Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 31

Sorry quick note Sanchi will be the narrator. you’ll understand once you read…. ENJOY

Also quick change in characters. Rishabh is not Aman’s biological brother. Rishabh is Aman’s tayaji’s son. Tayaji passed away and Aman’s dad became king. Then Rishabh. Also his mom is evil but she will be absent for most parts.

Sanchi: Come Sit Pati Parmeshwar, Story Time!!
Kabir sat down next to her on the bed.
Kabir: You don’t have to
Sanchi: I have to one because you’re my husband and two because these TU readers will kill me if I don’t
Kabir: Point!!

Aman and I had met each other freshman year we had a class together and we worked at the same restaurant.

At first we never got along. He was actually really annoying.
Aman: Behenji aap yahan se jaaye gi
Sanchi: Bhaisaab aap iss class se jaaye ge
Aman: Aap iss College
Sanchi: Iss sher se
Aman: Iss district se
Sanchi: Iss state se
Aman: Iss desh se
Sanchi: Iss duniya se
Professor: Settle Down Lovebirds
Aman: Haha Sir iss behenji se kaun pyaar karega iski maa
Sushant: Oh shut up KBC
Aman: Make me
Sushant stands up
Professor: Oye!! Aman and Sanchi you two are working on the next presentation together
Both: KYA
Professor: No ifs or buts you are working and that’s final.
Sanchi: Kahan phas gayi
Professor: Isha and Pragya. Sushant and Meera. Kunal and Ajay.
Sanchi: Ya give everyone else their friend
Professor looked up
Sanchi: Sorry Sir
Professor blinked
Aman: Teacher’s Pet

XYZ Restaurant
Sanchi: What do you wanna do for the project
Aman: PTM and Naan
Sanchi takes the order and walks back.
Aman: Let’s work on …..

We quickly finished our shift and went to work on our project. But we barely got anything done since we fought over the littlest thing. Since we couldn’t do a ppt.
Aman: Let’s just do a tribord
Sanchi: You’re drawing and I’m coloring
Aman: Fine but I decide colors
Sanchi: No way idiot
Aman: Oye
Sanchi: Chal draw
Aman: Notes
Sanchi: Patani ye Professor Sinha kya soch rahe thi
Aman: Shut up and finish your work so that I can study
Sanchi: Why bother when you know that I will be first as usual
Aman: Oh please you always top by 5 points.
Sanchi: I’m still the topper
Aman: Notes!!

We stayed up all night doing that dumb project and soon we both fell asleep on Aman’s bed. When we woke up, talk about awkward…
Aman: “Aww such a cutie. Wish I could tell her that I actually like you and just fight with you to get close.”
Sanchi then started opening her eyes and Aman closed his.
Sanchi: Ugh why are you so hot??
Aman: Kya kaha tumne??
Sanchi: The man in my dreams
Aman: I saw your eyes open
Sanchi: So that means you were staring at me before
Aman: Don’t change the topic
Sanchi: We have a morning shift at work
Aman: Did you actually mean it??
Sanchi: Of course NOT

I was so embarrassed!! I sprinted out of his apartment and drove away as fast as I could. After that day we started getting closer and closer. After that day we never admitted our feelings. The most shocking thing for everyone else was that we slowly stopped fighting. I thought we would never get past that phase.

Kabir: Can you just get to the main point
Sanchi: No Mr. Jealous

XYZ Restaurant
Sanchi: You get the odds, I’ll get the evens
Aman: Sounds like a plan

That restaurant is still the busiest place in that city. And they actually pay us not like other places in Delhi. And whenever it was

Break Time
Sanchi: Phew!! Way too busy for a 22 year old…
Aman: I know, do you have the notes for today’s class
Sanchi: Ya here you go, we have a test in two class periods
Aman: On what??
Sanchi: The stuff we’ve been learning for the past few days
Aman: Uughh, this Professor Sinha has to go and
Sanchi: Ya I got it
Aman starts writing.

That’s how most of our days went. Daytime was spent in classes and evenings studying and working. The others worked at other places. By the end of sophomore year Aman and I were really close and then on the last day of school. I went into class thinking that professor might have something important say, but I doubted it, when I went in I didn’t see anyone in there. I sat down and started jotting some stuff down. Then some music started playing in the background.

