Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 34

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Recap: Kanchi at the Kapoor farmhouse, Kabir’s confession and some romantic moments

Kapoor Farmhouse:
Sanchi is sitting on Kabir’s lap and Kabir isn’t letting go of her

Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Kabir bas bhi karo
Kabir: Not until you say I love you
Sanchi: Kabir choro mujhe, we have to make dinner
Kabir: Dinner can wait
Sanchi: You will stay hungry
Kabir: I don’t care
Sanchi: I can hear your stomach growling
Kabir: I’m going to pick this up again
Sanchi: “Before that I will lock myself somewhere…”
Kabir and Sanchi both head to the kitchen and start making their dinner.

Sanchi: Isn’t nice cooking together
Kabir: It would be even better if you say I love you
Sanchi rolled her eyes…
Sanchi: Go and sit at the table I will bring the food out
Kabir: Ok love
Sanchi blushed a little
Sanchi: “ Yaar he’s the best husband ”
Sanchi brings out the food and when she is serving Kabir holds her hand making the please face…

Song: Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin Title Song (1991) (btws we start towards the end of the song)

Hum To Mohabbat Karte Hai Tumse
Hum Ko Hai Bas Itni Kabar

Tanha Hamara Mushkil Tha Jeena
Tum Jo Naa Milte Agar

Betaab Saanse, Bechain Aankhe
Kehne Lagi Bas Yahi

Dil .. Hai Ki Manta Nahi…
Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi

Sanchi bends down towards Kabir …

Yeh Beqarari Kyon Ho Rahi Hai
Yeh Jaanta Hi Nahi

She walks around Kabir…

Oh… Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi
Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi


Sanchi whispers in Kabir’s ears…
Sanchi: I love you Mr. Kapoor
And she lightly kisses his cheek, then sits down to eat
Kabir was a little shocked … but didn’t say anything and started to eat as well.
Sanchi: “ Nothing!!! I almost ruptured my vocal cords and nothing… huh ”

So they ate dinner and after eating Sanchi walked away which meant Kabir was doing the dishes. Sanchi went straight to their room and quickly brushed and changed and by that time Kabir also finished the dishes and came to their room. Sanchi came out wearing shorts and a crop top and started moisturizing herself. Kabir walked up to her and moved her hair to the side and whispered to her…

Kabir: I love you too
Sanchi blushed a little
Kabir: When did you learn to blush ??
Sanchi lightly elbowed him … Kabir went to around to face Sanchi and started staring at her … again. Sanchi raised her eyebrows and Kabir closed his eyes and nodded and continued staring at her.

Sanchi: “ Okay now this is just too awkward… ”
Kabir: I love your voice
Sanchi: Than
Kabir: No sorry and no thank you
Sanchi: Can’t believe we are leaving tomorrow
Kabir: This place has a charm of it’s own
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Bolo
Kabir: Small wish
Sanchi: Kya??
Kabir: Can you sing another song??
Sanchi: Sorry but no some other time
Kabir: Np…
She headed to the bed…
Kabir: It’s only 10
Sanchi: We have to make breakfast, and lunch, pack and then … leave
Kabir: Ugh
Kabir held Sanchi and pulled her to him.
Sanchi: Mr. Romantic KK, mujhe sona hai
Kabir: Aur meri khawish
Sanchi kissed him (on the lips) and then looked up to meet Kabir’s eyes… then Kabir took Sanchi to the bed but … Sanchi broke the “hug” and went to sleep. Kabir also gave up and lied down on the bed next to Sanchi and wrapped his arm around her waist. Sanchi turned around to face Kabir.

Sanchi: Gusse ho??
Kabir: Nahi toh, i’m not a rapist
Sanchi: Do you know that you are the best husband
Kabir: And you are the best wife
They talked a little more and then fell asleep.

The next day… Sanchi and Kabir woke up, make lunch and breakfast, showered, packed, grabbed their food and locked the farmhouse and headed back home… not going to spend a lot of time on this. When they reached home they immediately fell asleep.
*** THE NEXT DAY ***
Kapoor Mansion
Sanchi is getting ready in front of the vanity and Kabir just came out of the bathroom in his robe…

Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: You have amazing abs
Kabir looked up “evilly” and walked towards Sanchi …
Kabir: Accha…
He held Sanchi’s arm and turned her around
Sanchi: See I was wanting to tell you for a long time but I didn’t think it would be appropriate
Kabir pulled her close to him and… he started kissing her and Sanchi reciprocated the kiss and they started making out

Few Minutes Later …
Sanchi: Go and get ready for work
Kabir: I thought I was the boss
Sanchi: Not at home, go get ready

So Kabir got ready, both ate their breakfast and then headed for the hospital.

