Everything is fair in Love – A Shivika Ts (Part 1)

Warning: DO NOT drool over Nakuul Mehta, our Shivaay’s look and eyes on the cover. It may result in people around you thinking you to be mad.
Hello everyone…
I have a Ts for you. Its a ts, cauz its too long to be put in an os. It just struck me that ‘agar aisa hota toh ? ‘ and I wrote it. Please read at leisure.
Suggestion and Title courtesy : Harika Di (VHM )
Thank u so much Di !

It was the engagement of The Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Not with Ragini, the post-truth one, with Anika, after he saved her from the giraffe Vicky. Just after they slid the rings on each other’s finger, Rudra shouted out with glee,
“Congratulations Bhaiya and Bhabhi, once again.”
Anika ,” Thank you Rudra !”
Rudra,”Accha listen , I have a fantas…..”
Shivaay, Om,”Shut up Rudra.”
Rudra,” Par maine toh kuch bola hi nahi..”
Om,”But I know that you will say ‘ I have a fantastic idea. Lets try it out.’ And after trying out your ideas, we wont even be capable of trying our sherwani for the wedding.”
Rudra makes a cry baby face.
Anika,”Oho, you both are always after him. Bechara mera devar. Rudra you say…”
Rudra becomes happy and shows a bhabhi-is-on-my-side waala look.
Om mutters,”BKC”
Rudra,”O, what did you just say to your hair ?”
Om,”I didnt tell my hair. I told you. ”
“What did you say.
“I said that you are a BKC ”
“BKC what ?”
“Bhabhi ka chamcha “,says Om while pulling Anika to his side.
Rudra makes an angry face while everyone present bursts out laughing.
Rudra,”Okay, so I was saying that I have an idea. Now that bhaiya and bhabhi are going to get married soon, I mean they are engaged, so lets have a challenge.”
Om,” Challenge? What type of a challenge ?”
Rudra,”Bhaiya and Bhabhi will give a small challenge to each other, and the one who can complete it can ask the other one to gift anything. Ladkewaale will help Bhaiya and Ladkiwaale will help Bhabhi. Okay ?”
*Note: As shown, Omru were ladkiwaale and Gauri-Bhavya were ladkewaale.
Shivika, ” Okay.”
Rudra,”So get ready. What challenge do you give to each other ?”
Anika,”I challenge Shivaay to not complain or fidget with his hair for 10 minutes, while anyone can try to mess them .”
Shivaay’s eyes narrowed and he gave a hum-bhi-kam-nahi look to Anika.
Shivaay, ” Whats this Anika? ”
Anika,” Shivaay, everything is fair in Love..”
Shivaay, ” I challenge Anika to go up to the staircase and walk down till the door without looking down, that means without falling like she usually does.”
Anika, “That will be easy.”
Shivaay,” I havent completed yet. You have to do that these..”
Saying so , Shivaay showed a pair of 3 inch heeled stilletoes. It was Anika’s turn of tai tai phis.
Anika,” Haan haan Okay. I will be able to do and make you loose.”
Aside to Shivaay, ” Shivaay, aapka top floor khaali ho gaya hai kya ? ”
Shivaay, ” Anika, someone told me that everything is fair in love….”
Anika, from inside, was as scared as a chuyi muyi mouse in front of a cat.
The challenge began. Shivaay was made to sit on a couch without the back rest so that everyone could reach his hair. Omkara was a bit hesitant to touch Shivaay’s hair because he knew that Shivaay is very particular about his hair. But Rudra was ready. He did a thumbs up to Anika and poured that hair oil whose smell couldnt be tolerated by Shivaay.
Rudra,”Bhaiyaaaaaa, see this.”
Shivaay’s eyes bulged out in fear of smelly hair.” NO Rudra ! “he shouted.
Rudra nodded a bhabhi-ki-side waala yes and with his palms full of that, he literally jumped on the couch and put both his palms on Shivaay’s perfectly gelled hair. With that, Rudra put all his power and ran his fingers in between his Bhaiya’s hair , more like a champi. Shivaay got frustrated . Anika winked out to Omkara. Gauri and Bhavya couldnt help Shivaay, so they too joined in the fun and now the whole gang leaving Anika were bent on spoiling Shivaay’s hair. Shivaay couldnt tolerate it anymore. Seven minutes were over and the remaining three minutes were like three long years of torture to Shivaay.
“Enough….Leave my hair alone !” shouted Shivaay.
A minute of silence was followed by a wave of laughter and claps.
Bhavya,” Congratulations Bhabhi. You have won.”
Dadi, ” Kya Billu, Ladke waalo ki naak katwa di.”
Shivaay just heaved a sigh of relief when he realised that no one was now trying to destroy his hair. He said, “Anika, its your turn.”