Background Music: Ek Ladki Ko Dekha (ik super cheezy)

Sanchi: Flower petals started falling from above and there were balloons and candles all over then Aman came…

Aman: Ever since the day I met you I knew you were special. I loved working with you, I loved studying with you, I loved sitting next to you (cringe). And slowly slowly you stole my heart with your innocent actions. This is a promise ring. I promise that I will always love, I promise to always keep you happy, I promise to always love you. I promise that you will be mine and I will be yours. (OMG cringe and bluck)

Me being the stupid, bollywood obsessed cheesy and cringy girl accepted his proposal. But little did I know that my world would be turned upside down. So we started dating and we were a well known couple in college. Sushant had also started dating Meera, junior year. So time went on and we got into the KD Medical College. Meera had gone to a business school, so Sushant was a little separated from us but he got used hanging out with friends and gf. Aman and I were super close, but little did I know that I was dating the crown prince of Jaipur.

Kabir: Wait you didn’t know??
Sanchi: He told me after we dated for 2 years, so end of freshman year of med school
Kabir: Gotcha, continue

We went out to dinner, movies, college, work, in facg we started living together in … I think it was junior year. Aman was amazing and the best. I still think that I’m lucky that I got a boyfriend like Aman. But anyway we finally got our Christmas break. Aman and I decided to spend sometime together because we always went to meet our families. Nothing exciting happened,

Kabir: That’s a lie,
Sanchi: See I don’t want to make you mad. (Winks) Do you wanna hear the rest??
Kabir: Go ahead

The rest of the year went by super fast and soon it was summer vacation. Life was going great at the time. We had met each other’s families and they loved us!! I was a little shocked but I was happy. But that summer was something special… Sameer invited all of us to Rajasthan. Pragya, Isha, and Kunal already had plans of their own so it was Aman and me; and Sushant and Meera.

Jaipur Palace
Daasi: Rajmata!!
Rajmata Indravati…
Rajmata: Kya hua??
Daasi: Yuvraj Aman aur unke dost yahan pahunch chuke hai
Rajmata: Kya?? Jaldi thali do
Rajmata heads to the main entrance and sees her husband Yashraj(out of ideas lol) already there.

The doors open…
Aman: Pranaam Maasaa, Pranam Pitashree
Rajmata does their aarti and they step inside. Then come Nikhil and Preity along with King Rishabh and Maharani Anjali who was holding their son Arnav.

Sanchi: Pranaam Maasaa, Pranaam Pitashree.
She went towards Anjali.
Sanchi: Pranaam MaharaniSaa, may I seen your son
Anjali shows Arnav who was a couple of months old at the time.
Sanchi: Such a cutie… congratulations!!
Rishabh & Anjali: Thank you!!
Sanchi: I know this is nothing but here are some gifts for your little prince.
Rishabh takes the bags rubbing Sanchi’s hand.
Sanchi felt a little uncomfortable and moved her hand away.
She then went to Nikhil and Preity!!
Sanchi: How are you guys??
Preity: Busy busy busy
Nikhil: Opening lots of medical stores!! And one new hospital
Sanchi: Wow!! You guys must be super busy
Nikhil: You get used to it after a while
Sanchi: Hmm
Preity: You guys must be tired, Daasi in sabhi ko inke kamre tak pahuncha do
Daasi: Ji Rajkumari

You know what the best part was about that whole trip… Aman and my room were connected. They changed his room so it could be convenient for us…
Kabir was super jealous.
Sanchi: Arre Jealous Patiji, they were remodeling his room.
Kabir: Sure
Sanchi: Aww you look so cute when you are jealous.
She pinches his cheek and he smiles. Sanchi quickly takes a picture…
Sanchi: First time smiling
Kabir: Continue the story
Sanchi: Ok baaba.

So that Daasi took Sushant and Meera to their rooms, which were right next to each other and then another Daasi took me and Aman. At first we both were confused then Preity Bhabhi winked at us and we understood the situation. So once we entered our room I started unpacking and setting my clothes in the cupboard. Then went to shower, while Aman did the same thing as well. Clothes and then shower. When Sanchi came out in her robe. Aman was sitting on the couch waiting for her.

Sanchi: Ahh
Aman: Kya hua??
Sanchi: What you are doing here??
Aman: Should I be somewhere else
Sanchi: Go to your room
Sanchi went to the vanity and started drying her hair. Aman was still there admiring her beauty. He walked towards Sanchi and wrapped his arms around her waist and relaxed his head on her shoulder.
Sanchi: Aman someone will come
Aman: No one will come
Sanchi: How do you know that
Aman: Because it’s 3PM
Sanchi: Aman stop your nonsense and let go of me

I broke the “hug” but Aman held my hand. And he pulled my arm and holds her tightly.

