Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 33 (Part 2)

This will be the somewhat musical part. Also a little plot change, Kabir doesn’t know Sanchi told Aman that she loves Kabir. So pretend that scene never happened. Last thing, I’m just going to make this somewhat a maha episode…
Recap: Riya and Rishabh are taken away. Kabir and Sanchi go to the farmhouse where they meet a weird drunkard. And then Kabir changed all the locks…

Kabir: Okay so what do we need
Sanchi: Let’s see what they have
Kabir: Sanchi one sec I’m getting a call…

**On Call**
Kusum: What are you planning to do
Kabir: I don’t know if I should today or tomorrow
Kusum: What’s the plan??
Kabir: The restaurant balcony, with the sunset…
Kusum: Do it tonight
Kabir: But Maa we are at the supermarket and if we buy too much stuff and go out to eat tonight then
Kusum: Mhmm, then go tomorrow night
Kabir: Mama-ji kaise hai
Kusum: Theek hai, tum yeh sab choro aur Sanchi ke pass jao aur baat karo use
Kabir: Bye Maa
Kusum: Bye Beta
**Off Call**
Kabir finds Sanchi…
Kabir: Done already
Sanchi: No,
Kabir: Sanchi, we are here till Monday.
Sanchi: So cooking breakfast for 4 mornings, lunch is 3
Kabir: Technically still 4
Sanchi: Then please go get more of this and this
Kabir: Nevermind
Sanchi: Then 3 dinners.
Kabir: 2
Sanchi: 2??
Kabir: Sanchi you are actually just wasting time so I will steer this cart and pick up the food. You just follow…
They started walking around…
Sanchi: You are being really rude
Kabir: I’m faster
Sanchi: And when we go home then you will see all the rotten vegetables you got
Kabir: Dimag mat kaho mera, I’m already super hungry right now and you are making my head hurt now..
Sanchi: So now I’m a headache…
Kabir: Yes
Sanchi: Fine then you can do all the grocery shopping yourself, I am going to the car…
She took the keys from Kabir’s pocket and walked out.
Kabir: Uff!! Shit yaar ab mujhe ise manana hoga

In the Car:
Sanchi: So rude, he called me a headache. Mhmm. How am I a headache?? Abhi batati ho. If I’m a headache then he can make his own food by himself.
Just then Kabir comes puts all grocery in the back and the entire time Sanchi ignored him.

Kapoor Farmhouse:
Sanchi ignores Kabir and walks straight to her room. She starts choosing an outfit and looking for her shampoo.
Meanwhile Kabir gets all the groceries in and then heads to their room. When he came in Sanchi glared at him and started looking for her bathrobe.

Kabir: Still mad at me
Sanchi: …
Kabir: Okay, I’m sorry
Sanchi: …
Kabir: Sanchi I’m sorry I was just super hungry. Can we please make breakfast??
Sanchi: I don’t want to increase your headache so you can make your own breakfast.
Kabir: Sanchi…
He holds her by the shoulders and turns her around
Kabir: Sanchi, I am really sorry. I should not have said that you were a headache. You definitely are NOT a headache. I was just super hungry and getting a little irritated. That’s it. Forgive me??
Sanchi: What will you eat, Mr. Patidev?
Kabir: “Sometimes Sanchi can be too much!!”

They head back down and they start cooking their breakfast and lunch.

While Cooking
Sanchi: Can we go out somewhere??
Kabir: Where exactly?? I mean I had a dinner date planned for tomorrow
Sanchi: Umm I don’t know…
Kabir: How about I open up the swimming pool??
Sanchi: There’s a swimming pool here?!?!
Kabir: Ya… it’s a swimming pool/ basketball court
Sanchi: WHAT?!?! Why didn’t you ever tell me?? And no offense but
Kabir: How do I afford this?
Sanchi nodded her head…
Kabir: Actually Papa was an industrialist and he, tayaji and chachu opened up a company. I obviously don’t work there but we do get profits.
Sanchi: How did I not know about this??
Kabir: What about your family …
Sanchi: Mom is a housewife and Papa was a doctor along with Anand uncle.
Kabir: Oh, so I will get the pool up while you can get the rest ready??
Sanchi: Ya sure… wait! I don’t have a
Kabir: Check the cupboards
Sanchi: Huh
Kabir: Check the cupboards in our room
Sanchi: After breakfast

Indoor Basketball/Swimming Pool
Kabir: Finally show off my swimming skills. Let’s raise the window covers…. and get this pool up and going (that doesn’t make sense)

Sanchi: WOAH
Kabir: What are you doing here??
Sanchi: Breakfast is ready…
Kabir: Okay I’m coming.

