Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 30

So the gang(including Kabir) started helped around to get the hospital back in order. Rishabh was under police captivity… again. Right now, the royal family and gang are in the conference room along with Malhotra.

Also it’s been 23 hours!!

Anand: Today was an extremely devastating day. We all are related to Sanchi by relations so, I was thinking if we talk about it then we might be able to help Sanchi…

Rajmata: I agree with you Dr. Malhotra. So why don’t we introduce ourselves since I see some new people. I am Rajmata Indravati
Aman: Yuvraj Aman Singh, Sanchi’s ex-boyfriend/ex-fiancé
Nikhil: Prince Nikhil Singh
Preity: Princess Preity N. Singh, wife of Nikhil Singh
Sushant: Dr. Sushant Singh
Meera: Meera Singh, wife of Dr. Sushant
Kunal: Dr. Kunal Oberoi

Isha: Dr. Isha Oberoi, wife of Dr. Kunal
Pragya: Dr. Pragya Yadav
Veer: Dr. Veer Malhotra
Garv: Dr. Garv

Kabir: Dr. Kabir Kapoor, husband of Sanchi
Aman glared at him.
Malhotra: Okay, so Kabir, Veer, Garv, and I are the ones that don’t know anything about this.
Aman: So do you want us to tell you…
Kabir: I think it’s best if Sanchi tells us about that, one of us can go and then we can record her, without telling her
Malhotra then gets a call…
Malhotra: Excuse me

He leaves the room. Everyone then started getting up and talking to each other in groups…
Preity went to Kabir,
Kabir: Hi…
Preity: What I did is unforgivable but I just didn’t have the courage to tell you
Kabir: No no I get it, I shouldn’t have pressured you. But now we have moved on and you are happy where you are and I am satisfied with my life.
Preity: So best neurologist and general surgeon…

Kabir: Ya … and you
Preity: Well we as the royal family have opened many hospitals and I work around there, or campaigning across Rajasthan. Or at the palace
Kabir: Impressive
Just then Nikhil comes, he and Kabir shake hands
Nikhil: I hope everything is settled now

Kabir: Ya all good
Nikhil: Please don’t be offended by Aman, he’s just a little possessive
Kabir: I understand that but he should understand that she is no longer Sanchi Mishra, she is Sanchi Kapoor.
Nikhil: I think it will take him just a few days,
Kabir: Hmm

Kabir goes towards Sushant,
Sushant: Hey…
Kabir: I really need to ask you if I could meet Sanchi first, just need to clarify and know about her health.
Sushant: Totally understandable, she is your wife too
Aman: Actually I’m meeting Sanchi first because I need to talk to her.
Sushant: Aman, hear me out
Aman: I haven’t seen her in 7 years
Kabir: Go ahead you can go first.
Aman: Thanks bro

Sushant does the abort sign…
Kabir: Okay… “now I get why Sanchi was with him.”
Rajmata: I’m ordering dinner, anyone want anything
Sushant: Why don’t we go out to eat once we meet Sanchi….
Rajmata: Sure
Kabir: Actually, my mom is coming back from Mumbai tonight and she will bombard me with questions.
All Laughed…
Rajmata: Alright, dinner at

Sushant: Olive Garden
Just then a nurse comes in,
Nurse: You can now meet Dr. Sanchi, but one by one
Kabir: Does she have conscious??
Nurse: Yes

Aman rushes out towards Sanchi’s ward. And slowly goes into the room. He sees Sanchi laying on the bed with her eyes closed. He goes and sits down next to the bed and holds her hand. Sanchi opens her eyes…

Sanchi: AA..Aman??
Aman: Are you feeling better??
Sanchi: I just got shot a few hours ago, I’m feeling great!!
Aman: I’m sorry,
Sanchi: Why are you sorry??
Aman: I wasn’t able to save you. And if I had believed you in the first place then this wouldn’t have happened
Sanchi: It’s not your fault, I understand
Aman: It’s all my fault. I should’ve
Sanchi: Jo hoga so hoga, kyun beeti hui batao ko yaad karke apne aap ko dukhar rahe ho
Aman: Okay… no more crying, let me get straight to the point. Why did you marry??
Sanchi: I have my reasons
Aman: Tell me Sanchi,

