Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 35

Sanchi and Kabir both went to sleep on opposite sides of the bed… uh oh a fight on the second day of their honeymoon… let’s see what happens

**The Next Morning**
Kabir wakes up before Sanchi and orders some breakfast for the both of them.

Kabir: “ We may be in a fight but that doesn’t mean that I will stop caring for you ”

He headed to take a shower, room service came in and set their breakfast on a table and left. A few minutes later Sanchi wakes up

Sanchi: “Kabir ordered breakfast… but I’m still mad at him. How can he be jealous of Aman?? It’s not like Aman is trying to win me back ”

Kabir came out of the shower and Sanchi went in… neither of them even looked the other person. Sanchi came out and she ate her breakfast, Kabir had eaten before. Kabir then pulled out his laptop and started typing away and Sanchi pulled out a book and started reading. Both were stealing glances at each other.

Sanchi: “I can’t believe he brought work even on our honeymoon. Was he expecting a fight?? Or did he think one night of s*x and then we won’t be talking?? ”

Kabir: “Really she’s reading a book. Is that 50 Shades of Grey? No… thank god”
Sanchi: “ I’m not apologizing this time. I said sorry last time (referring to the prank) ”

***Imaginary Land***
The Kabirs
Devil Kabir: Good Job Kabir, be the man
Angel Kabir: You idiot (punches him on shoulder) it is Kabir’s fault. She is caring for someone who has a very special place in her life.
Devil Kabir: That doesn’t mean that she will hurt his feelings
Angel Kabir: You are so egoistic. Kabir should understand
Devil Kabir: NO He’s doing the right thing
Angel Kabir: SHUT UP

The Sanchis
Angel Sanchi: Why doesn’t she just apologize and everything will be fine again
Devil Sanchi: Why should she apologize when it’s not even her fault, Aman was her first love. She has the right to still love him
Angel Sanchi: No she doesn’t. Sanchi decided to stay with Kabir and leave Aman. That led to his heartbreak. And Kabir is right. He isn’t a child, Aman knows what he is putting himself to
Devil Sanchi: If Angel Aman was hurt would you not care for him?? You like Angel Kabir but you would still care for AA
Angel Sanchi: … when did you get smart??
Devil Sanchi: I’m always right
Angel Sanchi: No you aren’t
Devil Sanchi: Shut Up and let’s see what these two do.

Sanchi: “Wow this is really a good book…”
Kabir: “I can’t keep this up. I need to talk to her… should I apologize”

**Imaginary Land**
AK and DK: We need to go and help

**Both appear in Kabir’s screen**
Angel Kabir: Go and apologize, you are wrong
Devil Kabir: No, she should apologize, why was she checking out her ex in front of her husband?? She left him, TWICE
Angel Kabir: If Devil Preity came and she was hurt would you not care for her even though you love that Devil Sanchi…
Devil Kabir: …
Angel Kabir: Exactly… say sorry

Kabir: How??
Angel Kabir: You are in the city of love…
Devil Kabir: Do something yourself for once
And they disappear…

Kabir: “IDEA”
Kabir goes down to management and starts talking about the Eiffel Tower at night…

Ooo… Kabir’s going to do something extravagant!!! Can’t wait to see what he does… let’s check on our friends in India. All are at work

***Savitri Devi College and Hospital***
Sushant: We should go on a friends trip soon
Pragya: No we can’t go without Kanchi.
Isha: They are out for 4 weeks… that won’t look good.
Kunal: So Veer what are your plans
Veer: For??
Kunal: Marriage
Veer: We just started dating
Sushant: 6 months ago
Isha: Soon to be 7 months
Veer: What do you think Pragya ??
Pragya: I agree with Veer, what’s the need yet?? I still have some freedom right. After marriage… uh uh
Veer: Kya??
Pragya walks to her sector
Sushant: You have a plan don’t you
Veer: Always do
Isha: What are you planning
Veer: Why should I tell you
He leaves winking at Sushant, Isha, and Kunal
Kunal: Whatever he does, it will be dhamakedaar
Isha: Obviously it’s Veer and Pragya, the two best pranksters
Sushant: Imma go, I have an appointment in 15
Isha: Me too, bye darling

***Next Day In Paris***
Sanchi: “I really want to talk to him. But he’s wrong”
Kabir: “I will make this up to you”
Sanchi: I’m going to the coffee shop across the street, (mumbles) if you need me
Kabir: Okay

Sanchi leaves the room
Kabir (on call): I just need the top for 10 minutes
Unknown: Okay that is possible
Kabir: Yess

