Everything Is Fair In Love Episode 16

Episode 16
The days were going hard for Laksh Maheswari, although everything was going great in his professional front, but on personal front it was a disaster.
Laksh’s POV
Meeting Swara each day as stranger and boss was taking its toll. She would smile at any random person but when it comes to him she did not even look into his eyes… and that Rahul was a different case altogether. He used to openly flirt with Swara and she like an idiot just kept laughing… even her ever proper friend Ragini had nothing to tell Swara in this matter. She too seemed very different after her marriage… She always sticks with Swara like old days and never let her alone. Doesn’t she have a husband to take care of…..
As the days went by everything seemed normal to everyone but there was a storm in Laksh’s and Swara’s hearts. They avoided each other as much as possible when they visited each other’s place, and when they talked they talked in mono lines and that also when it was unavoidable. Swara’s visit to Maheswari House very less and even when she visited it was like a guest only. There was one person who noticed all this with a pain and that was Sujata, but she knew she could do nothing as this two had an ego as big as Mount Everest which was unshakable.
Days passed and it was death anniversary of Ram Prasad Maheswari and everyone were sitting in front of holy fire in Maheswari Farm House. Everyone was present there along with the Maheswari family and the Sharma family. Sitting in front of the fire in farm house Swara’s thoughts were back to another function held here exactly 1535 days ago which had changed her life….
Everyone had gathered in the farm house for the celebration of Laksh’s great success in London but rather than focusing on that everyone seems to be busy in getting her married. Ginny aunty seems have brought this great boys proposal after hearing which mom was in seventh heaven. And that idiotic boy and his family were coming to meet me in the Maheswari’s function. How bad can it get…..I tried every arrow in my quiver to stop this but it was of no use. Finally I decided to meet him scare him off.
On the day of function their parents liked me and they were ready for my every condition. They send me and this guy Viraj to talk alone on pool side. On seeing his Colgate smile I just felt like taking him by neck and drowning him in the pool, but for the sake of my mother and my beautiful peach dress I just kept smiling and gave answers like it was school viva….
Suddenly out of nowhere I felt like someone’s gaze on me, I felt like the air carried someone’s beautiful touch. I looked here and there and found Laksh standing in a corner leaning on a pillar. First I thought like past few days it was my imagination, but soon the subject of my imagination started moving towards me. I was at lose of words when he suddenly came and stretched his hand towards Viraj…
 S:(in thoughts…. Crap what is he doing here, and why is looking at me like that does he know, is it so evident on my face)
V: Hey…. You are Laksh Maheswari right..?
L: Yes guilty as charged. But who are you?
V: Hey I am Viraj…. Viraj Rajput. I came to see Swara….
L: ( in thought….. what man… what is she Taj Mahal that you came to see her) (feeling jealous) Man I was gone for few months and you were so bored that you decided to get married.
Swara was still not able to say anything she was in a state on utter shock already and Laksh’s presence so near her was of no help at all.
L: Swara….(he softly called)
V: Swara…. Swara….(with a force) I think she might be ill. But its ok I have asked everything I need to know and we can end this now you can go Swara (he said as a matter of fact)
Swara’s just came out of her trance
 L: (smiled evilly thinking good this man has dug his own grave now I just have to only push him there) (he just sat on the marble bench to the show)
S: What did you just say was it an job interview that you asked everything you need to ask and are you hiring a slave were I do not get anything to ask or speak (angrily)
V: What do you mean? (Taken aback)
S: What do you mean by” I have asked everything I need to know and we can end this now you can go” It’s a marriage and both of us should be equal in it. I too have my questions.( her feminist side coming out)
V; I just meant that….
S: Ya what did you ment?
L: Ya man what were you speaking….( enjoying the show)
S: Just keep out of it Laksh…
L: As you say dear….!
The way he spoke those word made her breathless…. The way he said Dear was driving her crazy. He looked at her the same way he had when he  had kissed her last and this made her shiver….. with huge efforts she turned her eyes towards Viraj
S: (Cutting Viraj off) You came to see me. What am I an antic in museum?