So they eat their breakfast and Kabir goes to the pool and will change there, while Sanchi…
Sanchi: “OH MY GOD!!! One piecers and two piecers!! How does he know my size?? … Who cares. Is there a black bikini??…. YES!!!”

Clothes Description:

Kabir – Black Swimshorts

Sanchi – Black Bikini and High Ponytail

Kabir: Ahh just right (temperature)
Just then Sanchi comes… and Kabir gets lost in her.
Sanchi: “Dang!!! He looks so hot!!! Those perfect abs and biceps. Uff!!…. Is he checking me out?? Perfect moment ” I know I’m hot but staring is rude
Kabir snaps out of it
Kabir: Who told you I was staring??
Sanchi: Oh please it was so obvious you were staring at me. Don’t worry everyone is staring when I come out of my shell. Anyways… where are the chairs
Kabir: I’ll go
Sanchi: I’ll get them, are they there?
Kabir: Yeah

Kabir jumped into the pool and Sanchi got the chairs and after setting the chairs she goes into the pool and starts swimming. Kabir is just mesmerized by her beauty. He “stands” in a corner of the pool and watches Sanchi.

Background Music: Ang Laga De (Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-leela)

He goes to Sanchi who was standing in the middle of the pool. Kabir swam to her and turned her around. They had a deep eyelock but then Kabir walked one step forward and Sanchi walked one step backward (keeping the eye contact) Sanchi tried walking to the right but Kabir held her from the waist.

Kabir: Aaj nahi
Sanchi: Kabir ……
Kabir got closer to Sanchi but Sanchi splashed him with water and swam away and Kabir followed. He finally got a hold of Sanchi in a corner. Both were breathing heavily… Kabir slowly went in for a kiss and soon that kiss became a passionate kiss.
Kabir: I love you
Sanchi: …

Just then …. SPLASH
End of Song

Sanchi: Are you just going to float there and check me out??
Kabir: Huh??
Kabir looked around and he was standing on the side of the pool.
Kabir: “ Ugh that was a dream…”
Sanchi: Are you just going to check me out?? Or do you not know how to swim
He jumped into the pool.
Kabir: I do know how to swim and I’m pretty sure I can swim faster than you
Sanchi: Then let’s have a race
They both get to one side…
Kabir: Ready Set … GO
They both swim away but then
Sanchi: “ Let’s have some masti ”

Instead of going ahead Sanchi holds her breath and goes underwater…. Kabir reached the other side and
Kabir: Told you I am faster… Sanchi… SANCHI where are you
He looks around but no Sanchi … he then gets out of the pool and goes out the pool room. Sanchi comes up to breath and goes back down.
Kabir: SANCHI !!! Sanchi !! Sanchi! Come on this isn’t funny anymore SANCHI where are you ?? She didn’t leave the pool area because I don’t see any footprints or wet spots.
Sanchi comes up one more time and goes back down. Kabir comes back to the pool room (lol). He’s standing on the side. Facing the doors.
Kabir: Where did she go?? SANCHI KAHAN HO TUM?? PLEASE COME OUT!!!
Just then ….
Kabir: AHHH
Sanchi had come up behind Kabir, grabbed his feet, and pulled him into the pool.
Sanchi: Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahaha Hahahaha… uff… hahaha hahaha hahaha, apni shakal dekhi tumne
Kabir was giving her death glares… he was pissed off (sorry)
Sanchi shook because she had never seen Kabir like that
Kabir: What were you thinking?? I was looking all around the house like a madman and you!! I can’t believe this. I thought something actually happened. Okay fine you scared me but what if you stopped breathing down there… huh?? I would’ve never known. This really was NOT funny.
And Kabir stormed out, leaving Sanchi in to pool.
Sanchi: Yeh kya hua, I thought he would laugh it off. I should go after him.
Sanchi got out, wrapped a bathrobe and walked into their room. But didn’t see Kabir. Then she heard the shower running.
Sanchi: Shoot he’s showering now. I guess I will have to wait. Lemme go and empty that pool and send it back down.

