Everything changes… A Shivika FF Chapter 3

It was now lunchtime and everyone gathered around the dining table except for two naughty people. It was Rudra and Saumya who were missing. Both of them had to complete a college assignment.

All of them sat down except for one. Poor Annika was debating whether or not to sit right next to Shivaay.

“Annika. Don’t think so much. Sit next to Shivaay.” Pinky said. She didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable but she wanted to bring these two together somehow. Annika sat next to him and started eating when she notices everyone staring at them.

“What?” She asked in almost a whisper.

“Di. Won’t you ask Jiju to feed you?” Gauri said with a naughty smile. Annika looked at Shivaay and said, “I’m fine.” But Gauri was Gauri, she wasn’t going to lose so easily. She “accidentally” dropped her napkin.

“Oops. I dropped my napkin by accident. Clumsy me. Di, could you get it for me?” Gauri asked innocently. Annika, falling for the plan, said ok and went under the table to find it.

‘Sorry Di. But what can I do now? I have to get you and Jiju closer.’ Gauri thought. When Annika’s hand was near her foot, she stepped on it. A small yelp came from Annika’s mouth and quickly covered her mouth, hoping she won’t be asked any questions. When she found Gauri’s napkin, she came out from under the table and gave Gauri her napkin along with a ‘you’re-so-dead’ look. Gauri gave back a ‘sorry’ look. Everyone didn’t notice all of this except for one person.

“Annika, are you ok?” Shivaay surprisingly asked. Oberoi’s all thought that Shivaay would be the least interested in Annika. Is this girl changing Shivaay?

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Annika lied. It was paining very much but she didn’t want to show it.

“Di, are you sure? If you want, I’m sure Jiju won’t mind feeding you.” Annika was giving Gauri the stink eye.

“I can eat myself.” Annika was being stubborn. She tried to eat but every time she tried to pick up her food, her hand would pain even more. Shivaay, who couldn’t see her like that, decided to feed her himself.

Annika was about to protest when Shivaay replied with, “Not one more word.” He feed her while Annika was admiring him. How could he care for her so much when he barely knew her? This question was roaming around in her mind for awhile that she didn’t notice her plate was empty. 

“Ahem.” Gauri cleared her throat getting Annika’s attention. She realized what she was doing. 

‘What were you thinking Annika? You can’t get close to him. He’ll just hurt you. Do you want to feel pain again?’ Annika’s mind was arguing with her heart, and was winning. 

When everyone was done with lunch, they went over to the living room area and discussed about Annika’s and Shivaay’s wedding. They asked Annika and Shivaay whether they wanted to get married to each other and they said yes. They were discussing preparations and dates. 

Gauri was getting bored with all these talks so she decided to go out to the garden. While she was going towards the garden, she was pinned to the wall. She looked up to find a pair of angry eyes. 

“What was that?” Omkara asked.

“What?” Gauri was confused as to what he was talking about.

“That scene at lunch. What was that all about?” Omkara asked angrily. Tears were building up in Gauri’s eyes, flashes of Annika’s past flashed before her eyes. This didn’t go unnoticed by Om.

He released her arm immediately and said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I was just getting revenge.” Now Gauri was confused. “W-what?”

“Actually, my friend was telling me that a girl named Gauri Sharma pulled a prank on him. I was laughing at him but I was also a little angry as to who could have done such a thing to him. I was planning my revenge there and then, but when we first met I couldn’t believe you pulled a prank on my friend. So I called my friend to clarify and he described you same-to-same. I’m not a man to back down from my word but I didn’t want to hurt a beautiful girl. So I just pretended to be angry. Sorry, if I made you feel bad.” Om wiped Gauri’s unknown tears and she blushed remembering him calling her beautiful. She then remembered ALL of his words.

“Wait a minute. What do you mean you couldn’t believe I pulled a prank.” Now Gauri was the angry one.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Then how did you mean it?” Gauri asked in an mocking tone.

“I meant that I have never met a girl in my life that had the nerve to prank someone. That must have took courage.” Om said.

“It did but I have done it so many times. Now it’s just a piece of cake. Stay with me and I can teach you all these tricks. Friends?” Gauri stuck out her hand. Om put his hand in hers and shook it.

“Friends.” For the rest of the time they talked and learned more about each other starting a beautiful friendship.


Saumya was at a park completing her college assignment and so was Rudra. She was just about to leave when a group of boys were teasing her but she ignored them. They came closer to her and she was feeling a little scared but didn’t show it.

“Hey beautiful. Come here and I’ll give you an experience you’ll never forget.” This peaked Saumya’s anger. *thwap* Saumya slapped him and now he was angry. He was about to slap her when a hand stopped him.



Ooo… this is getting good now. Wonder what’s going to happen now? Sorry for not including Rumya’s meet in this chapter. I know guys, I finally updated after a week instead of a month. I’ll try to get another update sometime next week. I won’t be able to update regularly after July 28th because I will be in Europe and when I come back my school will start. I will update whenever I can. Now I have two questions for you guys this chapter.

Would you like a Shivika meet before their engagement? How would you like a new Shivika book? I already finished the character sketch and started the first chapter. Would you guys want me to post it?


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