Sanchi: You saw the media and news so why are you asking me
Aman: Divorce him and come with me back home to our family
Sanchi: This is my home, these doctors and patients are my family. I’m sorry Aman but … I’ve moved on. I admit that when I left India, I deeply missed you… but I knew I couldn’t go back. …. When I came I didn’t miss you as much because of work and my friends…. When I started working here…. I did miss you alot because of some personal reasons ….. but once I got married to Kabir I understood the real meaning of life and ….. love.

Aman: What do you mean??
Sanchi: When …. I was tied up and …. when I was at the pillar I …. I thought of Kabir and…. how I couldn’t…. see him die. Somewhere…. in these few months I …. I fell in love with Kabir…. but never realized… it.
Aman was heartbroken…

Sanchi: You …. have an…. amazing wife and …. family. I will…. always remember youu…. as my first love …. but Kabir has my …. heart…. and…. we have …. changed over …. these 7 years….
Aman palm tapped her hand and walked out. He headed out the hospital and into his car. He ended up crying and telling everything to his family. But … while Sanchi was telling/explaining to Aman, Kabir was standing outside.

(The asterisks are used just because Sanchi is breathing slowly and pausing in between.)

Kabir: Thank you Bhagwan….
Just then a nurse came and handed him Sanchi’s file. And he headed inside.

Kabir: How are you feeling??
Sanchi(closed eyes): Great
Kabir: At least be serious now
Sanchi: Life has taught me many things…. including to be happy even in the darkest moments
Kabir: Something to note,
Sanchi: NAHI!!!
She opens her eyes in shocked and is heavily breathing.
Kabir: What happened?? Relax…
He gives some water

Kabir: What did you see??
Sanchi: I prefer not to tell…
Kabir: If you tell me then you will feel better
Sanchi: I… I saw Rishabh… and he was holding a gun… pointing towards you…
Kabir: Why??
Sanchi: Why what
Kabir: Why did you save me??
Sanchi: ….
Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Can we talk about this later?? I need to… rest for … a little while.
Kabir: I’m going home to Maa and then will be right back
Sanchi gives a thumbs up

He heads out,
Kabir: She wants to rest right now
Gang: Ok

Kapoor Mansion
Kusum: Sushant told me everything… how is she?? Is she in pain?? What did she say to you?? What are you doing here??
Kabir: Maa calm down, we talked a little and then she got tired so she fell asleep. I came back to freshen up and change and then I will go back there with some blankets and pillows. I will take you tomorrow okay??
Kusum: I will make some soup…

Kabir: She can’t really have anything until her pain lessens aka tomorrow. Why don’t you tell everyone that Sanchi is okay…
Kusum: Good Idea … you go freshen up and I will set dinner.
Kabir: Actually I don’t want to eat Maa so I will freshen up and go back.
Kusum: Kabir… you are hiding something aren’t you
Kabir: No…
Kusum: Why are you trying to hide your crossed fingers??
Kabir: How do you …
Kusum: Maa hoon na, iss liye
Kabir: Today… when Sanchi got shot and when I was waiting outside the OT, I realized how special Sanchi was for me and how she changed me in these few months.
Kusum: Does that mean that my Gollu??
Kabir: ….
Kusum: Hey Bhagwan tera lakh lakh shukar
Kabir: And …
Kusum: There’s more???

So Kabir went on and told Kusum everything and how he didn’t want Kusum to pressurize her or let her know anything about it. He wants her to heal first.

Kusum: And what about her past…
Kabir: I love Sanchi for who she is now. I would like to know what happened but it won’t impact anything
Kusum: Awwww my sweet child. God Bless You, now go freshen up and go to Sanchi.

