Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 33 (Part 1)

Quick Author’s Note:
I saw all your guy’s comments and how you guys wanted me to incorporate Karva Chauth in this chapter but I’m really sorry I can’t do that because I already had a plan for their confession. **Spoiler Alert — this is a musical chapter**
Recap: Riya was involved with Rishabh and she got caught. Kabir slapped her and she and Rishabh were taken to the police station. Still at the same scene…

Sanchi: Yaar Kabir, you ruined the moment…
Kabir: I just saved you and you’re saying that I ruined the moment
Sanchi: Ya
Kabir: You are telling the hero that he ruined the moment
Sanchi: Do you not understand english? YES, HAA, HAAN-JI, OUI, SI
Kabir: ???
Sanchi: I wanted to flip Riya by the arm. Stole my spotlight
Everyone started laughing including Kabir…
Sanchi: Hey… hahahaha
Veer: Good one Sanchi
Sushant: But … she is right
Sanchi: Maybe I can flip you
Sushant: Maine kya kiya??
Sanchi: Tum mere sabse bure dost ho
Sushant: Sanchi…
Sanchi starts walking towards Sushant…
Sushant: Dekho Sanchi
Sanchi grabbed him by the wrist…
Sanchi: HAhahahaha…. apni shakal dekho!!!
Sushant: Phew!!
Kabir: Okay that’s enough, everyone back to work NOW !!!
Gang: Khadoos…
Kabir glared at them and they all ran in separate directions. And with that they continued their duties, helping patients and interns. It was finally time for Kanchi to go home.

Sanchi’s Office:
Kabir: Chalo Sanchi
Sanchi was looking at a file and then looked up in shock.
Kabir: What??
Sanchi ran up to him and checked his forehead.
Kabir: Kyaa hua??
Sanchi: Are you sick?? Or did I hear something else??
Kabir: I’m not sick and what are you talking about?
Sanchi: You just said that YOU Khadoos Kabir Kapoor want to go home!!!
Kabir rolled his eyes…
Kabir: Can you stop overacting?? I just want to go home
Sanchi: Wait, I have to update 6 patient’s file and print them.
Kabir: I will 3 of them and you can do 3
Sanchi: No I do my filing differently
Kabir: Hurry up then
Sanchi went back to her desk and quickly started typing away. About 10 minutes later…
Sanchi: Can you get the papers from the printer… please??
Kabir went and got the papers and Sanchi quickly filed them and then
Kabir: Finally, chale
Sanchi: Maybe…
Kabir walked towards Sanchi and picked her up. (Over shoulder)
Sanchi: What are you doing?? Choro mujhe
Kabir: Will you go home??
Sanchi: Obviously, now put me down
Kabir put Sanchi down.
Sanchi: You are driving…
Kabir: I knew that was coming
They left the hospital and into the car.

In Car:
Kabir: So today Sushant came into my office during lunch
Sanchi: “ Oh no ”
Kabir: And he showed me some interesting things
Sanchi: “ Mar gayi ”
Kabir: I didn’t know you were such a great dancer and singer
Sanchi slumped down a little down her seat.
Sanchi: Ya I used to dance, just curiousity, what song did he show you
Kabir: Laila, Dholi Taro, Kaahe Chhed,
Sanchi: “ Bhagwan maine aapka kya bigara ”
Kabir: Why didn’t you ever tell me?
Sanchi: Never thought it would come up. Anyway about the farmhouse deal…
Kabir: I already talked to Malhotra. He was feeling really bad.
Sanchi: Ya he came to me today during my lunch.

Flashback to Sanchi’s lunch break:
Sanchi’s Office:
Malhotra comes in and is not looking very happy.
Sanchi: Kya hua Sir
Malhotra: Sanchi… I don’t know what to say… I am so ashamed of Riya…
I would like to apologize on behalf of Riya.
He folds his hands.
Sanchi: Arre yeh aap kya kar rahe hai Uncle? You were never at fault. I know that you feel bad but you didn’t know about it and if you did then you would’ve stopped it. And hey nothing happened to me, her plan failed. Please don’t blame yourself for whatever happened. You are not at fault at all.
Malhotra blesses her and walks out teary-eyed.
End of Flashback

Kabir: I still can’t believe
Sanchi: Let’s not talk about it.
Kabir: We are leaving tomorrow afternoon. So you will have all of the morning to pack.
Sanchi: How long will it take us to reach there??
Kabir: 6-7 hours
Sanchi: KYA?? And we are staying there for 4 ish days. Are you kidding me. I have to stay up and pack!!
Kabir: Hey!! You won’t sleep during the ride because I will only drive half-way.
Sanchi: UGH !!
Kabir: I know it sucks doesn’t it …
Sanchi hits his shoulder. They reach home and both Kabir and Sanchi start packing away.