Both got out of their car and headed inside.

Sanchi: Good Morning Ladies (information desk volunteers)
Volunteers: Morning!! How are you this fine morning??
Sanchi: Great and you guys
Volunteer: Well we’re alive
Sanchi: Dang …
Volunteer: How are you Kabir
Kabir: Fine… any files for me
Volunteer: Always is
Sanchi: You’re being really rude to these gorgeous ladies
Kabir: Are you talking to me??
Sanchi: No the starbucks guy (looks at volunteer) can you believe this guy
Kabir: Ladies lunch is on me… what will you have??
Volunteer: Anything indian
Sanchi: You’re welcome and
Leaves winking at the volunteers

Sanchi and Kabir enter and start preparing the lecture … just then Veer comes in
Veer: Yaar Sanchi you HAVE to help me
Sanchi: For what
Veer: I need to propose to someone
Sanchi: Guy or girl
Veer: Girl
Sanchi: Who??
Veer: Very close friend of yours
Sanchi: ………. Pragya?!?!
Veer blushed…
Sanchi: I will obviously help you!!! Congrats, do you know how long she’s been waiting…
Kabir: Congrats Veer
Veer: Okay how about we meet during lunch and talk about this?? Pragya isn’t here today… btw how was your honeymoon
Sanchi: Mr. Cardiologist would you like to assist us in today’s lecture?? It’s about privacy and manners
Veer: Okay fine… I’m leaving god don’t need to be so rude about it.
And Veer leaves… soon the interns start coming in and Kanchi starts lecturing….

So after the lecture Kanchi goes out to see their patients and go over some cases with some interns. At lunch Veer and the gang discuss ways for Veer to propose to Pragya. They finally made a plan. And then the last 5 minutes of break Sanchi told them about their trip… but not in much detail (obviously). They all were so happy. And on the other side Kabir got the volunteers lunch and had a great time talking with them. Soon it was time for Kanchi to finally go home…

********* 6 MONTHS LATER *********
Okay to speed up the plot line I needed this “leap.” So Veer did end up proposing in the cutest way ever to Pragya and now they are officially a couple. YAY!!! Sorry I didn’t show the scene. Kanchi has been getting more romantic by the minute. But they still haven’t gone on a honeymoon because of work and what had happened it didn’t seem right to leave the hospital. They have not consummated either … so they finally decided to go now!! But now they well, you can see for yourself…

Saturday Evening Kapoor Mansion:
Kabir: How about Goa ??
Sanchi: London
Kabir: Manali
Sanchi: Paris
Kabir: Kerala
Sanchi: Hong Kong
Kabir: Chennai
Sanchi: New York
Kabir: Why do you want to go out of the country??
Sanchi: So that no one will know us and we can enjoy our time together
Kabir gave her a evil smirk…
Sanchi: Oh grow up, a honeymoon is meant for that purpose
Kusum comes in…
Kusum: I agree with Sanchi if you are taking 4 weeks off work at least go somewhere fun
Sanchi: See
Kabir: Fine but it should be a decent place…
Sanchi: Well it’s almost winter…. so maybe London, Paris, New York
Kabir: But I want to go somewhere warm…
Sanchi: Australia??
Kabir: I really don’t know, but it has to be a good location
Sanchi: That’s why I’m saying Europe
Kabir: Dubai!!
Sanchi: Please NO!! That’s like a family vacation
Kabir: Okay so I will agree with Europe but where, options please
Sanchi: Paris, Rome, London, Madrid, or Switzerland
Kabir: Hmmm, I would say Paris
Sanchi: YAY!!!

