Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 37

So a few weeks have passed by and after their first 2 weeks of marriage Pragya and Veer went for their honeymoon. It’s been 4 weeks since the previous chapter, so right now they are still at the honeymoon. Instead of following Kanchi first let’s start in the …

Singh House (Sushant and Meera)
Meera: Rohit!!!
Sushant: Alia!!
Both: Get up it’s time for school.
Meera: You don’t want to be late today… come on!!!
Sushant: Remember tomorrow is Sunday and Dadi is coming to visit!!
Rohit: Oh no!!
Sushant: Excuse me
Rohit: That means Dadi will stuff us with so much food
Alia: That we will gain at least 10 lbs
Rohit: And do you know what the coaches will say
Meera: Enough bak bak and get up
Sushant: Brush, shower, change, breakfast
Rohit: Two conditions…. 1: we get to watch t.v while eating breakfast
Alia: 2: we get to go out on morning walks for as long as Dadi is here
Both parents: Deal !! Ab uth jao !!!
The kids got up and into the bathroom…
Sushant: I’ll make/pack the lunches
Meera: I will do breakfast… btws are you busy today
Sushant: A little bit why??
Meera: Then I have to pick up Mami-ji
Sushant: She knows how to Uber
Meera: Like those drivers know how to get around Delhi
Sushant: I can pick Maa up, you pick the kids up
Meera: Hmm

And they started their daily routine, breakfast, lunch and then sending the kids to school… then getting ready themselves for work…

Oberoi House
Kunal: Good Morning Beautiful
Isha: Good Morning Mr. Hubby
Kunal: You feeling okay??
Isha: By the time I get up then I will be rushing to the bathroom
Kunal: And I’ll be right there, sorry you have to go through this
Isha: At least you have prepared yourself, I can’t believe you bought all that stuff. From fruits to golgappa pani!!
Kunal: We do have an appointment with Sushant to change the diet plans
Isha: Hmm, but he always has amazing diet plans so…
Kunal: Another day at SDCH
Isha: Uff, have you ever seen a pregnant gynec working??
Kunal: Just take a maternity leave
Isha: It hasn’t even been 3 months. I will take a leave at 6 months or when it gets to the point that I can’t handle it
Kunal: If you say so…
Isha quickly gets out of bed and rushes to the bathroom and Kunal follows…
A few minutes later…
Kunal: You okay??
Isha: UGH !!!
Kunal: You get ready first
Isha: No …. You get ready… I take a longer time
Kunal: Fine but don’t overwork yourself
Isha: I KNOW !!! I’m the gynec
Kunal: sorry
Isha: i’m sorry too

Kapoor Mansion
Kanchi’s Room – Sanchi is getting ready in front of the vanity and Kabir is waiting for her
Kabir: Something is missing
Sanchi: What?? I have everything, makeup, sindoor, mangalsutra…
Kabir walks to her and wraps one of his arms around her.
Kabir: Now it’s perfect
Sanchi pulls out her phone
Sanchi: Selfie!!
Kabir: Okay let’s go now!!!
Sanchi: Okay okay

Kabir: Hey Isha
Isha: Hello Sir
Kabir: Relax Isha, we haven’t started our duties.
Isha: Hi Jiju
Kabir rolled his eyes
Kabir: Come sit…
Kabir: You feeling fine
Isha: Ya I’m fine… just usual morning sickness
Kabir: Ooo
Isha: So how are you and Sanchi ??
Kabir: Great!!! It’s quite quiet around the hospital without our pranksters
Isha: I was just telling that to Sanchi the other day. Pragya is always there to cheer us up
Kabir: By the way have you told them
Isha: No, I will after they come back
Kabir: If you don’t mind me asking
Isha: Pragya maybe the prankster but she will sacrifice everything to be with us or her dad.
Kabir: She is a sweet girl and gets along so well with kids
Isha: I know
Kabir: Anyway I have to go now, but it was nice talking to you
Isha: Have A Nice Day … Sir
Kabir: You too

