Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 32

Author’s Note:
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The Next Day At SDCH
Sanchi is finally being discharged and she is super happy about it.
Sanchi: FINALLY I get to go home
Kabir: Happy days are over
Sanchi: You say something
Kabir: No nothing “I’m actually super happy that you are coming home”
Sanchi: “Kash main tumhe bata sakti main tumhe kitna chhaati hoon”
Kabir: Let’s go the driver is waiting outside
Sanchi: Can’t wait to start working again
Kabir: Don’t even think about working yet
Sanchi: You aren’t my boss
Kabir: I am your head of department.
Sanchi: My boss is Anand uncle, got it Mr. KKK and you can’t stop me from doing what I love the most.
Kabir: Fine then when you fall next time don’t call me
Sanchi: Deal
Kabir smiled and helped Sanchi walk out and into the car.
After a 15 min drive…

Kapoor Mansion
Kabir helped Sanchi out the car. Some other servants came and took Sanchi’s luggage out. Kabir and Sanchi went to the front and Kusum did their aarti. After they all sat down in the living room.
Kusum: Sanchi are you feeling better??
Sanchi: Now that I’m home I’m feeling way better
Kusum: I know, hospitals are so boring
Sanchi: Also MR.KKK won’t be here to boss me around
Kusum: Who??
Kabir: Me
Sanchi: Mr. Khadoos Kabir Kapoor
Kusum: Oh god
Sanchi: But it’s true Maa
Kusum: Hmm
Kabir: Maa??
Kusum: Arre sahi toh bolo rahi hai
Kabir: Thanks Maa feeling the love
Sanchi and Kusum laughed and high-fived
Kusum: Okay enough jokes for now. Both of you go and rest
Sanchi: Jeeeeee…. ouch
Kabir picked Sanchi up bridal style, Kusum shut her eyes and Kabir took Sanchi to their room. He put Sanchi on the bed but her mangalsutra got stuck in Kabir’s shirts button. They have a deep eyelock…

Background Music: Kaun Tujhe (M.S. Dhoni)

Meanwhile… police station
Inspector: Do you not have any shame?? Jail se nikle nahi aur crime shooro.
He slaps Rishabh.
Inspector: Now tell us… who was with you?? Sanchi Mishra’s information was under tight cyber secruity.
The other policeman punches Rishabh
Inspector: Hospital mein shooting, killed 7 people, attempted to rape Sanchi Mishra AGAIN, attempted to murder the best doctor in the country…
He gets two punches and three slaps.
Inspector: Now to make my job easier tell us who was with you. Or else
Rishabh: …
Inspector: Don’t let him go until he doesn’t speak
Policeman: Ok sir… biwi kahe rahi thi thora weight lose karo
He slaps and punches the sh*t out of Rishabh.
Rishabh: Ok… I will tell you
Policeman: Water.
The constable splashes water on Rishabh.
Rishabh: Mujhe Sanchi ka info Riya Malhotra ne diya

Flashback To When Riya Confronted Sanchi About Marriage…
Riya: Just wait and Watch
Riya angrily walks out and slams her door. What does she think?? She will keep me from my Kabir. NEVER Good thing I know some information about this Dr. Sanchi.

Evilly Smiles

A Few Days Later A Veiled Woman Goes To The Delhi Jail.
Woman: I’m pretty sure you want to avenge your mom’s death and give pay back for your insult.
Rishabh: Who are you?
Woman removes her shawal. And it’s Riya Malhotra
Riya: Riya Malhotra
Rishabh: Why are you helping me?
Riya: She is our enemy, dushman ke dushman dost hota hai (sorry my hindi is bad)
RIshabh: What did she do to you??
Riya: She stole my Kabir…
Rishabh: Explain

Riya Explains Everything To Rishabh
Rishabh: Rehne do I don’t work with stupid people
Riya: Listen I know that you have been banned from Jaipur and you will need money. I will have 50 lakhs for you once you get out and in return you take Sanchi away from Kabir.
Rishabh: I will get to Sanchi myself. I don’t need a stupid flop schemer to help me.
Riya: You… nevermind, you can have fun hacking the cyber security to get some little information. Whereas I will give you 50 lakhs and free information.
Rishabh: ……. Fine, have this information ready on this date and email it to this address. Pen?
He writes down the information he needs and the email address.
Riya gets up and they shake hands.
End of Flashback.

