everything is fair in lovee ARDIKA and NESAM

Hello guys ..I’m miss x from kerla …
I just thought of writing a fan fiction . please do tell your views in the comment section. Wheter it is positive or negative I don’t care . but I just need your comments lovlies πŸ™‚
This story is about nesam..and ardika my fav couple ……….I will introduce u the characters as I move on to the story …
OK so the story begins like ,

The beach was filled brightness. The brightness which seemed like the sun has achieved it’s success and is smiling with its all its might. The sun was happy and so was NEIL, The creative writter of the famous BIRDSONG. He was enjoying his holiday In so called beach of Goa. It was like he absorbed the happiness of the sun.

He grasped the glass bottle near by. With his hard hands. He could see the mango juice in that glassed which also had the same colour of the sun. Basically every living creature or even non living creature was happy in there. He pulled the straw apart towards his mouth he sipped a drop from the glass. He could feel the heal that it made to his thirsty throat.

He wished his life was like this.
Wherein he would just lie in those comfy chairs all day and sip the juice . wearing a hat that would make him feel young ( or maybe just for him).
There he lied being intoxicated with the happiness that nature provided. Just then a blonde lady with a heart shaped face walked by and and and. She just dashed him …banggg his juice fell down onto the sand and spread all over beneath. All he could do was stare at that person who interrupted his happiness.

The face of the lady..oh yes he could recognize her. He felt he had seen her somewhere. Just then that lady who was wearing a red coulored strapless dress which made her more beautiful called out “IDIOT WAKE UPPP , ITS ALDREADY TIME. WE SHOULD NOT BE LATE TODAY ALSO”

“Uh what Sam , weren’t u there in that beach. Omg u looked so pretty in that attire u know what I could just stop staring at you ”

“Offo don’t prove me more that you are idiot . come on get ready we r getting later” “hurry up ” said Sam in a hurry ” I thought u would be ready by this time. But no u r still sleeping idiot ” she pushed neil out of his sofa ……

“Samudra singhh…wait yaar . why do you want to hurry . why do you want to go there so early come on ” said Neil with a face that made him look so innocent

“Bass’s !!!! Chal ready ho jayoo””” “no more arguments ” …so Neil went to his bathroom brushed his teath and went and started sleeping in the bed again .

Sammmm!!! I’m so tired y r u breaking my bones and making me more tired come on. Sam I love you u love me . so plz stop this …
okie yaar I ll get ready….n so he wore a suit a black and white one with a red coloured tie .which made him soo formal .
Heyyy please do comment and let me know if it is good .
Should I continue writing .? It is my first ff …. !!!! I’m impatiently waiting for ur reviews guys ..
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes

Credit to: miss x


  1. It’s really nice dear πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ pls do continue πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ur first para I loved D most it’s really amazing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ NeSam always cute together wheres our kadhoos n chirpy??? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ waiting for them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • miss x

      Thank you so much dear ??….ur comment made my day…..I’m actually good at explaining the surrounding more than conversations ?……kadoos and chirpy ❀ ll be coming in the next episode ??….do u write ffs….if so plz do tell me I would love to read it ?

      • No no no dear :O I can’t do it even in dreams πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› i know only to read πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› oh babe it’s really cool πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ love u babe πŸ™‚ <3

      • miss x

        No dear…even I thought the same at first ….but after reading others ff …I thought I should also write something……so I just wrote it…n discovered my love for writing…ur English is good …n u surely can….nothing is impossible ??….love u too deariee ❀❀❀

  2. Supriya

    It z ossum but I hav 2 questions….. are nesam married? and when will u introduce aradhika?yup do continue I feel ur story has spark…..update next one soon…stay blessed

    • miss x

      Heyyy thank you soo much …??..
      No nesam r not married …they r just friends …..and yaa ardika ll be coming in the next episode ☺….thanks youu so much ??…I ll update soon
      If u write any ffs plz do tell

  3. Nice start dear….my fav couple too ardhika….waiting for their entry…pls continue soon….all the best….tc..

    • miss x

      Yeahh dear sushi I ll update soon along with all time fav couple ardhika ?…thank you sooo much

  4. ammu

    hello miss.x…njanm malayaliyaa..evde orupad mallus und.ur story is nice..pls continue..n where is ardhΓ­ka? Pls update soon.