She empties the pool and leaves it out so that it can dry and goes into the kitchen to wash the dishes (aka put them in the dishwasher). When she goes into their room Kabir is lying on the bed listening to music.

Sanchi: “I should leave him alone for a while”
She goes and takes a quick shower and steps out in a sports bra and some shorts. But she doesn’t see Kabir there. She looks around and sees him in the library. Kabir noticed Sanchi but didn’t look at her. She went behind Kabir (Kabir is sitting on a chair) and hugged him (so like arms around his shoulders).

Sanchi: I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that I would hurt you like that
Kabir broke the hug and walked away and obviously Sanchi followed.
Sanchi: Kabir…. I’m sorry please, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please I won’t do anything like that ever again.
Kabir continues walking…
Sanchi: “Maa kaunsa gaana gaati thi jab Papa gusa hote thi…. OH YEAH !!!”

Song: Achha ji Main Hari Chalo (ik it’s old, thanks to my Dada)
Sanchi follows Kabir

Achaa ji main haari, chalo maan jaao naa

Should be Kabir but not yet:
Dekhi sabki yaari, meraa dil jalao na

Sanchi: Achaa ji main haari, chalo maan jaao naa

Should be Kabir: Dekhi sabki yaari, meraa dil jalao na

Sanchi: Chhote se kasoor pe, aise ho khafa

Should be Kabir: Roothe to huzuur the, meri kyaa khataa

Sanchi holds Kabir’s arm

Sanchi:Dekho dil na todo

Kabir: Chhodo haath chhodo

Sanchi: Dekho dil na todo

Kabir: Are! chhodo haath chhodo

Sanchi: Achaa ji main haari, chalo maan jaao naa

Kabir: Dekhi sabki yaari, meraa dil jalao na

(Sorry that was really cringy)
Kabir: Iss baar maaf kiya
Sanchi: I never meant to hurt your feelings
Kabir: Btw that was the cringiest song I ever heard
Sanchi: I couldn’t think of anything else … sorry
Kabir: What do you wanna do now??
Sanchi: I honestly don’t know
Kabir: Sleep??
Sanchi: No, then we will be bored at night
Kabir: Movie??
Sanchi: You choose
Kabir: I don’t watch a lot of movies…
Sanchi: Ok then I’m just gonna text my friends and you can do whatever you want
Kabir: Fair enough
Sanchi(mumbling): Needed a break from you anyway
Kabir: Kuch kaha??
Sanchi: Nahi toh
Kabir: Okay see you at 4
Sanchi: Okie Dokie

**FaceTime Call**
Sanchi: Hey guys!!!
Isha: SO… how’s your honeymoon??
Sanchi: Isha if this is what you call a honeymoon then you might need to make an appointment with Dr. Kabir
Isha: RUDE
Kunal: What happened
Pragya: Obviously yeh maharani ne kuch stupid kiya hoga aur Mr. Khadoos gussa hoge
Sanchi: Close
Sushant: Then what happened ??

Sanchi tells them everything …
All: Hahahahahahaha
Veer: Dr. Kabir ki shakal dekhni wali hoti
Sushant: Accha Ji Main Hari, the song aunty sang for uncle, hahahahaha
Sanchi: I couldn’t think of anything else
Kunal: I feel bad for Kabir
Sanchi: And me??
Isha: You deserve it, hottie ko thang kiya … oops
Sanchi: Haww Kunal, your wife is cheating on you…
Isha: Hey it’s okay to like someone… my heart is already with someone
All: Awww
Pragya: Nice save, so Sanchi when are you proposing??
Sanchi: When Kabir proposes
Sushant: And if he doesn’t
Sanchi: Then I won’t propose

Meanwhile Kabir was on the phone with Kusum…
Kusum: Kabir proposal
Kabir: I don’t know Maa
Kusum: What do you mean you don’t know
Kabir: Restaurant Idea cancel, do you know when the sunsets here??
Kusum: 7:30ish, why
Kabir: I have a better idea. Bye Maa

Kabir starts calling some other people…
Kabir: “This is going to be great.”

