Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 29

Quick Author’s Note:
All the Rajasthani men are very muscular. Rishabh, Nikhil, and Aman. You will understand once you start reading.
2 Days Later…
It was another normal day at Savitri Devi College And Hospital until…


Everyone starts screaming and running into rooms…

A bunch of goons come in and so did Rishabh. Rishabh goes up to the information desk and

Rishabh: Where is Sanchi Mi… Sanchi Kapoor
Nurse: Ssshe
Nurse(crying): I don’t know sir, please don’t kill me
Rishabh signals his men and the goons spread out. Anand comes down

Anand: What the hell is happening here??
Goon points a gun at him.
Goon: Ay buddhe!! Chup chap wahan beto
Anand did what he was told, soon the goons came out holding Sushant, Pragya, Kunal, Isha… and Kabir

Rishabh: Sanchi’s beloved brother and friends. And look she has a husband… such a happy life, unfortunately it won’t last very long. Batao Sanchi kaha hai
Sushant: Kamene main tumhe kabhi bhi nahi batauga.
Rishabh grabs him by the collar.
Rishabh: Bata varna …
Sushant: Varna kya, mardega. Saale pehle bhi mujhe marne ki koshish ki. Dekh main zinda hu
Rishabh punches him and then shoots to the left, killing a ward boy.

He then goes to Isha…
Rishabh: Agar tum apne suhaag ko bachna chahti ho toh bolo SANCHI KAHA HAI
Isha: Tum hum sabhi ko mardo but we will never tell you where she is…
Rishabh touches her hair, she kicks in the …
He holds her by the hair…
Kunal: Choro use
Rishabh: Agar nahi chora tho
Kunal breaks loose and starts beating him but the goons get a hold of him
Rishabh wipes his blood…
Rishabh: Sanchi ko milne do phir dekhta ho tum sab ko
Pragya: Milegi tab na
Goon tightly twists her arm but Pragya kicks back
Rishabh heads towards Kabir…
Rishabh: Mr. Kabir Kapoor, husband of Sanchi Kapoor… he chuckles
Kabir: Whoever you are get the hell out of here
Rishabh looks that the gang… and laughs evilly
Rishabh: They haven’t told you!!
He continues laughing…
Kabir: What??
Rishabh: You really don’t know
Kabir: No…
Rishabh: Let me give you some hints…
Breaking News:
Rajasthan’s Prince To Marry College Classmate
Aman Singh to Wed Sanchi Mishra
Shaadi ki Tayari Zoro Shoro Se
King ….
Kabir was shocked!!!
Rishabh: She is the same Sanchi Mishra HAHAHA
Kabir was shocked. The goons made the gang and Kabir sit with Anand.
Kabir: Sssanchi ke saath
Sushant couldn’t hold his tears anymore. He starts crying.
Kabir: Tumne mujhe pehel kyun nahi bataya
Goon: AY CHUP!! Warna abhi uradoga

Soon the goons get doctors and other staff members into rooms and they stand outside the room.

The goons checked the entire hospital but didn’t find Sanchi. It’s been 2 hours and then…

Goon 34: Boss we can’t find her…
Rishabh slaps him…
Rishabh: Look in every corner in every room. I am not leaving until I get a hold of Sanchi Mishra
Then looks towards Kabir
Rishabh: I mean Sanchi Kapoor…. And chuckles

One of the many storerooms of SDCH

Sanchi cries silently.
Sanchi: “I’m stuck here while everyone else is being killed. Yeh kaha phaas gayi main.What if he has killed everyone.”

*Flashback to a few hours ago*
**Sushant and Sanchi on call**
Sushant: Sanchi today is a very big day
Sanchi: I know Sushant.
Sushant: He knows where you work. Someone must have told him
Sanchi: Well all we can do is pray for him not to come.
Sushant: Sanchi promise me one thing. The minute you hear a gunshot run to the back storeroom and hide. Until we don’t come DO NOT GO OUT
Sanchi: But what if you
Sushant: Your life is much more important than mine
Sanchi: Don’t ever say that, you have your family to take care of…
Sushant: Sanchi just don’t leave the room, I will wear my bullet proof jacket
*End Of Flashback*

Just then some goons barge into the room and start looking for Sanchi. She doesn’t move and holds her breath. They get close to her and they remove the boxes.