    • miss x

      Yeah …evde orupad mallaylis und …..I’m sooo happy ??…..thank you sooo much dear ??….ardhika ll be coming in the next episode

  5. Dev

    Wow wat was d 2 bangs….???well a nc opening …plzz b regular n a lovely epi….???n plzz continue miss???….vl wait for d nxt???

  6. Sree

    Nice start.loved nesam talks.ur first para about surroundings was awesome.vegam attuitha ep upload cheyu.waiting for aradhika intro.

    • miss x

      Thankyou soo much ??…….thank you soo mcuh ??….ardhika ll be there in the next epi for sure ?….suree njn vegan upload cheyam ☺

    • miss x

      Yup I love nesam and their nok jhoks a lot ❀❀..sure dude …..they both r getting ready to cum in the NXT epi ?

  7. Misha

    Hey miss x. How are you?
    Wow wow wow like just fabulous. You rocked it on the first one. In glad you also started a ff. You are amazing!
    I’m looking forward for it.
    And I haven’t been on dehleez page for , I guess about a week. Just so busy with new classes ? lol
    Hope you would understand.
    And yeah I wanted to thank you for liking my story. I’m glad you liked it.
    And you have great plot one. A really different one.
    Take care??

    • miss x

      Heyyyyy misha ❀?
      I’m sooooo very very glad that u liked it ??….you r also amazing ?
      N I also haven’t been much on dehleez page..?….yup I can understand ? was a kindaa busyy actually so I didn’t comment much over there …hehe
      Anyone who read ur story would definitely fall in love with ur ff ….seriously ?
      Thankuuuu sooo muchhh ???

  8. Abi

    Oh my god….

    How can we… Not comment… Ofcourse i ll do miss X…., after all its abt my fav couple NESAM… i love them…. So i love ur fiction.. Continue ☺☺??

    • miss x

      I’m sooo glad u liked it :’) ……thank you so much ?.
      Yaa ll surely continue ☺☺

  9. Hope

    Nalla start…yet..abhipraayam ardhika vannit parayaam…..
    Ardhika varum…
    Ellam sheriyaakum…lol

  10. aastha

    hey miss x , u frm kerala ???????? …………..in which part of kerala do u live in ????? in wich class are you studying ?????????
    well I loved the scenery in the 1st para………….was it all Niel’s dream ???????? is nesam already in love in this ??? or are they just best friends ????? when will you introduce ardhika ????? ……………plzz update sooooooooon………………

    • miss x

      Heyyy asastha …thank you sooo much ??
      ….sorry was not able to cmnt bfore …bcoz tu page was telling me not to cmmnt so fast ?
      I’m from Trivandrum ….wbu ☺
      Awwwieee thankYouuu so much :’) ..I’m glad u liked it .
      Yeah it was all that idiots dreams ?
      No they r in love…but not in lovee…..haha….actually they r unknowingly in love ?
      Ardhika ll be cmng in the NXT epi ?
      Yaa sureeeeeeieeeeeee

      • aastha

        hey missi ( can I call you like that ?????? )…………I’m from ernakulam………….nee enthu cheyuva ??????????? ardhika adutha epiyil varumennu paranappol manasil laddo potti……………

      • miss x

        Yaa suree u can call me lyk that ??…….can I callashuu nicysh name ???……wow …I was in ernakulum for abt 3 yrs…..u knw edapally ?☺…..njn ipom 10 th illa…..Ni oh ? …eeee ??……tahnkyeww

      • aastha

        missi njan 12th kazhinnu…………….nee edappaliyil ayirunno tamasichirunnath ?????? nee eni 10thilekano atho 10th kazhinno ????????

  11. Roma

    Awesome episode, wowwww loved it very very muchhhh. …lovely start…plzzzz continue dear. ..all the best…..it’s very interesting. …love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.