Everything Happens For a Reason (one shot)


Love is a beautiful emotion which can be recognised without even uttering the 3 magical words “I LOVE YOU”. But every1 doesn’t get their love may be because the lovers fail 2 express their feelings or may be because of family & society but they still luv each other.

While i was studying in class 10 i went 2 attend a summer camp with my bff Riya in the month of April. There i met a boy ARJUN who was of same class as mine. His 1st impression on me was not pretty good since he was throwing frequent glances at me which made me feel uncomfortable.

Though i didn’t mind when other boys stared at me but his continuous gaze on me made me irritated. I would talk 2 every1 except him. When our eyes met, i would rather turn around my head, avoiding eye contact. Of course he tried 2 talk with me but i always avoided him. I don’t want 2 create a mess there.

One day while i was filling my water bottles Arjun came n stood behind me, not so close but we were nearly 1 metre apart. Then Riya came. B4 she could reach me i heard Arjun asking her in a low voice 2 go up so that he can talk with me. When Riya passed me i asked her 2 stay near me but as per their plan she went upwards saying that she had some work. Traitor.

There was no one present over there. All the students had left 2 their respective rooms. Then he asked me, ‘Arpita can we talk please’ staying at his position. But i acted as if i didn’t hear him & went upstairs. Ya i was good at avoiding people when i don’t want to talk with them.

After sometime a girl Suhani whom i & Riya befriended came 2 our room. She was a year younger than us. She said, ‘Arpita di, do u know why Arjun bhai stares u most of the time’? I nodded in negative. Then she continued, ‘It is because your face is similar 2 his mother who died in an accident when he was at the age of 8’.

I felt bad 4 him but Suhani & Riya were literally crying thinking how difficult it would have been for him to stay without his mother. I felt guilty of my rude behaviour. They repeatedly pleaded me 2 say him sorry and without having any option i went outside. I saw from the upstairs that he was watching IPL Match. Standing there only i said him, ‘Arjun i am sorry’ and came back 2 my room.

From that day i talked with him but very less. I also befriended 2-3 boys namely Akshay, Vinod, Rajesh who were a year younger than me. I could see that Akshay and Arjun shared a cute bond. Vinod was the cutest of all the boys in my opinion. He would come near me and say, ‘Di come we will play carom’. We both love carom much more than any other game.

One day i was not well so i didn’t went to attend the class. After 2 hours Riya came back with a volini spray because she had pain in her back. After applying it she asked me to give it to Arjun. I asked, ‘Is it his’? She nodded. I said, ‘I am not going. You brought it so better you return back’. She said, ‘Can’t u see my situation’? and started saying please with puppy eyes.

I went near his room and knocked the door. Fortunately he opened the door. I gave him back the spray and said THANK YOU and was about to come when he said, ‘Can we talk for 2 minutes’? I agreed. We were standing 50 cm apart. He asked me, ‘Why are you avoiding me and not talking with me’? I knew the reason but said, ‘Nothing like that’. He smiling said, ‘So we are friends, Right’. I hesitantly replied yes. But after that we became friends. I was feeling comfortable with him.

One day while i was talking with mom, she said a boy called her and asked about my whereabouts. I told mom, ‘Call him back. May be he was one of my classmates and wanted to tell any important thing about school’. At evening mom called again and said, ‘This time someone else picked up the phone and said that he is staying in the same summer camp as yours. Did you gave this number to anyone’? I said, ‘No why would i give when i am staying here. May be someone played a prank’.

Mom warned me not to give my number to anyone specially boys. After the call I was thinking who could call mom when suddenly i remembered that i gave my phone to Arjun to play games and after that mom’s number was written in text message but not sent to anyone. I was sure that Arjun had done this. I confronted him directly but he denied. I stopped talking with him, even Riya also.

The next day he tried to give explanation but i ignored him. That night I and Riya were watching a film so we slept at nearly 11:40 pm. Then Riya woke me up saying someone is knocking the door. I said in a sleeping tone, ‘It’s your dream. Why would someone knock now’. But she said determining, ‘I heard it. Come with me’. I was still sleepy so with half closed and half opened eyes i went with her.

She opened our room’s door and i heard her saying surprisingly, ‘Arjun, What are you doing here’? By hearing this my sleepiness vanished and I looked at him with shocking eyes. He came near me and said, ‘SORRY Arpita’. I looked at the clock hanging in the wall. It was 12:00 am. I said, ‘Is this the time to say sorry’? He said, ‘Actually i thought to do something new. I am sorry for my mistake’.

I said, ‘Why did you lie to me’? He said, ‘I thought you will stop talking with me if i say you the truth. I don’t want to lose your friendship’. I said, ‘Enough of your drama. Now go to sleep. We will talk about it tomorrow’. He left smilingly.

After lying in the bed i thought about his sorry. No one had ever done like that for me. I was feeling so happy. From then we talked more. Truly speaking i used to enjoy his company but didn’t show that. On the last day of our camp Arjun and Akshay stayed in our room till 02:00 am. We talked about nothing and everything. Arjun taught us many maths tricks. He was so good at math.

At the time of departure as Simran realised her love for Raj (DDLJ) same happened with me. But i couldn’t say anything. After returning home all my thoughts were occupied by him. He called me several times and we talked also. But i could see that my mom didn’t like it. She asked me to tell him not to call me again which was nearly impossible for me. So keeping her happiness in mind i stopped talking with him. When he called I would cut his call. Gradually he stopped calling me.

In school when Riya told all my friends about Arjun, all started teasing me. But i said i had no such feeling which was a straight lie. Riya would ask me alone if i liked him but i would lie to her. My mind doesn’t want to think about him but my heart can’t stop thinking about him.

It has been three years since we meet but i couldn’t forget him. Coincidentally he called me in 2016 one day which was my birthday. We couldn’t talk due to network problem and my mom. He said that he was very happy to talk with me that he can’t express his feelings. I thought why he gives me hope which can never be fulfilled.

Riya once told me that when she would call Arjun or vice-versa Arjun would ask only about me which led to her thinking that Arjun loves me but I still don’t know if he ever liked me or not.

Sometimes i think staying away from him was a good idea since i became district topper in class 10 Board exam and district 2nd topper in +2 Board exam. I have heard and had also seen that love destroys studies so i think God did this for my happiness. May be i would have been disturbed while talking with him and could not concentrate on my studies.

Everything happens for a reason, Right. We both stay in same state but different districts. I don’t know if we will be able to meet each other once again or not, but i wish God to let me meet him once. Don’t know it will happen or not. But one thing i know what i felt for him still now i had never felt like that for any boy.

Thank you guys for reading this story and bearing my crazy stupid writing. Well truth to be said it is a real story and nothing is imaginary only names are changed.
Please comment whether you liked it or not. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Emotional..Really heart touching.U know every love story didn’t get happy endings & those r great.By this way we can feel d love,reality.At this point somehow i like emotional stories most.And dear i like it more.I’ll pray that ALLAH bless them with each other & make it good for them..

  2. Thank u umama 4 ur cmnt. And I like ur name

  3. Is it ur story???? I wish it will have a happy ending

    1. thank u so much 4 reading n commenting

  4. Nice shot.. 🙂
    I just hope Arpita meet Arjun soon, because the feelings she has for him need to be expressed.. 🙂
    Stay blessed dear 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting and i too pray that Arpita meets Arjun soon

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