***Next Day***
Kabir: Sanchi please be ready at 6:15 tonight
Sanchi: Are we going somewhere??
Kabir: Maybe
Sanchi: Casual or Fancy
Kabir: Both
Sanchi: Huh? IDEA!!
Kabir smiled and walked away…

Kabir: SANCHI !!!
Sanchi comes out wearing a silky plain red lengha (ghagra choli style)
Kabir was simply mesmerized…
Kabir: Sorry but I have to blindfold you
Sanchi: No problem
Kabir blindfolds her and takes her to a candle lit table

**Special Scene Description**
Okay so this farmhouse is in a hilly type area (sorry have been to India twice and only in Punjab). So to prevent anyone from falling the Kapoors have a small white fence around their property and from the back side you can clearly see the sunsetting. So Kabir has prepared a candle-light dinner near that side and some roses and heart balloons and golden lights all around…
Hopefully that kinda helps

Kabir opens the blindfold… Sanchi was surprised seeing all these arrangements.

Sanchi: Wow!!
Kabir: You like it
Sanchi: I love it …
Kabir seats Sanchi (doesn’t make sense) and goes and brings two plates and some food.
Sanchi: Wow!! You made all this
Kabir smiled and served the food.
Kabir: One moment please
Sanchi: “ Is this what I think it is? ”
Kabir came back with a bottle of champagne and poured a little in two glasses. Then sat down.
They cheered their first spoons.
Sanchi: I love the weather here.
Kabir: Hmm
They continued talking and eating… after both popped a mint in their mouth (lol) …
Kabir got up and extended his hand. Sanchi hesitantly accepted the offer. (She put her hand in his).

Background Music: Phir Kabhi (M.S. Dhoni)

Kabir slowly(aka sensuously) wraps his arm around Sanchi’s waist while Sanchi hesitantly puts her hand on his shoulder… and they start dancing hand in hand and maintain eye contact the entire time. Kabir twirls Sanchi and gets down on one knee

Background Music(yes it changes): Soch Na Sake (Airlift)

Kabir: I know we didn’t start out right but from day one I knew you were someone different. We’ve had our ups and downs together but we became friends, and then husband wife… After our marriage, time has flown by so quickly with you. And during this time, you stole my heart with your innocence and kindness. To be honest I only fight with you so that I can spend more time with you. But … uff I’m just speechless. Sanchi you are the best thing that’s happened in my life and I just want to say that … I LOVE YOU !!!

Sanchi was teary-eyed… she held Kabir’s shoulders and brought him up. She noticed that Kabir was expecting an answer.

Sanchi: I wasn’t expecting this at all and
She looks down and a tear drop falls from her beautiful eyes.
Kabir: Sanchi are you okay??
Sanchi told him to come down using hand signals. And she kisses his cheek and walks away. But Kabir held her hand and pulled her to him.

Kabir: My answer??
Sanchi: Not today Gollu
Kabir tightens his grip
Kabir: Then I guess you will be stuck here
Sanchi: Kabir please leave me…
Kabir nodded his head…
Sanchi saw that the sun was setting…
Sanchi: Such a pretty sunset
Kabir looked at it too and Sanchi quickly kissed his cheek and ran off
Kabir: Huh??
Sanchi walked back into the house and Kabir follows her…

Song: Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha (Main Hoon Naa)

Tum Bhee Ho, Mai Bhee Hu, Pas Aao, Toh Keh Du
Aakhir Kyun Pal Mein Yu Diwana Main Ho Gaya

Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana, Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana,
Jo Hosh Tha, Woh Toh Gaya
Badan Kee Yeh Khushbu, Jagane Lagee Jadu
Toh Hoke Bekabu, Dil Kho Gaya

Sanchi is teasing Kabir by walking around him when isn’t looking. Soon Kabir gets a hold of her and brings Sanchi closer

Itni Kyun Tum Khubsurat Ho, Ke Sab Ko Hairat Ho
Duniya Me Sach Much Hi Rehte Hai
Pariyo Se Bhee Jyada Pyari See Ladki Koi
Han Itanee Kyun, Bolo Hasin Tum Ho, Jo Dekhe Gum Sum Ho
Dekho Na Mai Bhee Hu Khoya Sa
Behka Sa Mujhpe Bhee Chhayi Hai Diwangee
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana
Jo Hosh Tha, Woh Toh Gaya
Badan Kee Yeh Khushbu, Jagane Lagee Jadu
Toh Hoke Bekabu, Dil Kho Gaya
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana
Jo Hosh Tha, Woh Toh Gaya