A few hours have passed and our doctors have been super busy. It was finally lunch time and all decided to meet up in Sanchi’s office. But Sushant left to get his Mom.
Isha: Sanchi….
Sanchi: Isha…. You feeling okay
Isha: Yes, I haven’t had any incidents
Sanchi: Thank god
Isha: Rude…
Just then the boys come in. Kunal signalled Isha and she understood…
Isha: I was actually wanting to eat out today with Kunal so you two carry on
They both left.
Sanchi: What do we have for lunch
Kabir: Chicken Salad, or Kisses and Veggie Salad, or Kisses and Fruit Salad…
Sanchi looked up at Kabir since she was lost in a patient’s file …
Sanchi: Fruit Salad ONLY
Kabir shut her file and brought her to the couches
Kabir: Eat!!!
Sanchi: How did we switch roles??
Kabir: When you became the workaholic now about that kiss
Sanchi: For your kind information… we are at work where anyone can come and go and any patient can call us
Kabir: Ya but during our breaks no one dares to enter
Sanchi: Why?? Did you threaten them if they did
Kabir: You will never know
Sanchi: Whatever…
Soon Kabir grabbed Sanchi and leaned in for a kiss and soon that kiss became a quick makeout session…
Sanchi: Kabir….
Kabir: Shh
Sanchi lightly pushed Kabir
Sanchi: Kabir we are at work… control yourself
Kabir: I wish we could go back to Paris and just stay there for the rest of our lives
Sanchi: Oh hush Mr. Overly Romantic Khadoos we now have to resume our duties !!!
Kabir: See you soon
Sanchi: By that you mean a couple of hours

So a couple of hours went by and our doctors worked very hard. Kunal and Isha also went to Sushant for their diet changes. Sorry but to speed things up I will have to take some big leaps…. Really sorry guys

********************* 8 ½ Months Later *********************
So obviously Veer and Pragya came back from their honeymoon a long time ago. They were super happy for Isha and Kunal. So as time flew by Isha started gaining weight and Pragya made every moment a happy and laughter filled moment. Kabir and Sanchi were also very happy with some special nights and some special moments. No one noticed that 8 ½ months flew by and it was almost time for Isha to give birth. And being the extra girl she is she decided for a normal pregnancy. So we are going to start at the

Oberoi House… a beautiful Sunday afternoon
Isha: Uff, I just want this baby to be out of me now!!!
Kunal: Hey!! Don’t be rude to our baby
Isha: Then tell your baby to stop moving around so much …
Kunal went to Isha and rubbed his hand on her tummy and then kisses her stomach.
Kunal: Come on champ just a few more weeks

A few minutes later….
Isha: Kunal???? “Calm down”
Kunal: Hmm
Isha: How long will it take to reach the hospital ???
Kunal: 10 minutes … why??
Kunal: Kya!!!!
Kunal ran outside and brought the car to front. And then ran and got Isha’s bags for the hospital.
Kunal: Come on Isha… breath in breath out
Isha starts crying…
Isha: Kunal…. It hurts
Kunal: Don’t worry baby!!! Everything will be fine. Main Hoon Naa
Isha: Now is NOT the time for filmy dialouges…
Kunal: Nothing will happen !!! Just breath in and out. Slow deep breaths
Kunal seats Isha in the back and drives as fast as he could and reaches the hospital…
The nurses take Isha into labor and delivery…
Kunal reaches the reception…
Kunal: Please call Pragya, Veer, Sanchi, and Kabir, and Sushant.
Kunal on his phone: Hello Maa, Isha water broke, labor pain, hospital
His mom: We will be there asap
Kunal: Thank you Mom
Kunal went to the room where Isha was and from the room
Nurse runs out
Kunal: I got the message.
Kunal messages everyone that he will be in with Isha…. He changes and heads in
Kunal: It’s okay baby

Soon the gang reaches there asap.
Sanchi: Oh god I hope everything is fine
Sushant: Don’t worry Isha is a brave girl

From the room
Kunal: Squeeze my hand
Isha: I will bite your hand off
Kunal: Come on Isha push…

Pragya: What were you saying
Sushant: Oh hush
Veer: Oh god bichara Kunal
Sanchi: Tum dono kuch seek ho
Kabir: Excuse me ?!?!
Sanchi: You heard me…
Meera: Why don’t we all just sit and I will go get some water for us
Sanchi: Right….

