Everything changes… A Shivika FF Chapter 4

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Saumya was shocked. The man let go of the goon.

“What do you think of her, huh? She’s a human, not your toy.” Then the man punched the goon in the face, enough force to make him fall. By then the goon’s friends ran away, not wanting to get beaten up to.

The man turned to Saumya and said, “Are you ok?”

“Thanks to you.” There was a silence for a while and then the man said, “My name is Rudra.”

“My name is Saumya.”

“Let me drop you to your house.” Rudra offered.

“Ok.” Saumya and Rudra sat in the car and drove off.

It was Saturday and the Oberoi’s were running around. It was Shivaay’s and Annika’s engagement today and all were making preparations.

Om needed to complete a painting before his brother’s engagement so he left. When he got to his studio he saw a pani puri stand and a lady standing there. He felt like she was familiar.

She tossed a golgappa in the air and caught it with her mouth. She turned around and saw Om. It was Gauri.

“Om? What are you doing here?” Gauri asked.

“I have a painting to finish. What are you doing here?”

“I had to help my friend out at her dance studio. I was in a rush this morning and forgot to eat breakfast and I couldn’t resist pani puri so I was just eating away.” Gauri explained. “You’re an artist?”

“Yeah. I am. You’re a dancer?” Om asked.

“Yes. Do you want to have some pani puri with me?” Gauri offered.

“I should really start painting. I don’t want to be late for the engagement.” Om told Gauri.

“Come on. One won’t hurt. I promise you won’t be late for the engagement. Please.” Gauri did her puppy face which melted Om.

“Fine. But just one.” Gauri dragged Om to the stand. Gauri was tossing golgappas in her mouth and Om was admiring her. Gauri noticed this.

“What?” Gauri asked.

“How do you do…that?”

Gauri was confused of what Om was asking about then she realized her special “talent.”

“It super easy. I’ll show you.” Gauri took a golgappa and tossed it in the air, landing in her mouth. She looked over to Om who still looked dazed.

“Let me help you.” Gauri said. She gave Om a golgappa and she showed how to toss it and catches it with her mouth.

Om tossed it in the air like Gauri did it, but it landed on his face. Gauri was trying not to laugh, but ended up laughing.

When she was calmer, she said, “Don’t worry. I wasn’t always this talented. You’ll learn it with time.” Gauri took a napkin and helped Om clean up. She didn’t realize how close they were, but Om was adoring her beauty.

‘She’s so cute. She was laughing at me and now she’s helping me.’

When Gauri was done, she looked up and saw Om’s eyes. They were both lost in each other, they didn’t realize what was happening around them. Gauri was the first one to get out of their trance.

“Umm… I think I should get going if I want to finish that painting on time. I’ll see you later.” Om said.

“Bye.” Gauri said and with that Om left.

“You two make the perfect jodi. May God keep you two together.” The vendor from the pani puri stand said. Gauri just blushed at that statement.

Tum paagal ho Gauri. As if Om would ever feel that way about you. What do you feel for him?

Gauri put all these crazy thoughts aside and went home knowing her mother would scold her for being late.

The Oberoi Mansion was all decorated with flowers and fairy lights. The most eligible bachelor was finally getting married. No one could believe it. Not even Shivaay.

He got ready and came to the living room where he saw the most beautiful princess on earth. Annika.

He sat next to her and just admired her. At that moment, she didn’t have a past, she was just Annika. Khidkithod khoobsurat Annika.

Guests were coming in one by one, blessing the new couple. It was time for the ring ceremony. Annika took Shivaay’s ring and placed it on his ring finger. Shivaay took Annika’s ring and placed it on her ring finger.

She was admiring her ring. ‘I’m engaged to Shivaay. In a week, I’ll be Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. What if he’s just like HIM?’

Annika was lost in her thoughts and Shivaay noticed this. He lightly put his hand on her shoulder. She was pulled out of her from his touch. She turned her head and saw Shivaay staring at her with concern clearly written in his eyes.

“Are you ok?” Shivaay asked, with care. Annika only nodded.

“Really?” Annika nodded again.

“Then why are you crying?” Crying? Annika put a finger on her cheek and felt that it was wet. She was crying.

Before she could reply Shivaay wiped her tears away. She just admired him. How could he care for her so much? She mumbled something which Shivaay couldn’t hear.

“Excuse me?”

“Bathroom?” Annika whispered a little louder. Shivaay told her where the bathroom is and she went.

‘Was she uncomfortable when I touched her? I should apologize to her.’

Annika locked the bathroom door and fell to her knees. She backed up against a wall and hugged her knees. She cried as softly as she could. She didn’t want anyone to hear her.

How did her life come to this? Her heart knows that Shivaay isn’t like HIM but her mind argued with her heart. She washed her face and looked at her reflection. Was she the same girl 2 years ago?

Annika came out of the bathroom and sat next to Shivaay.

The moment Annika sat next to him, Shivaay exclaimed, “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” Annika looked bewildered. Shivaay apologized.

“It’s fine. I didn’t feel uncomfortable.” Annika whispered and gave him a small smile.


Hey guys! I’m super sorry that I didn’t update over the past 2 months. I started school recently and had no time for writing. Please forgive me. And hopefully your still interested in my story. I’ll update ‘Even I want to be loved’ sometime this month or next month. Updates will be slow.

Also next chapter there will be a 1 week leap because I don’t want to do the whole wedding. Sorry but I don’t want the story to be long.


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