Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 36

Engagement Already Happened
All the boys are shopping on one side of the mall and the girls on the other…

Boys –
Veer: Should I match with Pragya for the reception too?? I mean she will wear red and golden and I will wear gold on the wedding day.
Kunal: Don’t match with Pragya
Kabir: Girls find it cute when other couples are matching but when they are matching…
Kunal: Well it depends… ik Sanchi doesn’t like it because YOU are always matching. Isha likes it since we don’t do it all the time
Sushant: Ya you need to bring it one level down. Sanchi hates matching.
Kabir: You do know I do it on purpose
Sushant: Please even the staff has gotten tired of seeing you too match
Kunal: It will look better when you DON’T match
Veer: So I’m not going to match at all and maybe once during the week
Kunal: Once every two weeks works better
Kabir: Thanks for the advice
Kunal & Sushant: Experience
Veer: I feel like we are behaving like girls when talking about this
Other men: Get used to it

Girls –
Pragya: Yaar this is so heavy
Isha: You get to dress up and look like the prettiest girl in the world once
Pragya: What about Karva Chauth??
Sanchi: Pragya…
Meera: Go and try these on NOW
Pragya: I don’t understand why I am celebrating the end of my freedom
Isha: Go naa
Pragya: OK meri maa

Isha: She’s so dramatic
Sanchi: So is Veer
Meera: That is so true
Pragya: I can hear you guys
Sanchi: Good you were suppose to hear that

The men and ladies finished their shopping and decided to meet at the food court to eat. But then they all just go their food to-go and left for their homes.
Kanchi’s Car:
Sanchi: Today was a good day. I got so many new clothes
Kabir: So did I
Sanchi: If you match with me again then I will burn all of your clothes
Kabir: Sheesh, I will try to not match.
Sanchi: At first it was cute but now even the staff has gotten tired of seeing us match. Why do you match?
Kabir: I just thought it would look nice
Sanchi: It did but now it’s annoying
Kabir: Okay fine we won’t match from now on okay??
Sanchi: Thank you
Kabir: Hey…
Sanchi: I’m a nice person

Kapoor Mansion…
Sanchi heads straight to Kusum’s room.
Kusum: Sanchi !! how did the shopping go
Sanchi: Well the boys went their way and we went out. But you know how dramatic Pragya can be
Kusum: She didn’t want to try on all those lenghas
Sanchi: Nope and instead she started shopping for us
Kusum chuckled a little
Kusum: Sounds like something you would do
Sanchi: Feeling the love
Kusum: Okay I am going to Mrs. Sharma’s house so I will be back in an hour or two
Sanchi: Okay see you then

Kanchi’s Room:
Sanchi went in to find Kabir glued to his laptop.
Sanchi: What’s on the laptop
Kabir: Patient file
Sanchi: Something wrong
Kabir: Can’t release patient info
Sanchi: Okay, help me decide what to wear for each function
Kabir: …
Sanchi: And we aren’t matching
Kabir shuts his laptop.
Kabir: Ok fine.
Sanchi: And e won’t be from the same side
Kabir: You’re with Pragya and I’m with Veer
Sanchi: Okay, I am wearing pink lengha and you are wearing whatever you want
Kabir: Yellow on Haldi
Sanchi was staring at her phone during the clothes conversation and noticed that Kabir was slowly getting close to her. When Kabir was close enough Sanchi rested her head on his shoulder.
Sanchi: I wish I was as happy as Pragya when we got married
Kabir wrapped his arm around her waist
Kabir: Well we are happy now
Sanchi: Hmm, can I tell you something but you can’t tell Kunal
Kabir: What happened
Sanchi: Isha’s pregnant
Kabir: Really?!?!?
Sanchi: We tested her. And she wants to tell Kunal after the wedding.
Kabir: You do know that Kunal is a doctor
Sanchi: That’s why Isha will stay with us and you will be with Kunal
Kabir: Hmm… wait WHAT?!?
Sanchi: I’m going to the Oberoi house for the wedding.
Kabir: No no no
Sanchi: Too bad, I already packed. Kunal is coming tomorrow
Kabir: Sanchi we didn’t even talk about this
Sanchi: We did just now
Kabir: You are too much
Sanchi: I know
Sanchi kisses Kabir’s cheek.
Sanchi: Sorry
Kabir gave Sanchi a naughty look. Then Sanchi got up and tried to walk away but Kabir held her hand.
Sanchi: Kabir, I’m already tired and I have to leave tomorrow
Kabir left her hand.

