Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-9)


Hey guys, thank you so much for your comments.Hope you are liking my story. Regarding the length of the part, I am sorry. Definitely, I will try to give longer updates.Here we go to the next part…….

SwaSan room
Swara is packing her clothes. Sanskar comes to the room. Swara is aware of his presence. She is expecting that Sanskar will explain her about his decision. Sanskar orders Swara to pack his things too. This infuriates Swara more. “Can’t you do even that too?” Swara shrieked. “Why? You are my wife and it’s your duty to do my work”, Sanskar answered Swara raising his eyebrows. “So wife means a maid for you, right?” saying this Swara turned to wardrobe intentionally. Her ears are eagerly waiting to hear Sanskar’s voice.

Her body started to sense Sanskar’s touch as Sanskar always does this to pacify her whenever she is angry. But this time, neither Sanskar said something nor did he come to her. Becoming impatient Swara turns to see Sanskar. Her face turned red, tears rolled out of her eyes. “Sanskar, have you slept”, Swara asked. Sanskar answered nothing. She disappoints more. She felt that she is all alone in this World. Not even her Sanskar understands her.”You are exaggerating your situation Swara, may be you are thinking foolishly. None supports you. May be that implies you are wrong. Stop over-thinking now. You have taken decision already, then why are you expecting again”, these words echoed in Swara’s mind.
She switches off the lights and sleeps…….

Next morning
Swasan take everyone’s blessings. First car, next flight helped them in reaching Bangalore. They are now waiting for the driver to receive them……………..

To be continued…..

Sometimes in our life, it happens that every closed ones of our Lives oppose our views. Then we tend to feel that we are wrong though we know we are not, I tried to portray it through Swara’s condition


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  1. U are right dear hope swara gets the courage and does what she wants to

  2. Feel sad for swara…update next part soon

  3. Ayonti(swasan)

    nyc.thora swasan ka romance bhi dheka do………..try to post long part

  4. Rabia

    nice 🙂

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome…. U portrayed swara character very nicely…. I love this…. Post next soon with long part dr…. ?

  6. Vyshu10

    awesome….ab aayega mazaa

  7. Mica

    waaaa.. fast update…short enough, but let it be.. thought it’s bonus from you 😀
    the best way for short any problem between partner is communication…

  8. Nice

  9. Awesome……. Continue soon……

  10. Kakali

    Sooo fast update…thnk for this…
    Situation is doing all this Swara…u just have little trust on yourself… everything is gonna b rit…
    thnk u Avyu…

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