I feel like we need a break from Kanchi… so let’s see what the others are doing this fine Wednesday night…

Singh House (Sushant and Meera):
Sushant: Finally they fell asleep (they meaning kids)
Meera: I know
(Both are in bed) Sushant put his arm around Meera and Meera put her head on his chest.
Meera: I’m so happy for Sanchi… Rishabh is back in jail and so is that damn Riya
Sushant: Who would’ve thought that she would stoop so low?? You know that Kabir and Sanchi are going to the Kapoor Farmhouse from Thursday to Monday.
Meera: Really??
Sushant: I think they are getting along well
Meera: Did she not tell you??
Sushant: Tell me what??
Meera: When Aman was asking Sanchi to return she said that she has fallen for Kabir.
Sushant: You’re kidding
Meera: No I’m not
Sushant: And do you think Kabir
Meera: I think Sanchi might tell him
Sushant: I hope she does she might finally get the love she deserves and the right life partner.
Meera: Hmm
Sushant: You sound really tired
Meera: Thanks Sushant…
Sushant: Sorry, good night

And they both fell asleep in each other’s arms. Aww so cute

Oberoi House (Kunal and Isha):
Isha was combing her hair and Kunal came from wrapped his strong arms around her waist…
Isha: Kya hua??
Kunal: Just in a good mood
Isha: Such a long and dramatic day
Kunal: Thank god we have tomorrow off
Isha: Kunal… please let go of me
Kunal: No…
He turns her around and takes her to the bed. They share a deep eyelock.
Isha: Kunal
Kunal: Shh

I think it’s better not to invade their privacy…

Yadav House
Pragya’s Room
Pragya: Everyone is in love aur jise hum pyaar karte hai woh mujhe… nalayak. Hmm, Sushant and Meera, Kunal and Isha, and Kabir and Sanchi. And those two Khadoos’ taking 4 days off to go their farmhouse. Aur hum kebab mein haddi. Bhagwan agar sun rahe ho. Kuch aisa kardo ki us Veer mujhe propose karde… well actually being single isn’t bad. I don’t have to share my perfect bed!!
She jumps onto her bed and falls asleep…

Oh ho… Veer and Pragya…. now you guys know who the fourth couple is… but let’s not get too involved with that.

Thursday Morning, Kapoor Mansion:
It’s 6AM and Kabir wakes up to see a sleeping Sanchi. Her hair is covering her face and he gently moves it behind her neck and whispers in her ear…
Kabir: Wake Up Beautiful
Sanchi doesn’t move at all.
Kabir: Uff yeh ladki… Sanchi
He gently shakes her but nothing.
Kabir: Sanchi get up we have to leave in a few hours.
This time he shakes her violently (lol didn’t know what to write)
Sanchi: Mmmm!!! Kabir mujhe sone do
Kabir: Sanchi we have to leave in 4 hours… come on.
Sanchi: You go take a shower… I will sleep
Kabir: You better be awake by the time I get out of the bathroom
Sanchi did a thumbs up. Kabir smiled and walked to the bathroom. And when he came out after his shower.
Kabir: Madam abhi bhi so rahi hai. Hmm
He goes to Sanchi and pinches her.
Sanchi: OU!!
Kabir cupped her mouth.
Kabir: Sorry you weren’t waking up and it’s 6:45
Sanchi: Hmm mmm
Kabir: Sorry
Sanchi pinches Kabir and runs to the bathroom. But Kabir sits there smiling. Later Sanchi comes out and she is totally ready… to sleep in the car. Sanchi headed downstairs. Kabir was already downstairs with their luggage and Kusum was there with her luggage.
Sanchi: Maa aap kahan jaa rahi hai??
Kusum: Mera bara bhai hai … Punjab mein so I thought to go and meet him while you guys are gone.
Sanchi: Better than being here
Kusum: I know.
Kabir: Okay so Maa you are going by airplane and we are going by car. We will call you when we reach there and please
Sanchi: Text us when you reach home
Kusum: I will don’t worry. You two enjoy some quality time.
They all headed to dining to eat some breakfast and Kusum had packed lunch for Kanchi so that they won’t have to stop at a dhaba.