Goons laugh evilly…
**On Call**
Goon: Boss milgi
Rishabh: Pakar ke rakho
**End of Call**

They grab Sanchi and her break her bangles, making her arm bleed
Sanchi: Choro mujhe
Goon: Aise kaise
Sanchi: CHORO MUJHE!!!!
They pick her up and tie her to a chair. They start inappropriately touching her neck and hair…
Sanchi: DON’T TOUCH ME!!!
She bites their hand. One of the goons slaps her(lightly)…
Goon: Bhol mat ki tum kaun ho
They leave. Sanchi is trying to untie the ropes but is unsuccessful.

Hotel Room in Delhi…
Aman barges into a room
Nikhil: Kya hua??
Aman turns on the T.V

Breaking News:
Rishabh Singh who was released yesterday morning, has terrorized the best hospital of India. Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Where Sanchi Mishra and her friends work. He has apparently come back to take revenge from Sanchi for ruining his image. The entire hospital has been surrounded by jeeps and cars to prevent the police from going in.

Preity: We have to go now.
Rajmata comes in.
Rajmata: Did you guys
Nikhil: Yes Maasaa. We have to go now to save everyone.
Rajmata: I will come too…
Aman: Maa Saa
Preity: She can helps us get in
Aman: Guards!!!
Bodyguards come in…
Bodyguard 2: Ji Huzoor
Nikhil: Get 4 bullet proof jackets
Preity: No only 2
Nikhil: Agar aap sabhi ko kuch hoga
Preity: We aren’t fighting
Rajmata: Just hand us a pistol and two daggers
Aman gives the pistols. Aman and Nikhil get some guns and Nikhil hands the dagger to the ladies.
Nikhil: We will also take some injections to make them faint.
Rajmata: Good Idea
They head out.
Aman: Maa, Bhabhi please promise you will stay safe.
Preity: We promise
Nikhil: What’s the plan??
Aman: Save Sanchi
Nikhil: We have to get in from the back, that’s probably the only place where they haven’t blocked it
Aman: Maasaa, aap aur bhabhi will stay in the front. We don’t want you to get hurt. You will tell us the set up.
Nikhil: When we tell you it’s safe to come in, come in immediately
Aman: If we save Sanchi but get caught we will come to you and then enter from the front
Rajmata: And remember to stay away from the media
ALL: Let’s go…


Just then two girls come in…

Girl 1: Ek dum chup
Sanchi: Tum kon ho
Girl 2: Doesn’t matter…
Girl 1 stuff a napkin in Sanchi’s mouth and Girl 2 puts super heavy ghungroos on Sanchi’s feet. Girl 1 puts a liquid thing on her arm which stings real bad. It makes the blood stop bleeding. And the girls leave. Sanchi bangs her feet but no use. Just then Sanchi gets a call. She tries to pick it up but can’t.

Ginormous Car:
Aman: She’s not picking up. Track this number
Bodyguard tracks the number.
Nikhil: Rishabh got her.
Aman: AHH


Rishabh has killed 3 nurses and 4 ward boys.
He has gathered and tied the gang and Kabir in a circular lounge. He kneels down before Kabir…

Rishabh: Ab tum batao ki love or arrange
Kabir: Arrange
Rishabh: No pyaar
Kabir: No, saale ab toh mujhe choro de
Rishabh: Haha i like your humor.
He grabs Kabir’s face.
Rishabh: Main kya tumhe bewakoof lagta hoon
He heads towards the storeroom where Sanchi is and enters the room. Sanchi is now scared. Her face has gotten completely pale.

Sanchi: Hmm mmm mmmm mmmm
(Napkin in mouth) And she bangs the ghungroos
Rishabh: Remember me
He goes towards Sanchi and inappropriately touches her neck and then grabs her by the hair.
Sanchi: Ahh
Rishabh: Because of you I went through so much humiliation… blah blah blah

He continues talking so we will head to Aman and Nikhil. They have dropped off Rajmata and Preity.

Aman: Bhai please hurry, if we don’t make it he will kill her
Nikhil and Aman reach the parking garage and don’t find any goons. They enter the hospital.

Nikhil: We are on the ground floor and she is on the first floor. This is the only non-secured place.
Aman: Left, left, right. Elevator… then right. But there might be some guards.
Nikhil: Inject them or punch them
Aman: Let’s go…
Aman punches two goons while Nikhil injects one goon and kicks the other. All goons are unconscious.

