..( Confused more turned to her longing voice) bhaiya…….

The surprise Tej was talking about is shivay and the entire family……

Shivay( whose eyes were red due to mixed emotions) what you did and how can you do this did u see the state of her she’s eight months pregnant!!!!! ( Shouted at his top voice)

Priyanka coming back to her senses and the mistake she has done ran straight to him and hugged him tight and cried her heart out…..

Tej who was with Anika couldn’t see his angel had tears in his eyes making its way and after few secs coming out from the shock Anika now saw the brother and sister who was consoling each other not through words or through actions it’s oly through their tears and the remaining members were still shocked seeing Anika’s state but was speechless seeing the duo.

Prinku( still hugging and sobbing spoke) bhiaya why did you leave me when you know that ur little Prinku is very afraid to fight the world alone and afraid of small things and why did u break ur promise and why did u leave us all……

Shivay couldn’t answer the questions was jus hugging her and caressing her hair and consoling…… Prinku continued….

Prinku: bhaiya you dont knw what all happened once you left the house….When we didn’t find you anywhere we just got the letter which stated that you should not be searched or expected​ and soon choti ma wet into trauma and chote papa was neglected and he became an alcoholic​ and all blamed papa and even Rudra bhaiya and om bhiaya blamed him and Rudra bhaiya held dad by his collar and accused him for all the mishaps in our house and tagged him greedy, selfish and a heartless person…None tried to stop him even mom stood silent and they three announced that they sacrificed him and mom who dint sign the divorce papers signed that day……But i couldn’t see all these​ accusations regarding dad so I decided to support him coz deep inside me I knew there might be a reason for you to do so but none heard me so I then decided to sacrifice all the people who are against my dad nd decided to protect him so I stopped talking to all of them except dadi and dad……. ( she said all this sobbing)

Shivay: ( caressing her hair and patting her head) oh my god…..My little sister really became a pehelwan…..In these three years she became very strong and matured…( As he said he lifted her face while releasing her frm the hug and stared her eyes and kissed her forehead)

Prinku: bhaiya am really sorry I shd have not hit u am sry…..And and pl do come back and set things fine pl….

Shivay: Prinku stop crying first and u very well know that I can’t see u crying so jus stop and smile…..

After sometime​ he consoled her and then both went to rest of the family members waiting for them and Prinku who saw Anika and Saumya hugged them tight and apologized to Anika for her behaviour and soon Prinku was feeded with hand made food by her bhaiya and they had a great time…..After sometime…

Prinku: bhaiya when will u return to OM I desperately need you and I always needed you in these years and so u shd return tmrw and that final ( ordered Shivay in her innocent voice)

Shivay( who was shocked by the order frm his sister jus stared her for few minutes and continued..) sure my dear pehelwan sister I will come tmrw and I guess the time has come to set things fine and make ppl correct their mistakes……

Soon all waved bye to each other and departed to their room to pack their bags and get ready for the new start…. Shivay convinced Tia and Robin along with shivika to stay with them until everything is fine and moreover they are too their family…….

Scene-2 oberoi mansion

All were sitting in the living room and discussing how to bring and find their son/brother/grandson back they heard someone singing Devi Mata song and doing Pooja so headed towards​ the sound…..

Om: chulbul u were irritating me with the bell sounds oly in my room but now u r doing it here pl stop it and he doesn’t listen even if v die pleading him…….

Chulbul: Omkara ji as I always say Sankar ji par viswas karo and he will set things fine……. See I said soon all the problems ll be solved and sterday got to knw bade bhaiya came and pinky aunty is fine and tmrw sure he ll come…… Viswas is what is required……( Said in his cute innocent voice winking his eyes and adjusting his specs)

Om: nothing can be changed in you and I can’t win arguing with u…..

After sometime Rudra shouted at one of his employe and om rushed to him and asked him what happened????

Rudra: O as we know that Shekar group has cancelled all the deals with us and now they cancelled our meeting with Mr.Mohit Shekar tmrw….

Om: what how is that possible and how can they cancel the meeting??? Actually they are answerable to us and don’t worry sure ll meet him tmrw……..

All were surprised to see Tej and Prinku coming home smiling and laughing heartly after years and they at sometimes said something in unision and laughed at it and were really happy remencing how they met Shivay and Anika and others and most importantly their coming to Oberoi Mansion was something exciting for Prinku…..She soon called some maids and ordered them to decorate the whole house by tmrw mrng and clean the guest rooms and decorate the whole house with flowers and no compromise in the preparation as some special people are coming tmrw and even new people are coming so everything shd be perfect……She ordered the maids and all left..

Chulbul: Prinyanka ji…… Do not worry when chulbul is here have no fear jus tell me what to do I will manage coz u said some special coming so no worries ll handle….

Prinku: Haan chulbul everything shd be perfect and check the arrangements okay…..

Saying so she left with her dad still in excitement about tmrw which is very well unknown to others……..

Rudra: I never seen her this much happy in these years and today she is ordering everyone and what preparations is she talking about?????(asked poor om who is also unaware of it)

Om: duffer as I always say even am with u how will I knw and definitely something big gonna happen tmrw and hope it doesn’t give pain to any of us…..

Rudra: O!!!!( Shouting at his top voice) is Prinku became an ishqbaazi and is that grooms family coming to meet Prinku…….( And started his drama by fake crying)

Om(slapping his cheeks lightly) cry baby it is not that what u think and exactly if it is reg her marriage proposal Mr.Oberoi wid have thought in business perspective and he seems to be happy not for cracking the deal afterall the deals are cancelled and he is least bothered abt it and happy as equal as Prinku…..

Rudra: Haan O u r right staying with chubul Bhabha u became very intelligent and bright…..(teased on by doing his logic wala step)

Om gave him an impossible look and went to his room leaving a confused Rudra regarding the arrangements and decorations….

Scene-3 morning Oberoi Mansion….

Everyone were busy in decorating and arranging the whole mansion as per the orders received frm pehelwan…..Prinku cudnt sit or stand in one place and like a kid was running over the whole house to check the arrangements and decorations and check the food which she prepared specially for her bhaiya and her dad……

Tej who was happy witnessing his angel running like a kid and checking all that she has done for her brother and finally that his family gonna be together…. In these years he never expected anything frm anyone and he was jus waiting for the moment which brings happiness back to their lives and when it is on its way he cudnt control his eagerness to watch everyone together under same roof………

The rest of the family were left clueless coz none know nothing and even they were waiting for their​ answers unaware that their happiness and peace is returning to their lives with newly found peices for their broken family……..

That’s all for today friends hope u dint get bored and sure ll update next part soon and do comment and do support…….

See you soon with next plot untill then

Take care…


Love you all……

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