8 hours later
Kunal comes out with a …. Baby girl!!!
Sanchi: She’s so cute !!!
Pragya: Pragya massi ki pehli turn
Sanchi: Excuse me
Kabir: I’m first since I’m the eldest
Veer: No me
Meera: I’m the most experienced
Sushant: You mean we
Kunal: Shh, she’s sleeping.
Sanchi: Can we go in to see Isha??
Kunal: Ya but she’s also sleeping
Sanchi: I’ll go in
Pragya: Same here

Inside the ward…
Pragya: Kaisi ho Maharani
Isha: Jab tumhari bachche hoge toh phir main pochugi
Sanchi: You feeling okay
Isha: Sorry but right now I just want to sleep
Sanchi: No problem we will step outside…

The girls went out and Kunal went in… a few days have passed and Kunal and Isha decided to name their precious daughter, Khushi… Khushi Oberoi. Luckily SDCH has understanding rules for new mother’s and Isha will now be given a paid leave for 3 months of her choice and can take up to a year off. Everyone was busy with work or visiting Khushi and Isha or handling their personal life. So a few months have passed and now Khushi is 10 months!!!! All are at

Oberoi House
Sanchi: She’s such a cutie… she looks a lot like Kunal
Isha: And behaves like my mother
Pragya: Well at least you’re mother-in-law helps you around
Sanchi: I mean look at yourself doesn’t look like you were screaming in L&D 10 months ago.
Isha: Thanks to Sushant and you Sanchi
Sanchi: It’s my duty to help
Isha: So what about you …
Sanchi: What about me
Isha: How long will you use protection???
Sanchi: I don’t know … maybe after our little Khushi is 1 years old
Isha: Oh come on and you Pragya
Pragya: Hey I’m not ready for this… I just got married like
Isha: 1 year ago
Pragya: Exactly just one year. Focus on Khushi

Outside with the boys
Veer: How are sleepless nights
Kunal: You ask me that every time
Kabir: But seriously how is it
Kunal: It’s great!! Khushi is my heart along with Isha
Kabir: Hahaha along with Isha
Veer: She is cute though
Kabir: That is so true
Kunal: But Kabir don’t mind me but whenever I see you with Khushi you seem to have a new side
Kabir: Really??
Veer: Ya even I noticed it, you are … way less khadoos when you are with Khushi and she also enjoys your company
Kabir: Huh?? Never really noticed that
Just then Khushi came crawling and
Khushi: Papa!!! Samoo samoo
Kunal: Samoo?!?! Khushi samosa kaegi
Khushi: Samm
Kabir: So adorable…
Khushi: Ka … ka
Kabir: Arre arre Khushi!!! Khushi kya kaegi
Khushi: Samooo
Kabir: Samosa… accha Khushi the good girl will now wait for samosa
Just then Sanchi brings some samosas and chutney and some drinks (that are non-alcoholic)
Khushi points to the samosa and
Kabir: Wait baby, dekho garam hai
Kabir playfully pretends to touch the samosas and pretends to burn his hand.
Kabir: Ouch
Khushi: Ouchy??
Kabir: Haan ouchy