So, the next day they talked to Malhotra about their leave and Malhotra didn’t have a problem with their leave. Then they started planning their trip and reserving a room in a hotel… not going tcccvvvv, vck8ijo get in much detail with that, m mc
Fbgmf c fd ./
***Two Days Before Kanchi Leaves For Paris***
Sanchi was standing near the window… lost in the beautiful moon. Then Kabir came from behind and hugged her…
Sanchi: Such a pretty moon naa
Kabir: Not as pretty as you are
Sanchi: Eww such a cheesy line
Kabir: Can’t believe we actually leave for Paris in two days
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Hmm!
Kabir: Are you happy right now??
Sanchi: Of course I am!! I’m married to the love of my life…I work in the best hospital in the country. My best friends and husband work with me!! I have a mother-in-law who is like my own … and amazing in-laws!! … but why are you asking me??
Kabir: Just asking …
Sanchi: There has to be a reason for you to ask me that
Kabir: I heard you talking to Sushant about how your life was going … and
Sanchi started laughing…
Sanchi: Sushant and I were talking about the news and if that had happened in my life
Kabir: Now I feel stupid
Sanchi: It was an honest mistake
Kabir kissed Sanchi’s shoulder…
Kabir: This is why I love you, so sweet and caring
Sanchi: Opposites do attract !!
Kabir: Huh??
Sanchi turned around…
Sanchi: See you are Khadoos, the Hitler of SDCH, and an angry young man. And here I am sweet, innocent, caring, considerate, and kind !!!
Kabir held her tightly …
Kabir: Achha, THE Hitler of SDCH. And what will be your punishment??
Kabir went in for a kiss…… Sanchi first tried to break loose but Kabir pulled her closer and they shared an intense kiss and broke away from each other when they were out of breath. Kabir then carried her and laid her down on the bed… he then laid down next to Sanchi and wrapped his arms around her…
Kabir: That special night is coming soon…
Sanchi: I love you soo much !!!
Kabir: You love this Khadoos Kapoor
Sanchi: I love Kabir Kapoor…
Kabir: And I love Sanchi Kapoor
Both shared another kiss and then fell asleep…

So the next day… both packed and Sanchi went to meet Isha and Pragya… who were giving “tips” to Sanchi but she ignored them. Then it was time for Sanchi to return home and sleep in Kabir’s arms … again. The next day they left for the airport and from the Delhi Airport to Paris, France… the city of love!! The entire flight Kanchi both just watched movies and then from the airport to the hotel was another 20 minutes. By the time they got to the hotel they were super tired!! They checked in and they were given the honeymoon suite.

Both entered their room and…
Sanchi: Wow… the decoration is just outstanding.

Room Description:
So the suite is red and white, obviously it’s a honeymoon suite. The room was decorated with roses and candles. There is a window above the bed and it has a direct view on the Effiel Tower. The king-size bed was in a heart shape and was decorated with white rose petals. Across the room was a small staircase and it led to the huge tub which was also decorated with candles and petals, but there was a shower room as well (just in case)

Kabir: Perfect honeymoon suite…
Sanchi: Go freshen up. I will set up our clothes and order food.
Kabir: But first… ek kiss toh banti hai
Both shared a quick kiss and…
Kabir: Also please ask them if we have reserved this room for 4 weeks or no… and if it won’t be a problem
Sanchi: Ya I’ll go check that

Well, they didn’t have a problem since the hotel manager knew who they were. The two best doctors in India!!!

Back in the suite…
Kabir: Sanchi towel please …
Sanchi: One sec
When she handed him the towel, a strong hand pulled her into the shower…
(Disclaimer: Kabir is wearing a bathing suit)
Kabir had pinned Sanchi to the wall. She tried leaving but Kabir blocked her way.
Sanchi: Tum yeh … tum yeh towel lelo
She handed him but he walked backward and she stepped forward in attempt to hand him the towel. But Kabir turned on the shower, Sanchi turned around but Kabir held her. He slowly went in for a kiss and soon that little kiss became an intense and passionate one. Then Kabir picked Sanchi up bridal style and took her to their bed. Both shared another kiss.

***Next Day***
Kabir and Sanchi were sound asleep. Both were under the sheets but Kabir had his arm around Sanchi and she was holding his hand. Sanchi wakes up first and she reminisces the previous night

Sanchi: “ Best night of my life… but how do I get out?? If I take the sheet then he will be nude and if I don’t then I will be… oh! There’s a blanket. ”

She gets the blanket, sits up, and is about to leave when someone holds her hand…

Kabir: Where do you think you are going
He opens his eyes…
Sanchi: Good Morning to you too

Kabir pulls Sanchi back down to the bed but she “falls” on him.
Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi kisses him
Sanchi: I need to shower
Kabir kissed her back and gets on top her. And they start making out … again (uff these lovebirds). After Sanchi grabbed a blanket and ran to the shower and Kabir did pull on the blanket but she made it to the shower room.