Kabir goes up to his room and showers, clothes, grabs some pillows and blankets and heads to SDCH….

Sanchi opens her eyes when Kabir comes in…
Sanchi: How’s Maa??
Kabir: She’s good, worrying about you. I told her that I’m here
Sanchi: That’s why we both are worried
Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Uff let me enjoy patidev
Kabir: Here I brought your favorite pillow
Sanchi: Thank you!!!

Kabir sits down next to her.
Kabir: So…
Sanchi: I wonder how many days I have to spend in this jail…
Kabir: A couple of days
Sanchi: Maybe until I can’t walk
Kabir: That’s gonna be 6 days
Sanchi: Really…

Kabir: You just have to stay strong.
He holds her hand and Sanchi turns her head towards him and they share a deep eyelock

Background Music: Tum Hi Ho (instrumental)

Sanchi: Kabir, will I be okay
Kabir: Yes, I promise
Sanchi: Can I not move around?? I really don’t like lying flat like a dea
Kabir covers her mouth…
Kabir: Depends on your pain sweetheart….
Sanchi: Hmm… what did you say
Kabir: Nothing

Sanchi: Ugh I want to do something fun
Kabir: If your pain is less tomorrow then I will surely take you out
Sanchi: Pakka,
Kabir: Pakka
Sanchi: Thanks Triple K
Kabir: Now rest and if you need me then I will be right here.
Sanchi: Ok

Okay so even I don’t know what time of day it would be so… let’s skip 4 days and it’s the afternoon…

Sanchi: Sushant please
Sushant: No only Kabir can take you out, strict orders. Now eat
Sanchi: Khichdi chi, bluck keep that away from me
Meera: I told you she wouldn’t eat it
Sanchi: You should listen to your wife more often
Sushant: Ik now please eat meri Maa
Sanchi: I will order some yummy tomato soup from a restaurant
Sushant: I will go and get it Meera… don’t fall for her tricks
Meera: So Sanchi
Sanchi: Yes….

Meera: Aman told us everything
Sanchi: I think I should rest now.
Meera: Uh uh, Kabir se pyaar. Sanchi why haven’t you told anyone
Sanchi: First off if Aman told you then he obviously told everyone. Next I …. I just realized it myself. What do you expect me to do? Dance around and sing, darling thats wayy to Bollywood
Meera: Tell Kabir

Sanchi: When I’m healed
Meera: Okay I’m going to head out to see the others
Sanchi: Hmm

She heads out. A few minutes later Sushant comes and drops off the soup. Sanchi just lies back down.
Then Triple K comes

Kabir: Sanchi
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: Did you have your soup??
Sanchi: Later
Kabir: Then I won’t take you out…
Sanchi: On a date, never gonna happen
Kabir: Outside
Sanchi: Soup please
Kabir: Yeh lo

Sanchi drinks the soup.
Sanchi: Done!! Please take me outside
Kabir: Actually it’s raining
Sanchi: Then take me around the hospital. I will meet everyone
Kabir: You know that you really are annoying
Sanchi: Tell me something I don’t know
Kabir picks Sanchi up and makes her sit in a wheelchair and they go off.
Sanchi: Hi Nurse Fernandez!!
NF: Hey Sanchi how are you

Sanchi: I’m great. But I’d rather be the doctor than the patient
NF: Are we that bad??
Sanchi: No. no
NF: I’m kidding, you go on I have some work here
Sanchi: Bye

Just like that Kabir takes Sanchi all around the hospital. She says Hi and has a small convo and moves ahead. After 10 mins Sanchi goes back to her room.

Sanchi: You should eat now
Kabir: Don’t worry
Sanchi: EAT
Kabir: Okay okay
Sanchi: You eat and I will try walking
Kabir looked up
Sanchi: Around the bed
Kabir closed his eyes in relief

Sanchi slowly gets up from the wheelchair and walks around.