So they all ate their snacks, talked, played around with Khushi, and enjoyed their time. Sorry but again a few more months pass by and our little Khushi is now 1 years old!! Can’t believe it!!! Time has literally flown by. But for the past few weeks Sanchi has been behaving very differently. Late appointments in the morning and staying at the Oberoi’s house on the pretext of helping Isha. But FINALLY today Sanchi has a “date” with Kabir that she organized(idk if right word)

Scene Description: (I love these!!!!)
Room that has some paint cans, humongous stuffed toys, a big wrapped box, and lots and lots of crumpled paper!!! But Sanchi is somewhere else before… their balcony!!! Btws Sanchi is wearing a light blue chiffon saree

Sanchi is standing near the pillar thingy (it’s late deal with it) deeply staring at the moon. Just then Kabir comes and hugs her from behind wrapping his arms around her stomach.

Kabir: Heyy
He kisses her neck
Sanchi: Hey
Kabir: So what’s up
Sanchi: Nothing I just wanted to spend some time with you
Kabir: Really
Sanchi: Hmm
She turns around and tightly hugs him. Kabir reciprocates the hug.
Sanchi: Kabir I have to tell you something super important well… actually show it to you.

She covers his eyes and takes him to that room I told about earlier… when she opens his eyes Kabir started looking around…

Kabir: Can I open that box??
Sanchi nodded her head saying no…
Kabir: But why??
Sanchi stepped closer to Kabir and held his hands. She looked down at his hands and brought them up a little bit.

Sanchi: You are the love of my life. You are the best doctor, the best son, the best friend, and the best husband. And … I love you for who you are. Please never ever change yourself. I still remember the day you proposed to me and all these special moments we’ve shared. Time has flown by so quickly and I got to see so many parts of you but what really surprised me was when I saw you playing with Khushi. You are the perfect man. You showered so much fatherly love on her and … I hope you shower as much love if not more love on…

She made Kabir’s hands touch her stomach… Kabir looked down and then looked up at Sanchi…

Kabir: Are you saying that

Sanchi nodded her head and Kabir went in for a passionate kiss. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and Sanchi wrapped her arms around too (kinda like a hug??). They finally broke the kiss and Sanchi hugged him as tightly as she could

Kabir: You have no idea how happy I am
Sanchi: …
Kabir: Wait a minute… is that why you were… oh my god I’m so dumb!!! Why didn’t you tell me before
Sanchi: Because it would gross you out
Kabir: Uh uh
Sanchi: The main point is that we are going to be parents
Kabir: So how many weeks are you in ??
Sanchi: 10 weeks
Kabir: KYA??? It’s been two months and you didn’t tell me
Sanchi: I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and get everything set so that YOU don’t freak out
Kabir: I can’t believe you did that
Kabir angrily walked out and into their room
Sanchi: Kabir I’m sorry, I just didn’t want you to worry so much about me. I was afraid that it will stress you out too much
Kabir: But I wanted to go through that experience with you
Sanchi: Kabirrr, I’m sorry naa
Kabir: This time I will forgive you but
Sanchi: From now on I will bother you so much that
Kabir: That…
Sanchi: that you will say to go to Isha’s house
Kabir: That day will never come
Sanchi: We will see
Kabir: By the way what is in that box??
Sanchi: Can’t open it until 6 months
Kabir: What’s in it
Sanchi: The crib
Kabir: You’re kidding me
Sanchi: No… I already have a plan for the room
Kabir: But you don’t know the gender
Sanchi: So, I can have two plans right
Kabir: You are too much
Sanchi: I’m going to go and get ready for bed….

Few Minutes Later….
Kabir: Good Night Love
Sanchi: Good Night

Author’s Note
OMG Sanchi’s pregnant. Sorry for jumping around a lot but the FINAL chapter will be worse. And oh god finally THANKSGIVING BREAK IS IN 10 SCHOOL DAYS !!!! I can’t believe I actually wrote 37 chapters. Never thought I make past the first episode.

Preview of Upcoming Chapters –
Chapter 38 – Epilogue

Have An Amazing Day!!!

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