***3 Hours Later***
Sanchi: Come on Kabir, let’s go to the Eiffel Tower
Kabir: Shouldn’t we get a tour guide
Sanchi: Pourquoi avons-nous besoin d’un guide touristique quand je peux parle français
Kabir: You speak french!!
Sanchi: Oui
Kabir: Then we should eat out too then
Sanchi: Okay my dear hubby

So they went out and walked around, tried different foods, took selfies… basically had a blast!! It was almost dark so they headed back to the hotel and when they entered the lobby…

Sanchi: “Is that ??” Aman!!
Aman turns around and is shocked seeing Kanchi there in Paris…
Aman: “ Oh god what are they doing here ”
Sanchi walked up to him…
Sanchi: What are you doing here? Have you been in Paris all this time? How have you been? When are you going back?
Aman: Woah Woah Woah … slow down and I don’t think you have any right to question me about my personal life…
Sanchi’s smile dropped
Aman: Anyway… I’m here for a conference so excuse me …
Sanchi: Aman??
Aman just walked away
Kabir: What happened
Sanchi: I don’t know… I think we should stay away from him
Kabir: Let’s go back freshen up. I just reserved us a table in the hotel’s restaurant
Sanchi: Hmm

Kabir and Sanchi were seated at their table when Sanchi saw Aman again… but this time he was talking to some french doctor…

Kabir: So what do you want to order
Sanchi was lost in her thoughts…
Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Huh?!
Kabir: What do you want to order??
Sanchi: I’m not that hungry, I’ll just have the chicken salad.
Kabir: I will have the same… Thank you
The waiter left…
Kabir: Sanchi kya hua??
Sanchi: Nothing
Kabir: I can tell something is bothering you,
Sanchi: Nothing Kabir
Kabir: Okay “ I think she is disturbed seeing Aman… ”
Sanchi: “ I can’t believe Aman talked to me like that. And the way he is talked to that man and his posture and body. He isn’t even smiling or laughing. No sign of emotion at all. But he has definitely worked out a lot lately.”
Aman noticed Sanchi staring. He ended his meeting and walked up to her …
Aman: It was your decision and we both have clearly moved on. Please stop staring at me, it doesn’t suit you or your status. Hope enjoy your dinner
And he walks off

Kanchi were a little surprised but then they ate their salads and went to their room.
Kabir: Sanchi you all right
Sanchi was again lost in her thoughts…
Kabir: Sanchi …
Sanchi: He’s detached himself from his family and loved ones. What will is family be thinking about me? I’m the reason he is doing this to himself.
Kabir: Sanchi… look at me. You decided to move from him and you rejected him because of the pain that relationship gave you. He should understand that and move himself. Maybe this is his way of moving on. Why are you so worried about him? Aman is a grown man and he knows where he’s putting himself, woh koi bacha nahi hai
Sanchi: You’re right but I still worry for him
Kabir: Don’t worry about it. He will be fine “He better be fine”
Sanchi: Okay Mr. JKK
Kabir: Huh
Sanchi: Mr. Jealous Kabir Kapoor
Kabir: Hoon main jealous we are on our honeymoon and he comes in and ruins the mood
Sanchi: How do you expect me to not worry for the man who I loved for 7 years…
Kabir: But it was your choice to leave him completely…
Sanchi: You still loved Preity up until now, if she was hurt in front of you right now would you not worry??
Kabir: Don’t bring Preity into this
Sanchi: Why not?? She holds the same place in your life like Aman does in my.
Kabir: I don’t …
Sanchi: See… now good night!!
Author’s Note:
Too much detail… I tried my best to speed things up but old habits die hard. Also I am going to be very honest… I am tired of writing this ff and I’m pretty sure you guys are also tired of reading this ridiculous ff. And when I do finish…

Idk if I will write another one, I just can’t get over the writer’s stupidity for this show. I always read the written update and Friday’s episode was all about Kanchi so I was like okay maybe it will look better than the way it was written… 15 minutes into the show, I’m in the bathroom vomiting. It was the worst acting I have ever seen… my school’s theater kids have better acting skills. It was so bad… UGH our Kanchi and Sanveer fanfic writers are so much more better than actual indian television writers… end of rant !!!

But i know that I said this chapter will be the honeymoon chapter but too many details ending up in 3000 words instead of 2000. So I will continue this and then take a 4 week leap then …

Previews of Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 35 – Continuation of Honeymoon, 4 Weeks Leap, Veer and Pragya get married
Chapter 36 – Some romantic times for all couples, Sushant Meera, Kunal Isha, Kabir Sanchi, Veer Pragya
Chapter 37 – Epilogue(tons of leaps)

Sorry I completely scratched the Karva Chauth… I just want to finish this already. ALSO last thing promise. I haven’t been commenting on y’all’s spectacular ffs because of school and I might continue that, but I was always like it if I enjoyed it and stay shut when I don’t … sorry I won’t be commenting.

Comment below your reactions and what do you guy’s think about the serial’s current track… can feel the emotion and can also enjoy with popcorn OR
good time-pass serial, while actually waiting for the next serial OR
vomiting in bathroom

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