Sanchi: These gowns are so hideous
Kabir: “You look great in anything.” This isn’t Fashion Week
Sanchi: So rude… Kabir…
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: Can you please discharge me?
She walks up to him and stands normally. Kabir also gets up
Kabir: You are standing… without support!!
He quickly gets up and holds her hands.
Sanchi: I’m fine, can you please discharge me??
Kabir hugs her
Kabir: You have no idea how happy I am seeing you stand all by yourself.
Sanchi: Can I please get discharged
Kabir: Your doctor has to see your stitches
Sanchi: But…
Kabir: But what (trying to not smile)
Sanchi: My doctor is a male. And I don’t think my husband will like another man seeing his beloved wife when he hasn’t seen her…
Sanchi started laughing
Kabir: Sanchi…

Sanchi: Just have some else check it
Kabir: How will I prescribe medications then
Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir walks one step forward and Sanchi walks one step backward. Sanchi soon sits down on the bed.
Kabir: Sanchi …. do you not trust me??
Sanchi just kept on looking at Kabir
Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Close your eyes
She lies down and then pulls up her blanket and opens two buttons in the middle.
Kabir: Ok??
Sanchi: Ok…

Kabir opens his eyes and sees Sanchi on her phone
Kabir chuckles…
Kabir: Okay… umm let’s see, deep breath
He checks the stitches and the area around it.
Kabir: Okay you will be discharged tomorrow afternoon.
Kabir buttons Sanchi up and Sanchi gets up and tightly hugs him.
Sanchi: Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
She breaks the hug and then

Sanchi: Is Aman still in town
Kabir: Yess, he comes see you when you are asleep
Sanchi: I …. I ….
Kabir: What happened
Sanchi: He’s, I have to talk to him
Sanchi grabs her phone. And calls him

Sanchi: AMAN!! Do not do anything that you will regret.
Aman: How can I be happy now?? I haven’t been able to move on from you in all these years and you
Sanchi: Aman listen to me!! You have an opportunity to move on!! Naina, Rajmata, Anjali Bhabhi, Nikhil Bhaiya, Preity Bhabhi, Pitashree and Dadisaa. They all need you. Aman listen to me
Aman: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Aman please….

Aman hangs up
Sanchi: AMAN.
Aman boards an airplane and looks out the window.
Aman: GoodBye India

Sanchi: He left… actually left. How could he do that??
Kabir: What happened
Sanchi: Aman left the country.
Kabir: WHAT?!?!
Sanchi: He’s gone…

Kabir: I’m … I’m so sorry
Sanchi: Just then she receives a text…
*On Phone*
Aman: I’m leaving for 6 months, hopefully I will find some happiness. I hope you and Kabir have a wonderful life. If you ever need me then I will there the minute to call me
*Off Phone*

Sanchi: Phew!! He only left for 6 months. Pagal
Kabir: Are you okay??
Sanchi: I just want to rest at home!! I can’t take it anymore…
Kabir: I know this isn’t the best time to ask you but

Sanchi: You want to know what happened in the past that caused me to get shot
Kabir looked away.
Sanchi: Come Sit Pati Parmeshwar, Story Time!! So it starts off like…


Author’s Note:
Okay so next chapter is finally Sanchi’s past. I will be telling every little detail from when Aman and Sanchi met to now. It’s gonna be a long one. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and wishes. My grandpa is finally getting discharged on Friday.

Also I want to wrap this FF ASAP. Because I really don’t have the time for this anymore. I have too much homework and I like being ahead of the class and this kinda brings me back. I love writing and I love you guys as well, without your support I would never have continued this FF. So the overview will be for the remaining parts of the FF.

I will give you guys an overview of the next FF and ask if you guys want me to write that and submit it on the LAST chapter. Right now I have a four day weekend and this entire weekend will be devoted to my homework and finishing Everything Is Fair In Love And War. If you guys want me to write the other FF I will only start it when I actually have time aka long weekends and long breaks.

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