Rishabh: I knew I shouldn’t have worked with her.
Inspector: Throw him in a cell and Wednesday morning … SDCH
Contable: Okay sir… chal

Meanwhile in the Malhotra Mansion…
Riya’s Room
Riya: What if that Rishabh tells that I helped him?? No he wouldn’t do that. I paid 50 lakhs!! I guess I will have to go and meet him. NO!! Then everyone will know… I guess I will have to see next week. Oh god, if he does tell phir main toh gayi. Uff he better not open his dirty mouth. I should make some backup plans. I think Wednesday evening I should tell dad that I wanna take a leave and head out to some place far for a few days. Or I can just blame that idiot for raping me. Easy… Man Riya you are too good!!!

Back to the Kapoor Mansion…
Kanchi’s Room
Sanchi: Kabirrrr
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: Can you play some music??
Kabir: No
Sanchi: I know you are working but can’t you go in the study
Kabir: But then who will stop you from doing something stupid?
Sanchi: I’m playing music…
Sanchi gets up and looks for her phone.
Sanchi: Kabir where is my phone
Kabir: It’s your phone
Sanchi: I’m serious!! Where is my phone
Kabir: Stop freaking out it’s just a phone
Sanchi: You took it didn’t you
Kabir: Nooo
Sanchi: Liar… give my phone
Kabir: No then you will listen to music and then try to work
Sanchi: Give me my phone
Kabir: No
Sanchi goes up to Kabir and moves him around. Kabir gets up and takes her phone out of his pocket. Sanchi tries to grab it but Kabir holds it high up.
Sanchi: Give my phone!!!
Kabir: What’s in this phone??
Sanchi: Meri jaan
Kabir: And if I don’t give it and throw it out the window…
Sanchi: Then I will cry because I’m on my period, call Maa, and then YOU will have to buy me the iPhone X.
Kabir: Let’s see what’s on your phone…
He tries to guess the password and gets it right…
Kabir: Hmm interesting, our wedding date as your password.
Sanchi: Always remember the worst days of my life and why did you guess that first??
Kabir: wow lovely pictures. Is that you dancing??
Sanchi: Give my phone
She tries to grab it but instead pushes Kabir onto the bed and falls on top of him.

Background Music: Continuation of Kaun Tujhe (M.S. Dhoni)

Kabir moves lightly moves Sanchi’s hair to the side. Sanchi gets up.
Sanchi: Sorry
Kabir: No problem here is your phone
Sanchi: Thanks…

Well … kinda awkward!!! Anyway they get back to their old positions … a few minutes later…
Sanchi: When can I go back to work??
Kabir: Next Wednesday
Sanchi: Great, and who handled my appointments while I was out
Kabir: The gang
Sanchi: Oh thank god!!
Kabir: Anyway you should go to sleep now
Sanchi: You too…
Kabir comes to the bed and sits next to Sanchi.
Kabir: “What do I say??”
Sanchi: “Awkward!!”
Kabir: So… you wanna go out tomorrow morning for a walk
Sanchi: Sure, some fresh air can’t hurt. Umm are you working tomorrow
Kabir: No
Sanchi: Okay
Kabir: Why??
Sanchi: Good Night Patidev
Kabir chuckled…
Kabir: Good Night DharamPatni
Sanchi smiled and drifted off. Kabir too fell asleep.

Next Morning…
Kabir and Sanchi are walking in their neighborhood.

