thanku everyone for giving me constant support n appreciating my work forgetting the vocabulary n grammatical mistakes n the bit bore story line……
thanku so much it means alot to me really!
priyanka n lara n a few more had asked me to write an OS on the current situation..bt i be frank OS right now isint possible till diwali, so this will be somewhat a 5-6 parts story tht is correlated with the current plot………n this is going to be short ,short in the sense each pat is going to be short n the 7-8 parts may go till 10 n thts where max. i ll end…

n btw this is about all the three brothers of ishqbaaz..n its my first time on all 3…i just hope u like it..

so let me not waste time n just give a breif glimpse of the scenario (Acc to me,right now):

shivaay is in luv with annika n his heart knows it…infact in the last epi. he is keeping a fast for n bcuz of annika…….tia hugs someone else n annika sees her…randhawa is paired with priyanka..rumi is tia ki bhi daddy, n rudra-saumya r still not married n rudra comes to know abt the truth of saumya being luv angel…n om has killed someone which is kept as a secret n only priyanka knows………..

so in this ff: the things i would show definately is :-
a. annika falling in luv
b.tia going away
c.shivika’s marriage
d. rumya marriage
e.om n prinku secret
f.gayu’s case
g.om finds a girl
h.canada waali maasi
n a few things more……….

n the starting is going to be after the mixture of today’s n yesterday’s episode i.e. annika saw tia hugging someone else but couldnt see the face,rudy getting to know abt saumya being the luv angel n om-prinku scared…
n btw i wud just change a few things..tht wud go off track with the show bt actually i wanted to show it in my ff..bt i m not continuing it as of now..so….hope u like it!
when annika saw tia hugging someone else n she came to know tht it isint shivaay cuz he was at the other end conversing with someone,maybe mishraji on the phone….
she got tensed n tried to see the man’s face but all she could see was a beard n his face cut…n he resembled someone,someone she has seen before,but who she couldnt think…

annika thoda dimaag laga..she said to herself..umm…kahi yeh vo ghochu(acp) toh nahi?..no no bt why will he be here..n tia would not hug him atleast..if only she wishes to die ,she would do such a task..she murmered..
n thus she decided to tell this to shivaay.. “bt what if he is ghochu on(ly)…n… ” bt she was interrupted by a furious voice of a person who was shouting on the phone….

“MISHRAji aaj painkiller nahi khaa rakhi hai mai…that u will speak anything and i would agree..no u r not going home until u do ur work” he shouted…
anika to herself “naah!naah! he is not ghochu cuz tia is not mad tht she would have an affair tht too with a person who billuji..”vaise inka kuch ho nahi sakta she thought again….

“MISHRAji dont call me to tell this again..n remember i never said u cute so u better be quiet next time…else the double bonus which u told i said will convert into half salary”
(actually mishraji had asked to go home early due to kc)

meanwhile rudra saw saumya being luv angel..bt thought not to confront her as of now n do it later by catching her red handed…
then as it is going to happen in the show annika faints n shivaay takes her to HIS room…n she is still not conscious so shivaay makes her drink juice n a few bites of food…
when annika gets conscious….

annika:a..aap?what is happening?what i am doing here?
shivaay:u fainted! i must say annika u r such a stupid girl…why didnt u eat something the whole day…now should i hire an assisstant for u who could roam here and there asking u for food and water ..how can u be so careless…
annika:billuji! here i fainted n u r shouting at me! u canot change shoutig singh oberoi! well i wanted to tell u something imp
shi:not a word more annika! i m not listening to anything until u eat food…
ani:what is this childishness billuji? i will eat later..i am talking something important and u….
shi:ohk talk!! say…say!! why r u quiet….

ani:ohk i am eating! (she says picking up the sandwich) shi:no…!why should u eat??dont eat now n listen to me…first tell me..(he said getting the hold of the sandwich in her hand)
|| I KNOW THIS IS A BIT TOO FILMY HERE,bt if annika’s so called fast is being broken by shivaay..then why should shivaay have all the fun||
now they were snatching the sandwich from each other but as shivaay’s ego was hurt..how could he let annika eat that sandwich..so finally when he was not able to take sandwich from her(btw its a sandwich her cuz it is easier to grab..if poetic license is there so there should be a writer’s license also,right?)…so he couldnt really snatch it from her… so while it was in her hand..he bowed his head a little n ate a bit of sandwich while it was in annika’s hand…
they see each other…oh jaana plays…..bt there was a silent spectator who comes out…..
ru:oho! fast todhing..haa? u r very chantomai bhaiya!! …now shivaay coughes hearing rudy’s words as food was stuffed in his muth…so annika getting concerned makes him drink water…now tia also comes…..
tia:shivay baby..what r u doing here? was holding annika n carrying her to YOUR hoom so important tht u left my fast breaking in b/w?
shi:oh come onn,tia! she fainted…n this kc is not important..break it yourself…
n he went….