Few Seconds Later…
Both are in bed…
Sanchi: Are you upset??
Kabir: No, it’s a great surprise
Sanchi: What do you think??
Kabir: About…
Sanchi: Kids
Kabir: Well… explain??
Sanchi: Do you want to have kids?
Kabir: Of course I would but now is not the time
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: I think maybe a year or two later since you know our relationship just started
Sanchi: Hmm, Good Night
Kabir kisses her
Kabir: Good Night

Next Day – Afternoon
Sanchi: Okay I’m leaving and Kabir please loosen up for Kunal. You’re scaring him
Kabir shrugged a little.
Kunal: I’m pretty sure we will have a good time here
Sanchi: I hope you do. Anyway I’m gonna go
Kunal immediately turned around and Kanchi kissed each other. Sanchi walked out while Kabir waved to her

Oberoi House
Sanchi: How is your morning sickness?
Isha: It’s okay, pretty sure it will be bad at the wedding
Sanchi: Oh no
Isha: Don’t worry I will take some snacks that might help
Sanchi: Good, does Pragya know about this
Isha: No, I don’t want to ruin her wedding preparations
Sanchi: You won’t ruin it but don’t tell her she won’t give herself any attention
Isha: Exactly my point, I’m not going to the haldi today. I don’t want too many people touching me
Sanchi: I’ll just say that you weren’t feeling well and had a headache
Isha: Please tell Kabir to control Kunal, he will drop everything and sprint here
Sanchi: Don’t worry, I got this covered for you. You just need to rest and relax at home. So will you be there for the mehndi and sangeet??
Isha: Ya
Sanchi: I’ll go change and head out, you sure you don’t want me to stay
Isha: I’m fine, plus everyone else will be worried for no reason.
Sanchi: Call me or text me okay??
Isha: Hmm

Haldi Function –

Scene Description:
Pragya and Veer are sitting next to each other but there is a chunni between them so that they can’t see each other. They aren’t sitting like side by side there is a distance between them. Both of their haldi is about to start and well…

Pragya: I don’t need this haldi, I already put face masks every week. Aur hum toh vaise bhi gore chite hai. This haldi already smells bads and I will get pimples from it….
Veer: Exactly this already smells bad and we both are already fair. So problem solved. Bye
Sanchi: Chup karke yeh haldi lago. Even I had to put it
Pragya: NO
Other girls hold her down and then they apply haldi. And Kabir and Sushant hold Veer
Pragya: Okay choro, yeh haldi ka kaam hogya?? Can I go and wash this off.
Veer: Maa!!!
Random Aunty: Arre abhi toh rasam shuroo hui hai
Pragya: KYA, maar gaye!!
Veer: How long will this be??
Savitri: Chup karke behto…
Veer: Wedding Week kaam aur torture week zyaada lagta hai
Pragya: How about instead of doing these rasams we go join Khatron Ke Khiladi
Veer: Good Idea
Sanchi: Dramebaaz

After haldi …
Pragya: I didn’t see Isha at all. Is she okay??
Sanchi: Ya she’s fine. She wasn’t feeling very well and had a splitting headache. So I told her to stay back and I gave her some medications.
Pragya: Ohh
Sanchi: She will be here for the rest of the functions…
Pragya: What’s tomorrow
Sanchi: Mehndi and Sangeet
Pragya: Bachelorette Party
Sanchi: Then wedding and reception
Pragya: Hey Bhagwan, itni rasme kyun
Sanchi: Isha and I had to go through it too naa,

Mehndi Function

Pragya was getting her mehndi applied while Isha and Sanchi were performing. Then they both also started getting their mehndi applied.

Pragya: Thank god tomorrow is our party. No stupid old aunties
Sanchi: I know right
Isha: I won’t be drinking tho
Pragya: Obviously you won’t
Isha: …
Pragya: You will be driving us after we both get wasted
Sanchi and Pragya laughed
Isha: As usual.

So they waited for the mehndi to dry and while waiting they all danced around, gossiped and ate a TON of food. The next was their bachelorette party. Isha decided to go later so that the smell of alcohol doesn’t make her vomit. So at the party all the girls drank, ate, sang, danced, basically had a blast. Close the curfew time Isha came and took Pragya and Sanchi home. She dropped off Pragya at home and then took Sanchi with her. The next morning…

Oberoi Home
Sanchi: Yaar I have such a bad hangover
Isha: I can tell
Sanchi: Can you please make me lemon water??
Isha: Sure
Sanchi: Sorry
Isha: Why??
Sanchi: You’re pregnant and I’m making you work
Isha: No problem at all…
Sanchi: Do you think Pragya will get in trouble
Isha: No, I mean her dad knows that we drink
Sanchi: Thank god he got a media ban or else
Isha: We would lose all of our patients
Sanchi: Ik
Isha hands her the lemon water
Sanchi: Thanks