Tum Bhee Ho, Mai Bhee Hu, Pas Aao, Toh Keh Du
Tumne Jo Dekha Toh Kya Jane Kya Ho Gaya
Jane Kyun, Rehti Hu Khoyi See, Jagee Na Soyee See
Tumhe Jo Maine Samjha, Tumhe Jo Pehchana
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana
Jo Hosh Tha, Woh Toh Gaya

Badan Kee Yeh Khushbu, Jagane Lagee Jadu
Toh Ho Hoke Bekabu, Dil Kho Gaya

Kabir picks Sanchi up bridal style and spins her around

Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana

Sanchi: Ahh, uff Kabir what was that
Kabir: Even I don’t know
Both laugh
Sanchi: Can you please put me down??
Kabir: Tell me one good reason why
Sanchi: I need to change
Kabir: Not good enough
Sanchi: Please I need to change
Kabir: Why do you need to change?? It’s only 8:30
Sanchi: Then what do you want to do
Kabir: Just keep you in my arms for the rest of my life
Sanchi: Let’s binge watch classic bollywood movies…
Kabir: Great but we need snacks
Sanchi: Kettle Popcorn, Pizza, Soda, and Candy
Kabir: That just sounds gross
Sanchi: Ok how about, popcorn, ice cream, candy and soda
Kabir: Let’s go to the supermarket
Sanchi: Why??
Kabir: To get ice cream and soda and candy
Sanchi: Okay I will go get the keys
Kabir: We

Kabir and Sanchi get the keys (aka he doesn’t put her down). Get into the car and head to supermarket.

Sanchi: Kabir can you get the stuff?? My outfit
Kabir: Lock the doors and I will be texting you for flavors
Sanchi: Get one box of your choice and my choice is mint chocolate chip, get Coc
Kabir: Just text me it
Sanchi: Okay

**On Phone**
Sanchi: Your flavor for ice cream and mint chocolate chip, Coca-Cola, and Skittles, M&Ms, if you want Hershey’s
Kabir: (puke face) Okay Sahiba
Sanchi: (rolling eye emoji)
**Off Phone**
Kabir returned quickly.
Sanchi: Did you find everything
Kabir: Yup, the cashier was giving me weird looks.
Sanchi: I would too if I were him
Sanchi rested her head on his shoulder…
Kabir: By the way you never said I love you
Sanchi: I don’t have to say it to express my love…
Kabir: Uff that was deep

They reached home and went upstairs with their snacks (honestly imagine Kabir eating ice cream, and candy haha).

Sanchi: Let’s start with the 90s, any movies in mind??
Kabir: Hum Aapke Hain Koun
Sanchi: Yes!!!
They sat on the bed in each other’s arm and watched classic bollywood movies. They fell asleep during Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.

***The Next Morning***
The sun’s ray came in through the window and was shining on Kanchi’s faces. Both woke up a few minutes later…

Kabir: Good Morning Wifey
Sanchi: Good Morning Hubby
Kabir was started staring Sanchi
Sanchi: Kya hua??
Kabir: What if this is a dream??
Sanchi: Then I hope I never wake up from this dream…
Kabir chuckled a little
Kabir: I feel so lucky to have you in my life. A new beginning with the love of my life
Sanchi hugged Kabir… and started tearing up
Kabir: Arre rooh kyun rahi ho tum
Sanchi: No one has ever said that to me or said something like that to me
Kabir: Not even
Sanchi: I honestly don’t want to think about him… just you
Kabir: Okay then …
He got on top of Sanchi and kissed her (this time on the lips) and soon they started making out.