**Coffee Shop**
Two people: One large Carmel Frap
Sanchi: Oh I’m… sorry
Aman: No no it’s my bad. Could I get my drink first, I’m in a little hurry.
Cashier: Sure Monsieur
Aman paid for his drink and Sanchi paid for her.
Sanchi: If you don’t mind, but where are you going?
Aman: I’m going back home, I’m getting married to Naina
Sanchi: Oh wow Congrats!!
Aman: Thanks, so here for your honeymoon??
Sanchi: Yeah…
Aman: That’s great…
Sanchi: So what …
Aman: I’m really sorry but I have to go. Just asking, do you still have the same email
Sanchi: Yes I do, bon voyage
Aman: Merci

Aman left and Sanchi went back to the hotel and started watching t.v. when Kabir came to her
Kabir: Be ready at 7:15, I need to take you somewhere
Sanchi: I thought we weren’t on speaking terms
Kabir: Please
Sanchi: Where are we going
Kabir: Eiffel Tower
Sanchi: Okay, I’ll be ready

*** 7:15 PM ***
Clothes Description:
Sanchi – Grey sweater dress with a with jacket, black slacks and black furry boots
Kabir – Black trench coat with black pants and a grey scarf

Kabir: Let’s go
Sanchi: So why are we going??
Kabir: You will see
Sanchi: “ We still won’t be on speaking terms Mr ”
Kabir: “Hopefully she will accept my apology ”

*** Top Of Eiffel Tower***
You can see all of Paris from the top of the tower. Such a beautiful view. A dark starry sky with the lights of Paris reflect the sky. Breath taking…

After a few minutes…
Kabir: Sanchi I would just like to apologize for my behavior. It wasn’t right for me to feel jealous and hurt your feelings. You were right, if Preity was hurt then I would’ve done the same. I’m sorry
Sanchi: It’s okay Kabir. I shouldn’t have been staring at him anyway. That was a little rude. And I need to tell you something
Kabir: Hmm…
Sanchi: I met Aman in the coffee shop. He was leaving Paris and he’s returning home to marry Naina!!
Kabir: Wasn’t he already married to her?
Sanchi: No, it was an act
Kabir: Like us
Sanchi: Except we actually got married
Kabir: Ya

After a few minutes they went down and walked the streets of Paris. Hand in hand… later they returned to their room and …

Sanchi: Movie Night??
Kabir: Two conditions
Sanchi: What…??
Kabir: We watch the movie in that tub
Sanchi: Never mind I’m going to sleep
Kabir holds her by the arm and turns her around…
Sanchi: no
Kabir: I want to use that tub…
Sanchi: Mr. H**ny, you can bathe yourself I’m sleeping
Kabir: What did you call me?? Accha choro, but movie in tub and wine
Sanchi: No
Kabir pinned Sanchi to the wall…
Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir: Sanchi…

An hour later… both are sipping wine and watching a movie… in the tub. (Disclaimer: both are wearing bathing suits)
Kabir: I told you this wasn’t a bad idea
Sanchi: Shh
Kabir tightened his grip around Sanchi

Both enjoyed the movie, when it ended they put on their bathrobes and headed to sleep. They enjoyed the rest of their honeymoon, some busy nights, tons of romantic moments. They did venture out of Paris and go to a local town, shopping, eating, selfies, dancing. AMAZING TIME!! But they have to go now back home.

*** Night Before Returning Back to India ***
Kabir and Sanchi are sharing a passionate kiss… Sanchi breaks the kiss
Sanchi: We have to leave…
Kabir starts kissing her again…

*** Okay let’s leave them alone (cough cough) VEER IS ABOUT TO PROPOSE ***

Scene Description:
Balcony of XYZ Restaurant. Red roses everywhere, with balloons as well. There is a table that has a candle light dinner and some slow music in the background.

Veer and Pragya are slowly dancing. Veer twirls Pragya and goes down on one knee…

Veer: Ever since the day I saw you, I knew we had a spark. The way you tease Isha and Sanchi. Your pranks but still maintain professionalism. You don’t care what people think about you. You live life on your own terms. There are so many other things about you that I love but words can’t describe how amazing you are. I know we have had our ups and downs but in the end we love each other and have always had each other’s back. We’ve spent these 7 months together, why not spend the rest of our lives together as well.