tia:n annika….
ann:tia i feel daadi is calling me..i think i should leave…
tia:n rudra why dont u stop ur brother form doing this?
rudra:ab jinki naiya apni disha pakad chuki hai,unko rok kaun sakta hai(those whose boat has set its direction of sail,cannot be stooped by anyone)

rudra: hawa hai…aisi chhoti chhoti baate aise badhe OM mein hoti rehti hai..aap nhi samjhoge lady baba(its cuz of wind…these small things happen in this big OM u wont understand lady baba)
n rudra leaves………
tia: thankgod! tht i m not marrying u..ur wife would suffer a gr8 deal..(she said thinking of one of oberoi..who? we all know)

shivaay goes to drop annika home n he orders her tht he would leave her inside her home….
annika:Already bahut raita phail chuka hai,u dont com inside? shivaay hets a bit hurt n concerned..
shi:why? what happened?

anni:we can talk abt this sadakchhap khoon later..i have something important to tell u? shi feels a prick…. shi:say
anni:see billuji dont take me wrong n dont be jwalamukhi oberoi bt this is something serious…
anni: umm umm tia…tia is in relationship with someone else(she said in one breath) shiv:whaat??? (furiously)

anni:a..a…vo billuji..(she narrates the whole story)
shivaay:thtiswhy! i was continously telling u to let me clear wht happened tht day n today..bt no! u said u understand bt no..i cant believe annika tht u will do this just bcuz…
anik:bcuz..kya ? kehna kya chah rrahe hai billuji aap?
shiv: u like me? tht is why u r doing this..bt i wanted to tell u its not possible..
annik: chhe billuji..please dont give urself so importance now! annika n like or luv is like never n tht too..with u??stone singh oberoi??nah…bt i didnt knew tht even after so much u blamed me..now i dont care..its upto u …u believe or spoil!
shiva:but.. annika closes the car gate n goes away…..
at OM:

shivaay was in thoughts thinking abt what annika said..
shivaay’s pov
maybe it was true..cuz whatever she has said has always been true n she has saved our family from problems alot of time…bt maybe she is doing this on purpose cuz she dosent want me to marry..cuz she has started to like me(A sudden smile n reddishness appeared on the tensed face)….what if she likes me..should i reciprocate?…no how can i forget tht she is not of my status…bt tia needs to be exposed……
he slept…bt due to a bad dream again..woke up yelling “annika”

at rudy’s room….
rudy was dreaming abt him being at a disco with many girls..everyone (girl)complementing him..but suddenly rumi omes n whole scene changes to a mandir..the girl start folding their hand in front of rumi…n he terribly shout…saying..luv angel!!

at om’s room….
om was not able to sleep for a long time but when he was able to..then he too had a nightmare….
it was a moonless night..he was passing through the jungle..not too long hairs but short(what kunal has got in real)…the car was accelerating..the speed came to 120km/hr….n aaaaah! splash ! blood poured out! om:oh shit! i killed her….”
he opened his eyes…sweat was pouring out….

randhawaa room:
i wont leave u all so easily… i dont know about her….and i had to punish u but look..god’s too great!he opened a way for me bcuz of the murder of gayatri..now i have two motives……

priyanka room:
she too was seeing a dream…no om bhaiya! please dont o this!dont drive too fast! this might lead to an accident! i wont meet him ever again,i promise!but dont!
n aaah! splash n om:hit! i killed her…..
n he rushed out n carried the lifeless looking blood covered figure to his car n drove away..she too woke shout aah!
god it all happened bcuz of my fault dont punish him..she said to herself….

annika reaches at oberoi mansion…she has thought about all last night n decided ..
annika’s pov
if billuji is not ready to hear the truth then this needs to be prooved..i cant let someone spoil his life like this….! i m going to show him n others the reality of tia….
n i know who cann help me in prooving this….n thus she rushed into om’s room n called rudra too,ignoring the pair of eyes following her till the room’s door…

anni:see i need to tell this very important thing to u n its about tia?
om(serious):what is it? ru:is it that lady baba left? (said dancing) om:be serious rudra..annika u tell us what happened?
ann tells them.. om:so shivaay knows this ani:yes billuji knows about it bt he is not ready to believe n telling me i did this bcuz….leave

ombcuz u like him? shivaay bhi naa.. ru:yes shivaay bhaiya bhi naa…he blamed annika di for the thing which he feels.. ani:what??(blush) ru:oh shit!nothing!bt we need to show bhaiya lady baba’s real intention…i always knew it was something like this…..
n they decied to plan out something to bring the truth…n rudra was assigned as the secret agent to investigate tia’s bf name…though he hated to do anything regarding lady baba..bt just for his superman to get his super girl,he agreed….