Kabir: What’s the point of this??
Sanchi: This stupid Palak told the readers that she will tell every detail. Also you should be taking notes.
Kabir: Why
Sanchi: To impress me
Kabir: Just continue

Okay so then…

Sanchi: Aman I’m serious someone will come
Aman: And I’m serious too. No one will come. They all went out to the hospital. There was an emergency
Sanchi: We should be there too. Aman choro.
Aman: Don’t you understand they are giving us some time alone!! There is no emergency!!
Sanchi: Kya?? Uff sometimes your family doesn’t make sense. Why don’t we do this?? Can we at least put on some clothes?? Then you can come back
Aman: Fine
Aman goes back to his room and Sanchi quickly locks the connecting door.
Sanchi: Yeh ladka bina… now I can finally change and relax.

Clothes Description(haven’t done one in a while):
Sanchi is wearing a white tank with black jean shorts and her hair is up in a ponytail!!

Aman will be wearing a white t-shirt with red khakis.

I laid down on my bed thinking that Aman won’t be coming in for a while but boy was I wrong…
Aman tried coming in from the connecting door but he didn’t come in so then he came in around. I had my earbuds in and I had blasted my music. Then I felt his strong arms around my waist when I opened my eyes and looked behind me he was right next to me…

Aman: We finally have some time together. I’m not letting you go
Sanchi: We live with each other and work at the same place
Aman: But we spend all that time studying
Sanchi: …
Aman: Whatcha listening to…
He pulled out one of my earbuds
Aman: Wow!! So typical
Sanchi: Shut up and let me relax

We just laid like that until it was dinner time. At 6 we both changed into some traditional clothing and headed downstairs. While we were eating Rishabh kept on occasionally touching me… when I told Aman he…
Aman: Arre Sanchi he might have thought it was Anjali Bhabhi. Those two are the most romantic couple in this family.
Sanchi: I will believe you this time but if it happens again then I won’t believe you
Aman: Okay, chalo bahar ghumne jate hai

Kabir: Wait, I thought you are the person that spends time with family.
Sanchi: Yes but I had met everyone so many times that now I got used to their lifestyle. They are family oriented but do value personal time.
Kabir: Ohh okay,

So in Rajasthan since not a lot of people have electricity it was a starry night with a fresh breeze. We were walking hand in hand around the palace.

Aman: Sanchi
Sanchi: Hmm
Aman: Where do you see us??
Sanchi: Savitri Devi College And Hospital
Aman: And…
Sanchi: The best doctors in India
Aman: And…
Sanchi: Stop ruining the mood
Aman stopped walking and held my hands.
Aman: I’m talking about our marriage
Sanchi: Ik you were
Aman: Then…
Sanchi: I don’t know, you will know the right time but now isn’t the right time.
Aman: Oh thank god I thought you will date me then marry someone else
Sanchi: Then why would I date you in the first place??
Aman: Chalo iss baat par…
Sanchi: No no no
I ran away and Aman followed. When I reached the palace I speed walked across the palace into my room but then two arms grabbed me and pinned me to the wall.

Kabir: Okay now you are doing this on purpose. Just get to the main point…
Sanchi: Kabir… kuch jal raha hai
Kabir: Mera dil
Sanchi: Aww “love how he is trying to keep me happy by romancing me. I wish it was real.”
Kabir: Just get to the highlight of that trip.
Sanchi: Okay….

3 weeks later we went out on a desert safari. But Meera and I were upset with Sushant and Aman… why?? Because they pretended that we were imaginary for the past 3 days and during those three days they went to the mehfil everyday. Meera and I got off once we reached a stopping point and walked away…

Clothes Description:
Sanchi- Red And White Suit
Meera- Black And Golden Kurta
Sushant: Black shirt with white pants
Aman: Red shirt and white pants