Isha ran to bathroom, Sanchi gulped down her lemon water and rushed to the bathroom.
Sanchi: Thank god we will tell Kunal soon
Isha washed her face…
Isha: I actually made a plan
Sanchi: What is it ??
Isha: I started on a nursery
Sanchi: But your only a
Isha: It’s been a month
Sanchi: what !!!
Isha: The report said one month
Sanchi: But you don’t know the gender
Isha: I got the basic stuff… and once it is born then we will paint the walls and decorate. Right now I bought the crib and some toys.
Sanchi: I’m so happy for you, but what’s the plan
Isha: So after the reception, I’m going to bring him into the house. And I need you to help me decorate with candles. And then … not telling you
Sanchi: Ugh, I’ll just help decorate
Isha: Thank you… so today we get to relax and I get to look at baby stuff
Sanchi rolls her eyes
Isha: You will be doing the same
Sanchi: Knowing me I will have diapers and everything ready after 6 months
Isha: True
Sanchi: Imma go and rest and if you need me just call me
Isha: Okay

Next Day… aka WEDDING DAY
Garv: You still have time. Soch le
Veer: Soch liya, Pragya is perfect for me
Sushant: Ready to spend the rest of your life with Miss. Pragya Yadav
Veer: Soon to be Mrs. Pragya Malhotra
Kabir: Congrats Veer
Veer: Thank you
Savitri: You look so handsome today. Kisi ki nazar na lage
Veer: Maa …
Savitri: Finally my boy will be married and it’s not an arranged marriage
Priya: Wow Veer, this is the only day he’s looked handsome
Veer: Such an amazing sister
Priya hugs him…
Veer: Okay spotlight on Priya, how’s Sanket
Priya: He’s good, he had to go to London but he sent tons of wishes and gifts for you
Veer: Oh ho meri pyari behna
Priya: Spotlight back on Veer. I’m going downstairs

Pragya: Last few moments
Sanchi: You ready
Pragya: You are asking if I’m ready for a roller coaster
Isha: You can never be ready for life
Pragya: Isha where were you for half the functions
Isha: I haven’t been feeling well so I needed rest and I didn’t want you to get sick
Pragya: Does Kunal know??
Sanchi: Don’t tell him. He will worry for no reason
Pragya: Something you guys aren’t telling me
Isha: I actually am wanting to tell you something but I will tell you after your honeymoon
Pragya: Not fair !!!
Sanchi: You should enjoy some personal time !!
Sanchi winks at Pragya.
Pragya: You guys are too much
Just then Pragya’s dad comes, Subhash Yadav
Subhash: Ready beta
Pragya: Hmm
Isha and Sanchi stepped out
Subhash hugged her and started tearing…
Pragya: Bidaai tak aanson sook yaege
Subhash: Ekloti beti ho, zyaada shaitani maat karna okay
Pragya: Aur aap apni dawai time se lena
Subhash: Veer ko pareshan maat karna
Pragya: Ab aap mujhe bhi rula denge
Subhash: Milne aana okay
Pragya: Hmm
They both hug each other and head downstairs…

The pheres start and while everyone is near the mandap Sanchi, Meera and Isha grab Veer’s shoes and take them somewhere.

Sanchi: Okay knowing the boys I know that they have an extra pair either in their car or in their room.
Meera: We should also take Veer’s reception shoes
Isha: He’s wearing the same shoes.
Sanchi: Isha you stay here then no one will suspect us
Meera: I will go to the boy’s rooms
Sanchi: I will go to their cars
Isha: But what about the keys?
Sanchi: Valet parking
Isha: Okay chalo

So they head out Meera checks the rooms while Sanchi checks all the cars. The Valet decided to help the girls side also because Sanchi bribed him. Meera didn’t find any pairs in the rooms but Sanchi found a pair in Kabir’s car and Veer’s car.