Anika made a face and took the stilletoes. After 5 mins, she was there on the top of the staircase wearing the stilletoes, with Omru.
Rudra,” Bhabhi, we are on your side. I m telling you, wear your chandni, and I will distract Bhaiya. Then you wear these and we will win.”
Anika,”No Rudra, no cheating. Shivaay also tried his best na. So no cheating.”
Om,”But bhabhi, will you manage?”
Anika, " If I can manage 5 inch heels then which farm's radish is this ?"
"You mean kis khet ki mooli ? And I have never seen you wearing 5 inch heels. "
Anika," Yes yes, that only. You didnt see, but he (pointing to Rudra) made me wear that and walk for 3 hours in a handkerchief ".
Om," Handkerchief? "
Rudra, " Arre O, we were on Mission Jealous SSO rocks and I made bhabhi wear heels and a dress to meet someone in the cafe so that Bhaiya becomes jealous ".
Anika," Okay, ready, lets go. "
Anika started walking down the stairs, with Omru behind her, because they were the Ladkiwaale and were allowed to help her. They were behind her to hold her if she falls, because they knew that their bhabhi and heels were not friends even, let alone BFFs.
Anika looked directly into Shivaay's eyes. Those kanji eyes made her get lost in them and had to power to forget all the troubles of the world, heels were a small bit then.
Those eyes made her feel secure and safe. She felt that Shivaay would hold her if she falls due to her heels. But she didnt. Those eyes made her way to them, sheilded and secured. Those eyes called her and she just moved with the magic they had created.
Gauri and Bhavya," Sorry bade bhaiya, we couldnt help you, instead we helped them !"
Shivaay, " Haan I know. Bahut maza aaya na nere baal kharab karke ? "
Bhavya," Bhaiya, aisa mauka baar baar thodi milta hai ! "
Shivaay, " Okay..okay. Now lets see if she can do it."
Gauri thought something and told Bhavya. She nodded in agreement cause she knew there would be no harm in this and Anika would be hurt also. So, once down the stairs, Anika was making her way towards Shivaay who was standing at the end of the hall.
Gauri," Bhaujai, cockroach ! Cockroach, bachao…"
But Anika paid no heed, such was her passion and such was his power.

Instead, Rudra got scared and jumped into Om's lap. Om gave him a smack and he went back on his feet. Now was Bhavya's turn. She went near Anika and pretended to spill water. Then she also said," Bhabhi, paani !!"
But she didnt know that the carpet was actually wet and the water was squeezing out of it. Anika went over on it and was ready to slip, but she confidently stepped forward towards Shivaay. She did not slip. Instead, Om was going to slip when he stepped onto it, while following Anika. The gang was surprised as to why nothing happened to Anika whereas Omru experienced what could have happened to her. Finally, she made her way to HER Shivaay and stood beside him with a wide smile. Shivaay also smiled back, wickedly.
Shivaay, " Anika, are you sure you are wearing the stilletoes and not your chandni ? "
Anika sat on the chair and opened her shoes and placed them out. These were the stilletoes indeed !
Rudra, " Yeay, Bhabhi has won the challenge. Bhabhi ne heels pehni,
Bhabhi ne challenge jeeta,
Bhabhi ko gift milega,
Bhabhi, bhabhi, bhabhi,bhabhi…"
Shivaay, " So darling, what do you want from me ?"
Anika, " I dont want anything Shivaay. All what I have is enough. I have you with me. "
Shivaay " But Anika, its a challenge, you have to ask me for something. "
Anika," Okay Shivaay. When the time will come, I will ask you what I want. "
Thank u everyone for giving your time in reading this. What will Anika ask for ? Find out in the next and the last part. I will update the ffs soon….

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