Background Music: Lal Dupatte Wali
o laal dupatte waali, tera naam to bata

o kaale kurate waali tera naam to bata

naam to bata, tera naam to bata, tera naam to bata
oye hoy, hoy hoy, oye hoy, haay haay

o naam ke deewaane tu kaam to bata

o naam ke deewaane tu kaam to bata

kaam to bata, tera kaam to bata, tera kaam to bata

The entire day goes by with us singing at the end of the day…

tu soch le ham sochane ka mauka bhi denge
tu pyaar se tang aayegi, pyaar itana karenge

tu soch le ham sochane ka mauka bhi denge
tu pyaar se tang aayegi, pyaar itana karenge

tauba meri tauba, mere pichhe hi pad gaye

tumako chunu kya mere

muqaddar bigad gaye
muqaddar bigad gaye
muqaddar bigad gaye

They took off their shirts and ran behind us. Haha we all had a busy night… unfortunately we had to go back to school for our last year. That actually year went by pretty smoothly… when it was towards the end of the year, I had gotten an internship at SDCH and Kaiser Permanente (USA). I needed time and they said they will wait 1 year (ik not realistic) and then I should have my final answer.

One day, I was in deep thought about this. When someone grabbed me by the shoulder, blindfolded me, stuffed my mouth and carried me away. When I opened my eyes. I saw pictures of me and Aman all around a dark room. From our first date to the last date. Then roses started falling on my and slowly someone was coming towards me. He walked behind me

Aman: From the day I saw you enter our class in college my heart has been beating just for you. We fought all the time but this heart was just trying to reach you. That morning when you confessed, you had made my life. When I finally had the courage to propose you and you accepted I felt like I had won the world. Sanchi these 6 years have gone by so fast it’s unbelievable. And every day my love has only grown. (Kneels down in front and brings out the ring) Will you spend the rest of your life with your crazy boyfriend?? (Ik it’s pretty bad)

I was in tears that moment. I first held shoulders and got him to stand. He wiped my tears and then I kissed him and while we were kissing he slid on the ring. Then we heard claps in the back. Everyone was there. His entire family and our gang. I was so happy.

The wedding preparations started and my mom also came and we both got the marriage preparations started in a grand way. But our engagement day. We exchanged rings and everyone was enjoying the party except Rishabh. Soon the performances started and everyone was having a great time. I had to go to the ladies rooms for a quick touch up when two unfamiliar arms grabbed me.

Rishabh: What do you think?? You a middle class girl will be queen. Never in a million years. You are equal to the nachne wali in our mehfils.

Just then his mom came… Rani Sumitra. She was actually a witch. But anyway…

Sumitra: I don’t understand why everyone else is so crazy over this middle class girl. You have no style or class.

He twisted my arm. It was the most painful thing in the world. Besides labor pain… he pushed me onto the ground and walked away. I didn’t cry but now I knew what I was up against. So I did my touch up and went back. Soon Aman and I were separated… it was the worst thing in the world.

Kabir: Sure it was.
Sanchi: It was I missed him so much
Kabir glared at her. Sanchi started innocently laughing.

Okay, back to the story.
My mom had taken my phone and Rajmata took his. We couldn’t talk to each other at all. But Rishabh ki badtameezi din par din barhti ja rahi thi. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was so scared. I told Aman about it but he never believed me. One day I was at the palace and I heard Rishabh…

Rishabh: Uski maa, baap ko paise dekar chup kara do. Unhi keh dena ki
Goon(on phone): I know boss
Rishabh: Good Job Ramesh
Ramesh(on phone): Aur ha agar unho ne poocha ki
Rishabh: Keh dena ki koi aflatoon tha
Ramesh(on phone): Hmm

Sumitra: Kaam hogaya??
Rishabh: Yes mom
Both: Evilly laugh

I had heard everything he said… he killed that girl and now was blaming it on someone else. I was super scared but before I could do anything about it. He saw me and grabbed my arm and twisted it…
Rishabh: Did your parents not teach you any manners??
Sanchi: Choro mujhe kamene
Rishabh: Agar tumne kisi ko bhi kuch bhi bataya toh main tumhe yahan zinda gar do ga

Sumitra held my face.
Sumitra: Baki toh gayi samajh mein aaya ya koi aur tareka

He had broken my bangles and squished my face and then walked away. I called my mom saying that I might come a little late because of some work issue. But after that day I was scared to death and started s*xually advancing towards me. I never told anyone about it because I didn’t want to spoil the royal family’s reputation.