When they reach Sanchi…… they see … Sanchi sitting unconscious with some red marks around her arm and neck. Then they hear someone coming in so they hide. It was Girl 1 and Girl 2. The change Sanchi’s clothes and put a long red sari. Then girls put a maang tika and earrings along with that huge circle nose thing. Just some simple Rajasthani jewelry. The girls leave and then Sanchi wakes up. Aman and Nikhil pop up.

Aman and Sanchi share a quick eyelock. Nikhil unties Sanchi.

Sanchi: Aap log yahan
Nikhil: When Rishabh came out then we had our suspicions
Aman: I didn’t ex…
Just then two guards came in…
Goon 1: You…
Nikhil punches him and Aman injects the other.

Nikhil: Sanchi please hide somewhere.
Nikhil: jumps out the window.
Aman: We are going to Maasaa and Preity, who are in the front and then we will attack Rishabh.
He also jumps out.
Aman: Take this!!
He hands her a pistol with a silencer and some injections. They leave… Sanchi takes off the ghungroos and
Sanchi: “I can use this to distract the men.”

Rishabh: Accha Sushant, how is your wife?? Wasn’t she a beauty
Sushant growls
Rishabh: Hahahaha I wanted to see you just like this. And you Pragya,
Pragya turns her head in disgust
Rishabh: I can kill you all right now but iss mein maza nahi aaega and how will I wait for so long without for some company.
The gang glares at him.

Back To Sanchi…
Sanchi made use of the ghungroos and distracted the men. She either shot them or injected them. She slowly made her way around the hospital and freed the doctors and staff. She told the nurses to keep the the specific type of inject in case a goon came over. The goons that were unconscious, their bodies were dragged to a room and they were locked there.

Sanchi: Please stay on this floor and do not make any noise.

She told that to everyone. Sanchi is obviously being brave but on the inside she has been scared to death.

Rishabh tries contacting his goons.

Rishabh: Station 3 …. Station 2….
No reply. He went to the storeroom where Sanchi was kept and saw that Sanchi was sitting there motionless.

Rishabh: That’s like a good Sanchi… ready for the worst day of your life…

He goes out and punches the wall. He goes around the hospital and finds the hospital empty. No staff but no goons.

Sanchi had freed everyone except her friends. She knew Rishabh would come to see her once he didn’t hear from his goons so she told everyone to hide if they hear a elevator ding. She herself went back to the storeroom and tied herself and sat back down
**End of Flashback**

Just then Sanchi heard a knock the sounds of bangles from the window. She looks down and

Sanchi: Preity Bhabhi aap?
Preity: It’s not the time to talk. The Commissioner isn’t letting Nikhil and Aman in because Rishabh is in the front.
Sanchi: Kya??
Preity: According to the police, he’s killed 7 people. Rajmata and I saw your friends in a lounge area from the gap between the windows. You have to go save them Sanchi. Go!!!

(Quick Note: Sanchi is on the other side of the hospital while the rest are in the front. And Veer and Garv are off today. But Riya is nowhere to be seen)

The gang is standing in front of Rishabh in a line.

Rishabh: Let’s play my favorite game. I will put one bullet in here and and spin it 5 times. I won’t know who it will shoot and you won’t either.

Wherever Sanchi is…
(Quick Note: Sorry!! Again maang tikka, earrings and nose thing with a long sari and her long hair is open. Hopefully you get where I’m going!!)

Sanchi had ripped off the ghungroos and ran as fast as she could.

Aman and Nikhil moved some jeeps away and the started loading their guns and perking up. When…

Nikhil: Preity where were you??
Preity: I told… Sanchi that … Rishabh has her friends
Aman: Yeh aapne kya kiya?!?! Ab woh uske pass jaegi
Nikhil: Preity yeh tumne kya kiya?!?!
The boys run to their bodyguards and where some protective clothing and get some long rifles and a fanny pack type thing around their waist with guns and bullets.

Rishabh shoots at Sushant…
Rishabh: Aww bad luck
Then shoots towards Pragya
Rishabh: Guess you will have to wait
Then Kunal…
Rishabh: Patni ki suhang ki nisani kaam aagyi
Then Isha…
Rishabh: Bad Luck
But then Rishabh smiles and points at Kabir…
Rishabh: I was wanting to kill you first…

Wherever Sanchi is…
She is at a pillar, far, from the gang and hears Rishabh talking.