Sanchi: I … I think we should …
Kabir: Haha, you’re too cute
Sanchi blushed
Kabir: I got the message
Both started cleaning the room and fixing the bed. Then Kabir went to shower
Sanchi: I think he forgot his clothes… I’ll take them out
Kabir: Sanchi …
Sanchi: Here you goo
Kabir pulled her in…
Sanchi: Ahh, Kabir choro yeh bachpana, you’ll get sick
Kabir: So this is childish …
He turns her around, facing the mirror. He wraps his arms around her and starts slowly kissing her neck…
Sanchi: Please put on your clothes… you will get sick
Sanchi turned around and held his shirt
Kabir: Ugh
Sanchi: Go out I’m going to shower
Kabir: I was thinking …
Sanchi: Chup!! Out now
Kabir: Fine

Kabir changed in the room but then realized
Kabir: She doesn’t have her bathrobe or clothes… IDEA

Sanchi quickly showered …
Sanchi: Shit I forgot to bring my bathrobe or clothes ugh !!!
Sanchi opened the door…
Sanchi: Kabir …
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: Can you give me my bathrobe please??
Kabir: No
Sanchi: Please
Kabir: Say it romantically
Sanchi: Baby… please give me my bathrobe
Kabir: That’s more like it
Kabir instead hands her a long sleeve crop top with a black ghagra (basically a black ghagra choli but no dupatta)
Sanchi: Kabir what is this
Kabir: This is what I will give
Sanchi: Ugh!!
Kabir: hahaha

A few minutes later Sanchi comes out wearing what Kabir had given her but she doesn’t see Kabir. She grabs a matching dupatta and goes out to the kitchen and sees Kabir cooking. She starts helping him

Kabir: Like my choice
Sanchi: … “ YES!! ”

They eat breakfast and then go for a walk…
Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: You just added 5 minutes to my makeup time
Kabir: Huh??
Sanchi: Look at my neck
Kabir saw a hickey on Sanchi’s neck…
Kabir: Just cover it with your hair
Sanchi: Oh totally
Kabir: Does it hurt??
Sanchi: Not really
Kabir: Would you like another one?? – He said while bringing her closer to him
Sanchi: Oh no you don’t
She ran away from Kabir and into the garden. Kabir held her arm and walked closer…
Kabir: Let’s go inside
Both walked in and Kabir pinned Sanchi to the wall…
Sanchi: Don’t you think you are overdoing it
Kabir kissed her…
Kabir: Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to confess and make you mine
Sanchi: How long??
Kabir: Since the day Rishabh kept us hostage
Sanchi: Wow so long
Kabir kissed her again…
Sanchi tried walking away but Kabir didn’t let her move…
Kabir: Jaaneman
Sanchi: Darling mujhe please jaane do …
Kabir: Can I see that hickey ??
Sanchi moved her neck a little
Kabir: Get ready for another one tonight…
He winked and walked to the gym …
Sanchi blushed and then headed to the kitchen…
Sanchi: Okay lemme make some food for us and then I will also go to the gym …

She quickly made some healthy food and went to change… both worked out after…
Sanchi: Yay!! We get to waste water again
Kabir: Or we can just
Sanchi: Chi Kabir
Sanchi walked out and quickly headed into the shower and then Kabir… they changed back into their original clothing and went to eat. They ate and the rest of the day Kabir kept bugging Sanchi to say I love you ….

Author’s Note:
Okay that wasn’t musical at all. Hope you guys like this “maha” episode. 4042 words!!! Uff that was a lot!!! Hope you guys liked it… technically Kabir confessed not Sanchi… JK. Did I meet your guy’s expectations? Just saying my boyfriend helped me alot with Kabir’s lines, not taking the credit for that!!! I know a lot of the scenes were exaggerated and sorry I just like adding the tiniest details.

Also a lot of the Kanchi writers are leaving because of what is going on in the show… and honestly I was considering that too but you know what. Who cares what happens in the show we can still write Kanchi FFs. Ya the show won’t show it so, half the ffs go off track from the show, like this one as well. Again it’s your choice but I think it would be better if you guys continued writing.

Preview of Upcoming Chapters:
Chapter 34 – 6 months leap and HONEYMOON
Chapter 35 – A New Couple (Marriage)
Chapter 36 – Romantic Times (Possible Diwali Special)
Chapter 37 – Epilogue

I cut the Karva Chauth special because by the time I reach it it will be like late November (maybe) and that’s too late. But if you guys still want it then I will gladly incorporate it. I would’ve written Chapter 34 as well but I feel asleep writing this one last night so… ya. I might submit new chapters by Friday, Saturday, Sunday. If I’m lucky then during the week.

Hope You Guys Have A Wonderful Day !!! Any comments are welcomed!!

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