Soon it was time for the much awaited wedding rituals. And we all had a blast. And finally the big day came…I was so happy but also super scared. Everything was going smoothly. I finally came downstairs in my modern Rajasthani bridal suit. I sat down next to Aman and the pandit started chanting the mantras. But then we heard…


Some goons came in shooting. We all tried to escape but the goons got a hold of Aman and me. Then the lights went out. Someone came close to me


That shadowed figured started touching me and ripped off my jewelry.


Lights came on… and it was Rishabh and his gang of goons that.

Aman: Rishabh Bhaiya aap
Rishabh: Haa main, such a pretty fiancé
Aman: But
Rishabh: Whatever Sanchi told you was right

Aman was full of anger. And when he got loose he started beating Rishabh but the goons got him and started beating him.

Sumitra came in…
Sumitra: Beat him even more!! He wants to take my sons throne. His mother already took my spot but her son!! Maro aur maro.
Aman: Badi maa …. uck …. aap bhi

I broke loose and tried to stop them but Rishabh got me…

Rishabh: Tum kaha chali
Aman: Sanchi!!!! Bhag!!!

I bit his hand and ran as fast as I could…. I punched a goon grabbed his gun and….

Kabir: Sanchi, stop
Sanchi: No!! You have to listen and I have to bear this.

I… I took the gun and whoever came in my way …. I shot them. (Sanchi is tearing up). I ran out of the palace into the desert and Rishabh was following me on his jeep.

Rishabh: Aaj main tumhe nahi choroga
Sanchi: BACHAO

I ran and ran and ran as fast as my feet could take me. Until Rishabh shot at my feet. What happened next was just…

Kabir tightly hugs Sanchi…
Kabir: Shh it’s okay, I’m here
Sanchi: I …. UGH ….

HE PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED ME!!! And made an attempt to molest me!!! …. He got on me like a hungry tiger and ….

Kabir: Shh Sanchi!!
Kabir himself was in tears…

I cried for help but no …. no one heard. Then someone came and hit something on his head. After that I don’t remember anything. When I woke up

2 days later… (past)
Sanchi: Where am I??
Nurse: You are at the Kalyani Devi Hospital (sorry I stole the name from other ff)
Sanchi: What happened!! Rishabh …
Nurse: Please calm down ma’am

I got up as fast as I could and then walked out the ward to find my parents and the royal family.
Sanchi: Aman…

Everyone got up and hugged me.

Rajmata: Maa Kali ka lakh lakh shukar hai
Pitashree: Sanchi beta
Sanchi: Aman kahan hai

I ran to the next ward and saw Aman,

Sanchi: Aman!!! Tum mujhe chor kar nahi ja sakte
Aman: Of course not we have to catch Rishabh and Sumitra
Sanchi: You…

We shared a passionate kiss but then someone grabbed me and took me back to my ward. Guess who?? Rishabh and his mom, they were hiding in his ward but at the time I thought something else.


Sumitra slapped me

Sumitra: Himat kaise hui tumhari mere bete par ilzam lagane ki
Sanchi: HELP

Just then policemen came and took those two. After that Aman took me home. I couldn’t sleep and his palace became hell for me. Sushant and Meera took me to their home. I was terrified. I didn’t let anyone touch me only Sushant. I kept Aman and everyone else away from me too. And the day I went to the police station to get some paperwork done I had to face them. He was sitting right in front of me and I was signing some papers.

Rishabh: Do you actually think that Aman loves you??
Sumitra: He just wants to keep you as his trophy wife.
I was trembling. But I got a hold of myself and continued writing.
Rishabh: Do you actually think that he didn’t know??
Sumitra: He was on with us the entire time. If he wasn’t why didn’t we just beat him to death??
Rishabh: He would have told you not to come into his ward

When I returned home his words were stuck in my head but I didn’t pay any heed. Because that same day I saw my wounds and stitches for the first time and I….

Kabir: It’s okay Sanchi

I still have the scars. I tried to conceal them with tattoos but Sushant stopped me. Anyway back to the story

I ignored Rishabh’s words but I did start having some suspicions. And over the course of some days it became a belief. I was mad at Aman. Really mad. After thinking about it for a while… I grabbed some clothes and a gun and headed back to the palace. I had hidden my gun in my jacket. I barged into the palace and angrily walked up and into his room. I grabbed Aman by the collar.