V: Well its traditionally the boy who comes to …
S: Ho tradition….. and who made this tradition some egoistic men like you only na…! If a woman can give birth, feed her child, look after her on her own she is equal to ma if not above him…..
V: Well for giving birth you need a man…..
S: Haven’t you heard about cell culture and sperm banks…..
Laksh was trying hard to control his laughter…..
S: And as far as in your case this meeting is over bye you moron… (Stomping her feet she went away)
V: What did I say wrong?
L: ( showing fake sympathy) Understanding women is harder then understanding the mystery of Yeti or God… no one can!
V: You heard what I said? Where did I go wrong?
L: Well man it might be that time of the month….. Better luck for next time….
V: You think she will say no….
L: (Getting angry) Ya man but you are worth much better than her….
V: Ya man I am worth much better than her….
 After sending Viraj away Laksh saw Swara with the ladies and marriage mongers, shaking her hands and head vigorously. He knew the dogs are lined up and he needs to make his move fast before another proposal comes, luck may not be on his side every day……
Just has Swara been speaking to her mother she saw Lucky leaning on a wall and looking at her. She felt butterflies in her stomach just with his looks. What was wrong with her….. was Lucky really looking at her like that or was it some fragment of her imagination….. His laugh seemed different today. He was looking as if he was going to devour her. Just then he blew her a kiss and smiled, she latterly froze in her place. But again when she tried to look he was gone and she thought it was her imagination only…..
 Just than her phone rang and she saw the caller was Ragini. She excused from everyone to take the call. She tried to go to a deserted corner of the house and talk…. She was trying to talk but still there was much noise
S: Hello….. (Shouting) Give me a minute are you there?
R: Ya but I cannot say same about my ears….
S: Hold on here there are too many people…
Saying this she entered one of the rooms on first floor, it seemed fairly deserted, closing the door she started talking without even switching on the light….
R: Are you there Shona?
S: Ya there were too many people…
R: Well tell me how was Mr. Viraj….
S: Ha… He was a good for nothing fellow a total a*sh*le….
R: Sop you did not say Yes..
S: Off course… I did not you hornbill…..
R: Then why are you pissed off…
R: Who is back??? (puzzled)
S:  HE ragu….The man himself… And he is acting in a wired way, the sun rose in west and the white crow flies kind of wired….
The rest of the words died on her lips when she turned around, and found a very amused Laksh just leaning on the wall behind her…
R: Really he is back Shon…..Shona are you there??? I can’t here you….
Swara stood there as if she was a statue looking at Laksh who was smirking, when he again heard Ragini’s voice he took phone from Swara…
L: Hi Ragini!!!
R: Who’s that??
L: Laksh….Hopefully the man himself…. (Unblinkingly looking at Swara who was now moving from one leg to another and eyeing the door)
 R: Laksh…… (not knowing what to say) Can I talk to Swara?
L: No for say next 40-50 years she is busy with me….
R: was whistling on the other side….
Saying this Laksh switched off Swara’s phone and threw it on the bed…
L: Now on one will disturb us….( in husky voice that Swara melted from inside like on fire)
S: I think badi maa is calling me…( retreating back)
L: Let her be….. ( in husky voice and dark eyes)
S: Mom might be looking for me… (moving back some more)
L: She had you all to herself in this last 20-21 years and now it’s my turn… (tracing his fingers on her rosy lips seductively…. )
S: Lakshhhh….(She said timidly)
L: (tracing a possessive hand over her spine and crushing her body to him) you have turned me into a crazy, obsessive man… When and how I don’t know…
Saying this he kissed her passionately, which he was dying to do from the time he saw her. Swara’s hands involuntary to his neck and hooked there, without talking his eyes of him….. you know the value of eyes only when you drown in someone’s eyes
S: I think it was Espresso
L: ( holding her tight) I missed you so much
S: Me too…
 They hugged like that for a long time……
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