Sanchi: It feels so nice, cool breeze, beautiful sunrise, birds singing… no noise, no nurse, no one to disturb this peace
Kabir: Hmm, we should do this more often
Sanchi: Hmm “ Should I go for it”
Kabir: “ Should I go for it”
Kabir gets a little close to Sanchi and Sanchi holds his hand.
Kabir: “ Yes!!”
They continue walking around…
Sanchi: I think we should go home now
Kabir: Are you tired??
Sanchi: A little
Kabir: Chalo…
Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: What should we do today??
Kabir: I .. don’t know, you have anything in mind??
Sanchi: How many days are you off??
Kabir: Just today…
Sanchi: Aww
Kabir: What??
Sanchi: Actually Maa was telling me about your guy’s farmhouse and I really wanted to go there.
Kabir: Sorry I only took today off… and it’s also your farmhouse too
Sanchi: … maybe we can go some other time…
Angel and Devil Kabir pop up…
AK: Kabir you can confess your love at the farmhouse
DK: For once this AK said something right
AK: I’m always right
DK: Not now AK!!! Make plans for next week
Kabir: “BUT”
AK & DK: No ifs or buts, you might never get another golden chance
DK: Ghadhe agar tum nahi batao ge toh phir hum Devil Sanchi aur Angel Sanchi ko doond ke unhe bata de gi
AK: Yeh tum kya kehe rahe ho?? Hum dono ki watt lagni hai kya
Kabir: “ Oh ho”
AK and DK both leave
Kabir: “These two are right… hmm but how do I… IDEA” Sanchi…
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: How about this? If the police finds out who helped Rishabh then next weekend I will take Friday – Monday off…
Sanchi: Thursday to Tuesday
Kabir: That’s too long
Sanchi: Thursday to Monday
Kabir: Yes!!
Sanchi: Thank you so much !!!
Kabir: Anything for you …
Sanchi: Huh??
Kabir: Nothing, ghar aa gaya
Sanchi: But what about today…
Kabir: India Gate??
Sanchi: Where are you getting such amazing ideas from today??
Kabir: My brain…
Sanchi: Lighten up KKK
Kabir: I really need a name for you…
Sanchi: Good Luck … coreo mein ek ho main
Kabir: Woh toh tum ho
Sanchi: “Did he just?”
Kabir: Nothing you wanna shower first
Sanchi: No… I will take a longer time
Kabir: Sorry
Sanchi: Don’t be…

Kabir heads to shower and Sanchi gets her clothes out… Kabir comes out in a bathrobe and goes to the vanity.
Sanchi: “Yaar he’s so hot. How could I call him ugly?? The messy hair looks better than his usual hair.”
Kabir was about to do his hair when…
Sanchi: Rehne do…
Kabir: Hmm??
Sanchi: I mean your hair looks fine like that
Kabir: New Look
Sanchi: You’re Welcome
Sanchi heads to the bathroom and …
Clothes Description:
Kabir: Messy Hair , Gray Sweatpants, and White Shirt…
Sanchi: Messy Bun, Gray Sweatpants, and Black Shirt…

Sanchi and Kabir go downstairs…
Kabir: Good Morning Maa
Kusum: Where are the lovebirds going??
Both made barf noises and Kabir winked at Kusum…
Sanchi: We are definitely not lovebirds but we are going to the India Gate.
Kabir: What she said
Kusum: Okay enjoy…
Sanchi: Maa do you wanna come with us…
Kusum: Oh no I’m fine here
Kabir: Chalo na Maa, what will you do here
Sanchi: Haa Maa chalo naa, aap yahan apne boring indian serial dekhe aur bore ho jayegi.
Kusum: Accha theek hai, I will go change and then we will go together.
Sanchi: Okay.

Kabir and Sanchi sat down at the couches and a few minutes later Kusum came and they headed for the India Gate…

India Gate:
Sanchi: OMG!!! Golgappa, chaat, ice cream, and so many places so blow up my bank account at!!! Where to start!!!
Kabir: No ice cream for you Miss. Golgappa
Sanchi: Maa…
Kusum: He is right this time
Sanchi: Same place here in 2 hours… bye!!!

And Sanchi walks off into the huge crowd of people.