Sanchi: “No, Kabir ko nahi mar sakta woh”

She runs as fast as she could. Her sari and hair are flying behind her.

Background Music: Devdas Final Scene, last few seconds. (Just imagine Sanchi as Paro but with jewelry)

Rishabh doesn’t notice her. Sanchi running as fast as she could. Aman and Nikhil and Preity and Rajmata are trying to push the revolving door.

Everything is slow-mo right now.

Rishabh is preparing his gun.
Aman, Nikhil, Preity, and Rajmata at the revolving door… 30% opened
Sanchi running like Paro…

Sanchi comes and pushes Kabir.

Nikhil tackles Rishabh…

The entire scene is black and white… Sanchi stands there with two bullets in her abdomen.

Aman and Kabir: SANCHI!!!!

She falls on the ground but the gang gets a hold of her.

Preity unties everyone and both Kabir and Preity are shocked to see each other.

Sushant: Sanchi yeh tumne kya kiya??
Kabir: Sanchi!!!
Ward boys quickly bring a stretcher and Sanchi is carefully placed on the stretcher and taken to the OT.

Kabir: Sanchi… Sanchi don’t close your eyes.
Aman: You’re going to be fine….
Sanchi: Kkkahanni khatam
She faints and she reaches the OT and other doctors and nurses start the operation.

Everyone sits and is reminiscing the scene. The operation starts. Everyone is sitting there waiting for a nurse to come out…

Nikhil also comes and puts his arm around Preity.
Preity starts crying.
Preity: It’s all my fault…
They both sit down.
Preity: It’s all my fault Nikhil, I should never have told her about everyone being in the front.
Nikhil: It’s okay!! Sanchi will be fine, she’s our brave fighter…
Kabir … was already heartbroken, but now he was a little upset. But he knew now wasn’t the right time.

Aman: Maa?? Sanchi…
Rajmata: Everything will be all right
Aman nods his head…
Aman: “ Sanchi has gotten married!! Why?? And how?? ”

Kabir went out towards the cafeteria. He sat down and start crying. He then felt an arm on his shoulder. It was Riya…

Riya: Kabir sir why are you crying?? It’s not your fault she got shot??
Kabir: Riya please resume back to your duties…
Riya: Sir it’s okay to cry. But you never liked her… so why cry now.
Kabir: Who told you I don’t like her… I LOVE HER!! But now…
Riya was shocked
Riya: “ Accha hua ki ise goli marti. Maine kha tha ki ise sirf yahan le jana hai. ”
Riya gets up, wipes his tears and walks away.

Kabir then gets a hold of himself and gets some water bottles for everyone and heads back. He hands the bottle.

Kabir: Is she fine??
Sushant: No word…
Just then Meera comes and hugs Sushant.
Meera: You’re fine!!
She cries,
Sushant: Sanchi… Kabir… goli… OT
Meera and Sushant sit down and wait….

It’s been 5 hours and the doctors finally step out.
Everyone gets up.
Doctor 1: We’ve removed the bullets and she is out of danger but we have to wait 24 hours to see how she responds. You can’t meet her until the 24 hours. I’m sorry but you all are doctors so please try to understand

She walks off and the rest are now standing there, waiting for a Sanchi to come out on the stretcher. She comes out but is unconscious. Everyone then goes out and spreads out, they start helping clean up and get the hospital back in order.


Author’s Note:
He …. he …. he well, so… (awkward)!! I’m sorry that Sanchi got shot but you have to admit it’s a pretty good episode. Sorry I didn’t make this longer than usual but I myself was actually having a hard time getting 2000 words. But I got it. I know I had said that chapter 30 will be confrontation and it will be. The royal family will be talking to the gang.

Preview of Other Upcoming Chapters:

30 – Actual Confrontation of Royal Family and Gang

31 – Entire Past Is Told

32 – Confession of Rishabh and his partner in crime.

33 – ???

Precap of Chapter 30:
Aman: Sanchi why did you marry
Sanchi: I… I have my reasons.
Aman: Divorce him and come with me
Sanchi: No
Kabir hears everything from a distance
Sanchi: I prefer the few months with Kabir than the 7 years with you!!

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