Sanchi: Aww a foolproof plan but failed tsk tsk tsk
Sanchi gives the keys back to the Valet and calls Meera and Isha:

Sanchi: I got the shoes. Where should we put them ??
Meera: I’ll text you okay
Isha: OK Karishma I’m kinda busy so I will text you in a minute
Sanchi: Got the message

Sanchi texts them
Sanchi: I found two pairs so I will hide one in my car below the passenger seat and the other pair will go in the ladies room bathroom cabinet
Meera: Deal but how will you get them in??
Sanchi: The back
Isha: Okay hurry btws Kabir was looking for you
Sanchi: Bye guys

Sanchi quickly follows her plan. She puts one pair in her car and one pair in the ladies bathroom cabinet. When she stepped out of the ladies room two arms grabbed her and pinned her the wall.
Sanchi: Kabir!! What are you doing? Someone will see us
Kabir: I’m spending some quality time with my wife. Is that wrong?
Sanchi: Not in this environment…
Kabir grabbed her wrist and took her to a room and locked it. Then Sanchi put her arms on his shoulders.
Sanchi: Aaj kuch zyaada romantic nahi ho kya??
Kabir: I haven’t spent any time with you
Sanchi: Aww bichare patidev… I’m coming back home tomorrow
Kabir: But Kunal is going back home tonight.
Sanchi: Then I guess I will be returning tonight
Kabir: Get ready for a fun night …
Sanchi: Aur Maa??
Kabir: She’s downstairs on the other side…
He leaves winking at her…

Soon the pheres ended and everyone went to the hotel to change for the reception but Veer couldn’t find his shoes but Savitri told him and Pragya not to wear shoes until the bidaai. So at the reception they greeted the guests took more pictures, enjoyed some performances, and ate delicious food. Soon it was time for the newlywed to go. The boys found out about the girls plan and now

Sanchi: Rs. 1000 to each of us
Isha: So that’s me, Sanchi, and Meera.
Veer: This isn’t done. 1000 ka note bhi nahi hai
Sanchi: Accha toh phir 500s mein dedo
Veer handed the girls the money and they handed the shoes.
Meera: Pleasure doing business Dr. Veer Malhotra

Now came the bidaai… aww everyone is crying mainly Pragya and her Dad… but Pragya finally gets into the car and Subhash pushes the car away. Soon everyone leaves and head home.

Oberoi Home Garage:
Isha: I have a surprise for you… but you need to be blindfolded
Kunal: Okay… “wonder what it is”
Isha blindfolds him and takes him inside to their nursery.
Isha: Acha papa tum guess kar sakte ho ki mera surprise kya hai
Kunal: Umm I really don’t know… a romantic setting since I smell candles
Isha: No… another guess papa??
Kunal: I don’t know
Isha goes behind him and opens the blindfold. And Kunal sees a room with a boxed crib. A bunch of toys and other simple baby items. Isha comes around.
Isha: Ab pata chala PAPA
Kunal immediately kissed Isha…
Kunal: Why didn’t you tell me before
Isha: Surprise…
Kunal: Is that why…
Isha nodded her head but then Kunal picked her up and took her to their room and started kissing her…
Isha: Kunal
Kunal: I know you are tired…

Good Night From Those Two LoveBirds…

Kapoor Mansion:
Kabir and Sanchi reached before Kusum so Kabir carried Sanchi in and took her straight to their room. He put Sanchi down and then locked the door. Sanchi walked back one and Kabir forward until she ended near the bed. Kabir brought her closer and they both shared a passionate kiss. Soon they ended up on the bed, scene shifts to the moon….

Author’s Note:
Sorry I took forever to update but during this week I had no motivation to write at all. I didn’t even have the time to read any other ffs. SORRY !!! I think two more weeks until my Thanksgiving break so YAY!!! Okay so I’m almost done with this ff. Honestly I loved writing this. I started writing because I was super bored in during my shift at the hospital I volunteered at so then I started typing away. A very long journey. This was the 36th chapter. Oh god!!! It’s been a while!!

I do have an idea for another ff but since so many writers have quit, including my inspiration Trisha and Ruch23 (i think) and Moonlight (i think) and Abhilasha hasn’t been active either. Basically all the “old” authors are gone. The new ones are amazing but come on guys don’t quit. I mean yeah the serial sucks but we can still “publish” Kanchi ffs. Okay I don’t watch the show but I do read it and Kanchi may still have a chance because of her truth coming out. Maybe but come on guys!! End of “rant”!!

I may submit a new ff and I will talk more about it in my last chapter and you guys can decide if you guys want me to. Or actually I might just submit an entire “page” kinda like a intro so then you guys can decide. I don’t know when it’s closer for me to decide then I will. But for now …

Preview Of Upcoming Chapters:
Chapter 37 – Romantic Times (1 ½ year leap included)
Chapter 38 – Epilogue (TONS of leaps)

Disclaimer these last two might be extra long for you guys who have dealt with me since my first episode with my old title.

Hope You Guys Have A Wonderful Day!!!

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