Sanchi: Tumne mujhe itna bara dhoka diya?? You played me for 7 whole years!!! And I thought you liked me…
Aman: Sanchi… what are you talking about?? You know I love you then why… how…
Sanchi: Don’t lie to me Rani Sumitra And Rishabh told me everything!! You knew Rishabh was going to do all that’s why you didn’t believe me…

I pushed him onto the bed and pointed my gun at him…
Aman: Do you actually think that I would do that to you??
Sanchi: I don’t trust you anymore Aman Singh!!

And I shot him ………. I fell to the ground realizing what I just did. I screamed and cried and everyone ran into his room.

Rajmata: AMAN
Nikhil: Yeh … yeh kya hua… kisne …
Preity: SANCHI!!!
Pitashree: Koi ise utao!!

They quickly took him to the hospital and started operating on him.
Pitashree: Sanchi…
Sanchi: I’m sorry!! Mujhe pata nahi kya hua mujhe….
Sanchi: When …. When I was doing the paperwork at the police station Sumitra and Rishabh said that Aman was in on it
Sanchi: I…

I got up and ran out the hospital. Only to find media flashes and mobs of angry people… luckily Sushant was there and he helped me get out of there. The trial was postponed 1 month so the police could get more evidence and find a jail where they would stay.

Kabir: Wait what happened to Sumitra??
Sanchi: You’ll find out soon

During that one month I barely stepped out of Sushant’s house. I didn’t go to my mom’s house because I didn’t want to hurt her. Whenever I stepped out onto the balcony. The media would pop up and start questioning me. And I still remember when those aunties came. They would push me around and threw rocks and mud at me.

Kabir: But don’t ladies usually support
Sanchi: These people loved Rishabh because he put on a good act. They thought I should’ve just stayed shut and gone through the torture.
Kabir: What the f
Sanchi: Can I finish this and sleep??
Kabir: Sorry

A month later Aman was completely fine and the royal family had kinda sorta forgiven me. I was super ashamed of my actions but on trial day.

Random Rajasthani Women (RRW): Do you not have any shame?? Blaming our beloved king and his mother.
RRW 2: You should be tied to a horse and dragged

The started shoving and pushing me around. One of them was about to slap me when …

Aman: Jab aapko sach nahi pata toh phir aap apni tang kyun bich mein dal rahe ho. If you even think about slapping Sanchi then I will forget that you are a woman who is older than me.

He wrapped his arm around me and took me inside. The usual formalities the lawyers came in and then the judge came in. I was so glad to have a female judge and I heard she had done rape cases before. She couldn’t be bribed either. The case was put forth and I told everything to them and then the police then they gave Rishabh a chance to speak and he started blaming me. Saying…
Rishabh: Why would I try to rape Sanchi? In fact she was coming close to me. I love my dear wife. I have a son with my wife. Why would I do that?
Sanchi’s lawyer: For pleasure. Rich people are known for having escort/call girls.
Rishabh: I am the King of Jaipur. Why would I try to ruin my family’s reputation?
Judge: I’m sorry Mr. Singh but you are no longer the king of Jaipur. You have been removed of th at title.
Sanchi’s lawyer: We have all the evidence and witness we need. Aman Singh, aapke chachere bhai, Miss. Mishra’s fiancé was a witness, he was beaten by Rishabh’s goons. The entire royal family was there but they were stopped by the goons/bodyguards. My lord, besides my client Sanchi Mishra, Rishabh Singh has molested who knows how many other girls, his mother Sumitra got them killed both shut those parent’s mouth by giving them money. Who ever tried to stand up against them was shot. Mi lord this is an open and shut case.
Judge: Does defense have anything to say??
Rishabh’s Lawyer: No ma’am
Judge: Saare gawah aur sabot ko dekh kar yeh adalat ne faisla kiya hai, Rishabh Singh aur Sumitra Singh ko 7 saal ki jail ki saza sunwahi jaati hai.

Sumitra begged and pleaded to the judge that it wasn’t her fault but no one listened. She fell at Pitashree and Maasaa’s feet but they didn’t even look at her. Then out of nowhere she grabbed a policeman’s gun and shot herself in the head. Everyone was petrified especially Rishabh but he didn’t say a word. He went to Delhi Jail after his mother’s final rites. But that wasn’t the end. I…. I stopped contacting Aman and one day…

Aman: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Aman let me speak today. After what just happened I don’t think I will ever be able to forget anything. I…. I don’t feel safe in your palace and I don’t trust anyone anymore. I need time to gather myself. But even if I do then your family and Rajasthan itself will only remind me of the horror. I’m sorry Aman but I… I’m breaking up with you…. I don’t want anything to do with you. We …. We just aren’t meant to be.