Kabir: Bye Maa, please take care of yourself
Kusum: You too
Sanchi: Don’t forget to call or text us
Kusum: I won’t

Kusum headed to the airport and Kanchi got into the car.
Kabir: Okay I will drive until this point.
Sanchi: Then we will eat and after I will drive
Kabir: Okay let’s go
Sanchi: Wait …
Sanchi goes to the back and get a blanket and was about to lay down in the back seat but
Kabir: Uh ah!! Sit in the front. I am not letting you sleep.
Sanchi: UGH I guess I will be have to be rude and sleep in front of you.
Kabir: I won’t let you sleep.
Sanchi sits in the front and Kabir immediately grabs her hand.
Kabir: I will pinch your hand whenever you start dozing off
Sanchi: You are so mean…
Kabir: Haw apne pati ko
Sanchi: Shut up

They finally left and they continued talking about random stuff with some eyelocks. 3 ½ hours later, Kabir and Sanchi switched seats and they finally reached the farmhouse. Kusum had gotten it cleaned a few days ago. No servants here, just a mansion in the middle of a “forest.” Kabir showed Sanchi the house and then they went into their room.
Kabir: If you want another room then you can, no one is here
Sanchi: … actually I would rather stay here.
Kabir jumped back down onto the bed.
Sanchi: Come on, we have to make some dinner.
Kabir pulled Sanchi onto the bed.
Kabir: We can do that later. Your eyes are red and I’m pretty tired too
Sanchi: Hmm
They settled down on the bed and went to sleep

I know technically it’s the afternoon/evening according to “time.” But just pretend it’s night.

Late into the night…
Sanchi: Kabir!!
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: I think someone is in the house
Kabir: Sanchi go to sleep
Sanchi: I’m serious. Kabir please check
Kabir: Ugh Chalo.
And it turned out that Sanchi was right… someone was in the house… who??
Kabir: KAUN HO TUM ???
Drunkard: Chor
Kabir: Agar tumhe zinda rehna hai toh yahan se jao
Drunkard: Tum kaun ho
Kabir: Iss ghar ka malak
Drunkard: Aur yeh haseena … hey baby
Kabir: Yeh meri biwi hai aur agar tum yahan se gaye nahi toh phir
Drunkard starts walking out but grabs Sanchi by the neck.
Drunkard: Such a pretty girl, shouldn’t be with a Khadoos
Sanchi: Choro mujhe.
She gets out of his arms and flips his arm, then Kabir comes and starts beating the shit out of him. The drunkard then runs as fast he could out and into the forest.
Sanchi: How did he get in??
Kabir: I’m changing the locks NOW!!
Sanchi: Kabir calm down, he was drunk
Kabir: He tried to hurt you!!
Kabir walks out and comes back with new locks (okay idk how changing locks works so… )
Sanchi: Kabir
Kabir: Screwdriver
Sanchi: “Yeh pyaar hai yah dost ki phikar”
They both change all the locks and Sanchi keeps the keys with her. They both turn off all lights and then both go back to their room and go back sleep.

The Next Day …
Sanchi and Kabir had already woken up. Both were in the kitchen.
Sanchi: Kabir there isn’t any food at all… is there a supermarket near by
Kabir: Ya there is a supermarket…
Sanchi: Then let’s go naa. I’m starving


Author’s Note:
Sorry I had said that I will add the confession in this chapter but I needed to add some filler scenes and if I continued then this would’ve been like 10,000 words. And that’s too long!! So I stopped at around 2000 words and part 2 will be posted soon. Again I am so sorry but I have to divide this episode. Hope you guys can understand.

Thank you for all your sweet comments!! Really do bring a smile on my face.

Previews Of Upcoming Chapters:
Chapter 33 (Part 2) – Actual Confession (sorry !!)
Chapter 34 – Honeymoon
Chapter 35 – A New Couple (now you know who)
Chapter 36 – Romantic Times
Chapter 37 – Karva Chauth
Chapter 38 – Epilogue

Again SORRY for the delay, I already submitted the second part. Hopefully will be posted soon.

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