Everything Is Fair In Love Episode 20

Episode  20


She reached the farmhouse in record time, and on arriving she was directed to Laksh’s room immediately as if she was being waited for. The only thought of Swara was that this mess has to be cleared Lucky has to listen to me today even if he believes it or not. With heavy steps she reached his room and found it open she knocked, but getting no response she entered it and was shocked the door closed behind her and she saw Laksh leaning on it. The scene in front of her was not much good. Laksh was standing there with his coat thrown at a side, his tie was gone and top buttons of his shirt undone and a half empty bottle in hand. But she must admit that even in this rakish form he was looking hell handsome.

Laksh: See something you like? ( looking at Swara and showing himself)

Swara: Why did you call me here? ( amazed by her own calmness)

Laksh: For my share of spoils!! ( getting really close to her in a husky tone)

Swara: I didn’t get it.

Laksh: How innocent of you.

Swara: Lets go down and talk.

Laksh: I won’t mind if you would prefer the dining table to this soft bed. I like it the hard way……!( and pulled her to his chest roughly)

Swara: You have been smoking too Lucky.

Laksh: So do you mind. (And pulled her much tighter)

Swara: Just leave m Lucky (She was struggling to get out of his grip)

Laksh: You are only helping Shonaaa… (With a cruel smile and lust in eyes)

Swara: Stop it Lucky! Stop it (She felt weak with fear or excitement she did not know)

Laksh: What Shona

Swara: You don’t want to do this Lucky (She begged him, striving hard to control her own body reaction to him. She was beginning to melt in his arm. She knew it was wrong but she could not help)

Laksh: You also want me I know that (Saying this he kissed her nape, he really remembered her sweet spots)

He remembered her well, and soon all her burred emotions came to surface. She held him hard. She was trying to push him or pull him she did not remember. She just pressed herself to him and went with the flow.  After what seemed like a eternity he claimed her lips. Swara just moaned. Her body and heart just gave into this pleasure which only he was capable of awakening.  Desire blinded Swara and she was not alone. Both did not remember when most of their cloths came off or when they moved to bed….. Laksh’s motive of teaching her a lesson was long forgotten. For him Swara was that last gulp of oxygen which he needed before drowning.

Laksh: It will be better, better than others…… (husky)


This sentence was like a bucket of ice water for Swara when she got its meaning and brought her out of trance. The reality struck her and she pushed Laksh with all her force and he felt away.

Laksh: What the hell……..!

Swara: This is not… right Lucky.( breathless and struggling)

Laksh: Don’t Swara I will finish what I started….. If you could be close to every Tom, Dick and Harry then why not me? Why this innocent act with me?

Swara: You got it wrong( half shouted half cried trying to cover herself)

Laksh:  Tell me your price. What will make you purr as you were few minutes ago? Just tell me dammed.( he rored)

Swara: If my hands were free you would be the second man I slapped today( she shouted)

Laksh just pulled her wrist and kissed her forcefully. Swara knew he was going to complete what he had started, so she pushed him and said

Swara: It’s my first dammed!!!

Laksh just paused and looked into her eyes. Humiliated Swara just looked away with eyes full of tears. On this he grabbed her chin and brought her face near him

Laksh: Are you lying to me Swara? (Gravely)

Swara: Do you want to find it out yourself? Then go ahead….(Wiping her tears)

Swara just looked to the designs of the sheet covering her she just heard him moving out of the room and before going he said

Laksh: When you are decent meet me at the library…

With this Laksh just went out of the room banging the door and trying to call gods to give him enough control not to go back and join Swara back in bed…..

As soon as he left Swara got up with a lightning speed and collected her cloths and went to washroom. She splashed some water on her face and looked at her reflection which even scared her. Her only thought was to get out of here quietly and as quickly as possible. Luckily when she got out of room the corridor was empty. As she went down the stairs she heard a voice, she just hid behind the pillar it was just a maid. She was carrying a pink liquid to the library, well it was strawberry milkshake her favorite. So he still remembered it. Screw with his drink she just rushed out to the front door. But in her rush she just tripped on the carpet and fell down along with a beautiful vase. Shit! She heard the library door opening. She got into action and opened the door and went to her car.

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