bt before there was something more important for him to do…..saumya/luv angel…
as the time struck 9 n luv angel’s broadcast time started..
ru:Saumya!saumya! saumya!..he was shouting….(acting)
saumya got alerrt from his voice
sau:now 4 songs back to back on the feeling of luv….
ru:saumya u r in ur room…??n i was searching for u here n there…
sau:what is the problem rudra?now why have u come?
ru:vo actually rumi hai na….n he continued three songs were over n 4th started..
sau:oho rudra! u n ur rumi jaap! can we talk abt it laster? (she wanted him to leave bcuz of the show)
ru: there has been a long time since we have properly talked to each other my sumo…
sau:my sumo? ru:yes u r my sumo since u r my bestest buddy
sau: (kuch gadbad hai) n she says ohk bt first get me a choclate then only i ll listen abt rumi anyfurther..ohk? (she thought she would cut it short n would run away) bt…
ru:take this choclate…(he already carried it…) n take ur favorite aalu ka paratha…

sau loked confused..
she made an excuse of a call n went at the corner n was saying a few words n spoke abt the next 4 songs…
ru:by the way sumo u have alot of interest in hearing everyone about their feelings n love n tht too free,bt why do u charge me? (getting angry)
su:what do u mean to say?(tht ‘something weird expression on her face)
ru:dont pretend u dont know anything..u r very fast at understanding people..n u cannot be slow at this….

i know what u r hiding(facial expression of sau changed to tensed one)
su:what i m hiding?? i m hiding nothing cry baby(trying to cover up)
ru:u r luv angel!
su:no i m not(shocked)
ru: u r! now dont hide!!.. n(n this continues till rudra finally uksaaows her to speak the trutg)
sau:yes ! i m luv-angel! i m sorry rudra,i shouldnt have hidden this from u..bt i thought knowing the truth might hurt u…
ru:why will it hurt me saumya?wht made u think so?
sau: u r not hurt? ru:no..i m not,infact i m happy tht my best friend is luv angel…

he hugged her…their tune plays…..ru:now we will party!!! ur treat at my decided place bcuz u r so famous!
annika was walking upstairs thinking of how to take custody of sahil since bua taunted her last night too…n she banged….bhaash.t..n was about to fall..but a known n familiar pair of hands held her from her waist….eyelock….now annika comes back to her senses..
ann:i can handle myself….leave me
shi:i wont leave u or let u fall..
shi: i mean u r careless again..please do watch n walk sometimes…
ann:even if i dont..why do u have problem…n i dont need u to tell me this…anyways leave billuji! i have lot of work to do for ur wedding(ur wedding made her heart heavy)
(i dont need u hurts shivaay n he watches her as she moves away..)

om was in his room opening the box n looking at th stained leaves n cloth n the pic…when he heard some foot steps…
om got scared …quicly closed the box..n meanwhile asked whose there?whose there?
prinku came n closed the door…
prinku:bhaiya! who is doing all this..?i mean who was there at the jungle?
om:i dont know prinku but u dont worry! we will do something about this..
prinku:but why is this 4 yr old incident suddenly out? i mean the person could have come much before..right?

om:it has some motive behind…i will tell shivaay i think cuz now he needs to know..
prinku:bhaiya..nothing will happen to u naaa…i m so scared! it all happened bcuz of me..if i hadnt gone there tht day..u wouldnt have been angry n this wouldnt have happened…
om:dontworry haa!everything will be fine..n its all done by me not u…

at randhawa’s cabin..he is holding a pic n says i luved u so much…

i m gonaa fast forward a bit of part till i show diwali..n it will be concentrated more on the story rather than the romance…n after diwali i would add more of romance with more of story…

btw there r many tracks which i wanted to see like jealousy n om’s story..bt they arent showing this as of ….n wait! for omkara fans..om is not the killer!
n for shivika fans like me! i m going to add shivaay making up thing n jealousy…n for fudra fan..there r going to be some other elements!

n yess NEXT PART GLIMPLSE: rumya get married….canada ki maasi n his beta enters OM….shivaay starts making up for annika…Tia’s bf face revieled… a bit on gayu’s case….and a new entry…..btw for om..some past reveals

thats it! thats all for today….i had originally thought to focus on shivika..bt om’s mystery is so fascinating..n if i write abt om then i though if i leave rudra it wud be anyaae….
n now i think the no of epi. could go upto 15…. like this was a romance less episode…bt the next ones will have that..n i ll make 3 episodes particularly concentrated on jodis….

n this is my first time writing abt all the 3 obros
n yup the thing i m trying to show is like 50% show 50% imagination….i hope in this first part i was able to live upto you ur expectations priyanka n infact everyone who took time n read this…
______i seriously hope u like this one,….n u feel its related to present track..fingers crossed..waiting for ur comments..


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