Kabir: Oh shit yaar!!! Agar use kuch hogya toh
Kusum: Follow her
Kabir and Kusum head out looking for her… but 30 minutes later.
Kabir: Aaj main use choroga nahi
Kusum: Let’s just shop and enjoy and in 1 ½ hours she will be at the car and then you can yell at her Kapesh
Kabir: Kaposh

1 ½ hours later… Kabir’s car…
Kusum: Yeh Sanchi kahan rehe gayi
Kabir: Well we can’t leave her here
Kusum: So what’s your plan
Kabir: I’m not telling you
Kusum: You don’t have one
Kabir: Nope
Kusum: Kabirr…
Kabir: Maa I just want to go with the flow but it will all happen at the farmhouse
Kusum: Ohh I’m so happy…
Kabir: Look Sanchiiii
Sanchi: Hey… got a little carried away
Kabir and Kusum were super shocked!!! Sanchi came with both hands holding bags and she had three kids also holding bags for her
Kusum: How??
Sanchi: Food..
Kabir: …
Kusum: Driver… yeh sab kuch trunk mein rakh do
Driver: Jee Madam
Kabir goes and sits down in the back seat. Kusum sits in the front.
Sanchi: Accha baccha party, mujhe jaana hai, Pete bhar gaya
Kids: Thank you DIdi
Sanchi gives them all Rs. 100 and they run off to play around. Then she sits down in the back seat. The entire time Kabir doesn’t even look at Sanch and when they reach home he goes straight to their room and lies down on the bed.

Sanchi (outside with bags): Maa Kabir ko kya hua
They start walking in and put the bags on a table.
Kusum: I don’t know …
Sanchi: Ok?? You should go and rest, I will handle this.
Kusum: Actually mujhe yeh sab apne kamare mein rakh na hai.
Sanchi: You mean your bags
Kusum: Ya
Sanchi: Ok, main aapko chor deti ho
Sanchi drops Kusum and her bags in her room and then she
Sanchi: This is great… but what about Kabir… lemme finish this last box and then I will go and see what is wrong…
Sanchi quickly finishes and then writes something on the boxes and heads to her room.
Sanchi: “Wait!! I shouldn’t ask him what is wrong lemme go in casually and then he will open up…”
She goes in to see Kabir laying on the bed.
Sanchi: Did you already freshen up??
Kabir: …
Sanchi: Okay… I will be right back
Kabir: “ This is so hard to do but she has to know…”
Sanchi: “What did I do?”
Sanchi goes and freshens up and then sits on the bed.
Sanchi: Today was a fun day right??
Kabir turned around…
Sanchi: Kabir… what’s wrong?? Why are you mad??
Kabir: …
Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir: You really don’t know
Sanchi: Nope
Kabir: You left me and Maa and went out shopping in such a huge crowd. Do you know how dangerous that is?? Considering the fact that you are still in the news. What if something happened to you?? Then … We looked all over for you and then gave up thinking you are smart enough to return to the car. Do you realize how scared I was when I thought that you were all alone in the market?? Agar tumhe kuch ho jata to main apne aapko kabhi bhi nahi maaf karta?
Sanchi: “Accha” Well I’m not a baby. I am a responsible woman. And nothing happened right. Plus what would’ve happened to me?? If someone came to me I would’ve screamed and then you would come to my rescue right??
Kabir: Sanchi you don’t understand
Sanchi: … Why do you all of a sudden care for me?? Are you doing this out of pity?? Please don’t be doing this out of pity…
Kabir: NO!!! It’s because …. I …. I deeply care about you. You are the one who brought this Gollu back. You are the first friend I have made in years. I deeply care about you. And you are stuck in this marriage because of me. So I AM trying to help you.
Sanchi was a little shocked by his words…
Sanchi: …
She didn’t know what to say and just went to sleep.

Okay sorry but trying to get to the main point of this chapter…

Wednesday Morning…
Malhotra gets a call from Delhi Police.
Malhotra: Yes… WHAT!!! I can’t believe this!!! No she can’t!!! I will believe it when I see it. … Ya Ya sure you can come.
He hangs up.
Malhotra: What the hell ?? If she actually did this then uff… I don’t know what to do jaisi Maa wajsi beti

Sanchi and Kabir were busy with their duties and then the Delhi Police came along with Rishabh, who was handcuffed and tied up so that he couldn’t escape.
Inspector: Mr. Malhotra….
Malhotra: Yes yes you may do your job and no one will disturb you.
Inspector: I need to see… Sushant Singh, Pragya Yadav, Isha Oberoi, Kunal Oberoi, Kabir Kapoor and Sanchi Kapoor.