Aman was shattered. I myself was shattered and it took alot for me to say that him. After that I walked away and I decided to go to my mom’s house for a little while to recollect myself but there it was even worse. People were taunting me and the women would come to see me as if I was dying. The men would be staring at me. I didn’t feel safe at all. And then I … I decided to end this game once and for all. I grabbed a gun and

Kabir: Woah Woah Woah!!!
Sanchi: Ab kya
Kabir: Where are you getting all these guns
Sanchi: First time I got it from the guard that I punched and I kept that gun. I still have it.
Kabir: Well I feel safe
Sanchi: Should I continue
Kabir: Yes….

I went to the Delhi Jail to meet Rishabh.
Sanchi: Khatam karo yeh kahani. Mardo mujhe!!
I handed him a gun and I held the front part of the gun to my forehead
Just then Sushant came and knocked the gun. I fell to the ground and police took Rishabh
Sanchi: Kyun Sushant?!?! Ab bacha hi kya hai meri zindagi mein. Sab kuch voh ligaya. Saari khushiya, woh muskaan, mere apne, meri izzat. USKI WAJAH SE MAIN APNE PYAAR PAR GOLI CHALI!! Main ek khooni ban gayi
Sanchi: Khatam kar deta toh shanti toh mil ya ti
I continued to cry
Background Music: Jag Soona Lage (middle of the song)

Sushant: Sanchi his mom and him made the circumstances, tum khooni nahi ho, Aman abhi zinda hai woh marna nahi, tum khooni nahi ho, Aman zinda hai woh marna nahi
Sanchi faints
Aman: Sanchi !!! Is she okay
Sushant: Please humse door raho. I beg of you chale jao. Sanchi has suffered a lot and if she stays with you then she will remain in pain… I’m sorry Aman but you have to leave her. It’s for the best
Aman walks away teary eyed. I will always love you Sanchi Mishra!!!

With that I decided that I can’t stay in India anymore. I declined SDCH’s internship and left for the US. But before I took off I…
Sanchi: Maa meri wajah se aapko bahut badnami seheni pari, iss liye aapko meri kasam aap mujhe kabhi nahi dhoondegi, aur agar aapko pata hoga toh phir aap mere paas mat aana. Aapko Papa aur Sunny ki kasam. Sorry for everything you had to go through. I’m sorry Maa
And I left for the US…. the hospital gave me an apartment to live in along with some other interns. I completed my internship and then started working there as a doctor. I was in touch with Sushant, Meera, Isha, Pragya, Kunal, and all my other close friends. And I started getting home sick and my friends missed me alot too so I decided to come back to India for my friend’s and my dad. And you already know about my dad and Anand uncle…
Kabir: Yah I’m well informed about that
Sanchi: So that’s it. And now I’m married to you.
Kabir: I’m sorry for what I did in the past
Sanchi: Don’t be… I was also behaving very stupid
Kabir: So…
Sanchi: If you don’t mind then can I please rest for a little while.
Kabir: Yah yah sure, I will be right here if you need me…
Sanchi: Thank you!!
Kabir: No sorry or thank you
Sanchi: Deal
Author’s Note:
I … I honestly don’t know what to say….
First off I’m really sorry for updating so late!! But seriously guys this is 5713 words and 19 pages on google docs. It took me 7 days to write this since I wrote when I woke up and break period and before going to sleep and whenever I took a break from homework/studying for PSAT. Pat on the back for me!!!
And this is it, Sanchi’s past!!! I didn’t want Sanchi to be raped because our Sanchi wouldn’t be able to handle that. Yes I know I added wayyy to many details but banta hai boss.
Since you guys really wanted me to continue this I will add some more chapters. BUT they won’t be released soon since I NEED to focus on school. I will try to write whenever I can and post but I might post during November because I will write the remaining chapters and then submit them back to back.
Sorry for the really bad romantic writings I told you guys I’m bad at this. So cringy. And now end of my boring note and ….

Previews Of Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 32 – Rishabh’s And His Partner In Crime Punishment. Sanchi returns home.
Chapter 33 – Kanchi’s Confession.
Chapter 34 – Honeymoon
Chapter 35 – A New Couple
Chapter 36 – Romantic Times for All Couples
Chapter 37 – Epilogue

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