He pops out a ring (sorry that was a really bad proposal). Pragya was a little surprised and she …
Pragya: Veer I don’t know I think I need time to think about this…
Veer’s face fell…
Veer: I… I understand, you can take your time
Pragya started walking away from him while Veer stood there in his sadness then he felt two arms hug him from the back…
Veer: Soch liya
Pragya: Hmm
Veer slides the finger on Pragya’s ring finger…
Veer: I thought you were being serious for a minute
Pragya: You heard me run to you didn’t you
Veer: Hmm
Veer turned around and both started dancing away under the stars…

*** 1 Week Later ***
Kanchi returned the fourth week so that they can get over their jet lag during the fourth week. So now they are finally going to work. They know about Veer’s proposal and Veer and Pragya will be getting married a month later… enough time to go shopping and prepare, right?

**** Kanchi’s First Day At SDCH After Honeymoon ****
Kapoor Mansion –

Sanchi: I feel like I should wear something traditional today. Saree or Suit
Kabir: Saree
Sanchi: Suit it is !!
Kabir: Hey?!?
Sanchi: I know what’s going on in your dirty mind
Kabir: Doesn’t that also imply that you have a dirty mind??
Sanchi: I’m wearing blue and white, do NOT match me
Kabir: But doesn’t it look cute
Sanchi: I like to look hot not cute
Kabir looked at her in shock
Sanchi: Don’t be surprised Mr. Hubby.
Kabir: That’s why you should wear a saree
Sanchi: You’re right!! Then more men will be staring at me too !!
Kabir started fuming and Sanchi noticed she went into the bathroom and quickly showered and got ready. She did her makeup and hair and she was ready to go. Both, Kabir and Sanchi, left together for the hospital.

In the Car –
Kabir: You look great
Sanchi: I tried, you look handsome… “as usual”
Kabir: You are wearing blue and I am wearing black and white.
Sanchi: Also I won’t be able to lecture today. I have appointments from 10:30AM till 7:30PM back to back, so no time to lose
Kabir: And what about lunch??
Sanchi: Granola Bars, Protein Bars, Shakes, Juices,
Kabir: Small snacks
Sanchi: Yup

When they reached the hospital they immediately started working. Our poor Kabir was stuck with the interns and then the gang was teasing him the entire time at lunch. And on the other side Sanchi was busy with patient after patient. She was eating some dry fruits or bars or drinking water or shakes that she made. It was finally 8PM. Time for Kanchi to go home. Sanchi goes into Kabir’s office

Sanchi: Chale??
Kabir: Ya one sec, I just to print something off then we can go
Sanchi: Can you please drive?? I’m too tired.
Kabir: Ya sure. Sanchi this might take a while so you should sit down
Sanchi: Uff
Kabir was typing as fast as he could but it took him a while.

15 minutes later ….
Kabir: Chalo Sanchi…
When he looked at Sanchi she was fast asleep on the couch in his office.
Kabir: Aww she looks so sweet. I shouldn’t wake her. I will go get the car and then I can put her in.
So he did that and they went back some. He brought her in and found that Kusum was waiting for them in the main living room.

Kusum: So gayi??
Kabir: Ya… one sec Maa
Kusum: Ya ya
He went and gently put her on the bed. Kusum came into their room and…
Kusum: Why don’t you freshen up and I will set you dinner.
Kabir: No thanks mom, Sanchi isn’t having dinner so I won’t have any dinner. Just pack out dinner for tomorrow’s lunch
Kusum: Okay fine
Kabir went and freshened up and changed he then…
Kabir: “Should I change her clothes?? She might wake up at night uncomfortable and that will ruin her mood… Ya I will change her clothes.”

He grabbed Sanchi’s usual PJs and quickly changed her clothes and then laid down next to her.
Kabir: Good Night Beautiful
He kissed her forehead and went to sleep.

Author’s Note:
Okay I know I had said that this will be Veer and Pragya’s wedding but I like adding details and you guys deserve a continuation of the honeymoon and then I attempted to speed things up. So the next chapter will definitely be Veer and Pragya’s wedding. So a month’s leap. So I guess I added a chapter.

If you guys want me to continue/add some chapters then leave some comments suggesting some ideas or else I will be ending this and then MAYBE start a new ff, I have the idea and I will tell you guys the main plot of it on the last chapter of this ff.

Preview of Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 36 – Veer and Pragya’s Wedding, romantic moments
Chapter 37 – Happy Times For All Couples (happy news for Kunal and Isha)
Chapter 38 – Epilogue (LOTS of happiness and TONS of leaps)


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  3. Osm. It’s just like reading a novel of great novelist the Palak Sharma ?. Hey I mean it. Sweet nok jhok between kanchi and patch up is really incredible. Waiting for such more cute chit chat. CU and post asap.

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