Everything Is Fair In Love Episode 22

Episode  22

Laksh sat there numb listening to each word of Ragini said and at the same time his anger was building up. He called to the HR department.

Heena: Hello Heena Khan here how may I help you?

Laksh: Mrs Khan Mr. Maheshwari here.

Heena: Good…. Good morning sir( she stood up from her seat as if he was there in person)

Laksh: Mrs Khan how long have you been working in HR department?

Heena: Sir for nearly 2 years. I can provide you exact dates…..

Laksh: Were you there at last year’s New Year party?

Heena: Yes sir.

Laksh: Ok than I need a complete file on Mr. Paresh Vorm in my office as soon as possible. And you will bring it personally…. ( he almost shouted)

After 15 minutes a very scared Heena Khan entered Laksh’s office along with Mr.Rai.

Laksh: Sorry I did not ask for you Mr. Rai.

Mr.Rai: I know sir. But before being promoted I was the head of HR department for last 5 years and I was also present at the party. I can tell you much about Mr.Vorm that did not make into the records. That is the reason for me being here.

Laksh: Ok then lets began and call my PA too…..

After half an hour of meeting Laksh was fuming like a ragged bull. One could literally fell smoke coming out of his ears. He asked Mr. Rai, Heena and Mrs.D’Costa to wait in his cabin and went to Vorm’s.

As soon as he entered the cabin He closed the curtains and doors. Paresh wa really shocked by this action

Paresh: Good…. Good morning sir ( nervously)

Laksh: To hell with your morning…

Paresh: What…. What happened sir?

Laksh: Vorm….(Shouted)

Paresh: Sir if it’s about yesterday, than you know it was not my fault, Miss Swara is such a b*t*h….

Laksh cut his statement in the middle, held him by his neck tie and give him a powerful jaw cracking punch. Paresh felt on the floor curling….

Laksh: Stop talking her name from your filthy mouth…

Paresh: Sir but it was she who came near me….

Laksh: Forget about going near her, even if you again take her name than I will kill you…..

Paresh: You cannot beat me I am your employee, I will take you to court for this, you will pay heavily for this Mr. Maheshwari.

As soon as Laksh heard those words he again gave him a hard punch. Just than Ragini arrived and opened the cabin. Looking at the scene

Ragini: Sorry sir I had meeting with him now Sorry…

Paresh: Did you see Mrs. Nair what he did with me now. I will go to court…..

Ragini: Sorry what happened here? I did not see anything….

Laksh: Thanks…

Paresh: What???? (Shocked)

Laksh: It’s ok Mrs. Nair. And you are fired Mr. Paresh Vorm with immediate effect.  I want you out of my property within 30 minutes…

Ragini was very happy, and was broadcasting this happy news to entire office and desperately trying to reach Swara

Paresh: You cannot do this to me..

Laksh: (Calling his office) Mrs. Khan, Mr. Paresh Vorm is terminated with immediate effect.  I want him out of my property within 30 minutes… Tell Mr.Naik of law department that Maheshwari Industries wishes to file a case against Mr. Paresh Vorm for punitive damages of 25 crore for harassing female female employees and fraud. And make sure the news comes in local media too…

Paresh: Sir please don’t do this to me I have a family…..

Laksh: So does everyone else you have harassed…..

Has Laksh got out of his office he heard many claps and a whistle by Ragini. He said that this is the warning to every person in Maheshwari Industries and such behavior will never be tolerated….

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