The Inspector takes them one by one into the conference room and asks them questions about the day and if they have any suspicions. I won’t be including the dialogue.

Inspector: I would just like to clarify that we already know who helped Rishabh Singh.
Kabir: Then why did you waste our time??
Inspector: I need details for the report and to see if any of you guys were involved and Rishabh didn’t open his mouth
Sushant: Okay?? So…
Inspector: I need a lockdown to happen now because I don’t see her around her right now.
Kabir: Who helped Rishabh Singh??
Inspector: Riya Malhotra
Kabir: What??
Inspector: Rishabh … speak

Rishabh tells everything to the gang and the police looks for Riya but she is nowhere to be seen. Just then ….
Constable: Found her…
There was Riya in handcuffs…
Riya: UGH you!! I paid 50 lakhs and gave you her info… and this is how
Rishabh: You were in on it so …
Riya: UGH
Malhotra: I didn’t expect this from you Riya
Riya: Oh please like you weren’t expecting this
Malhotra: I wasn’t expecting you to stoop so low.
Riya: I didn’t tell him to do anything I just said to take Sanchi away from Kabir so that he will focus on me. And the plan would’ve worked if it wasn’t for Sushant. UGH I was so happy when you got shot but you survived and when I tried to suffocate you then Sushant came at the same time. Let go of me!!!

She breaks lose and goes towards Sanchi… but Kabir comes in the way and

BAM !!!

Riya felt a tight slap on her cheek and there was Kabir. His hands in fists and his eyes red from anger. He was breathing heavily.

Riya: HOW DARE YOU ???
Kabir: CHUP EK DUM CHUP!!! How dare YOU try to kill my wife by giving her personal information out to criminals. Even if Sanchi wasn’t here then I still wouldn’t marry you because you are just a selfish brat. Thank god I got Sanchi as my wife and not someone like you. Now go and rot in jail. Next time you come near Sanchi I will forget that you are a woman. This slap should remind you of this day for the rest of your life.

The lady constables handcuff her and take her away while the men take Rishabh away.

Author’s Note:
Sorry I am abruptly ending. I have some bad news for you guys and I am so sorry. But first let’s talk about this crappy episode.

Sorry this was seriously an extra chapter and the Kanchi scenes were so bad!! Ugh such a bad writer and it was kinda obvious that Riya helped Rishabh, kinda gave that away… since everyone knows how much I hate Riya. Anyway I hope you guys didn’t find this too boring because I typed this up instead of doing my english hw!!! You’re Welcome…

Now for the bad news…
I won’t be posting for a while… why? Because I want to focus as much on studies right now and I will write my chapters during my free time but right now is not the time for me to type of chapters. I am also super bummed out. I love writing this but ugh it’s complicated… I guess. Anyway for I have a question for you guys…

I know Karva Chauth already passed but would you guys like a Karva Chauth special. And you guys can decide what chapter it should be so lemme show you guys the previews…

Previews Of Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 33 – Kanchi’s Confession
Chapter 34 – Honeymoon
Chapter 35 – A New Couple
Chapter 36 – Romantic Times For All Couples…
Chapter 37 – Epilogue

Do you guys want to Karva Chauth special?? If yes then what chapter… it can be chapter 35 and pushing all those other chapters one down OR it can be chapter 37 and then chapter 38 will be the epilogue. If you want 35 then it will only focus on Kanchi Karva Chauth, if you want 37 then it will be a mix of all the couples…. Again up to you guys if you want one. I don’t know when I will post. But the latest will be November. So it might be really late… (maybe, depending on how important the homework will be.)

All comments are welcomed!!! Until next time … Au Revoir (bye in french)

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