Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-8)


After few hours……..
Sanskar, Laksh and Adharsh come to home……All ladies of MM are waiting for them. Annapurna happily hugs her three sons and congratulates. Then Sujatha does the same. Pari and Ragini come there with sweets. But Sanskar’s eyes are searching for Swara. He is desperate to see proud smile on his beloved wife’s face. After all, he achieved big today. His eyes are now tired searching for her and smile on his face vanishes. He asks the ladies about Swara. Sujatha replies, “Don’t take that woman’s name in this happy moment”. Sanskar is shocked to hear those words from her mother, sadly he asks,”Is anything happened between you both again?” Annapurna nods. Sanskar becomes furious, but he doesn’t know on whom he has to show his anger. He quickly leaves from there to see Swara. “Who should I support- Maa or Swara? Whose side I have to take now? I can’t see my Swara’s sad face again, I can’t see her tears anymore….”
Sanskar enters the room. The room is dark, he switches on the lights. He finds Swara sleeping on the ground, probably she fell asleep crying. Sanskar goes to her, lifts her in his arms and makes her sleep on the bed. He observes her face. It is so weak and sad. He puts his hand on her head, kisses her on forehead, switches off the lights and heads to leave……………

Next morning
Swara is still sleeping. She wakes up and checks the time. She keeps her hand on forehead saying, “shit! I am late again”. She searches for Sanskar and thinks that he would have left. She recollects phone conversation with Sanskar. She is in very much guilt now.”How can I behave like this, yesterday was a big day for Sanskar and I couldn’t take part in his happiness. I am becoming selfish day by day. I am always being in a sad mood and hurting everyone with my behavior, especially my Sanskar. Now it is enough. Though my decision hurts me, I will be fine seeing my family happy”. She gets ready by now and goes downstairs. Everyone is having breakfast including Sanskar. Her heart is beating fast seeing Sanskar. “Sanskar must be upset with me, how can I face him now shattering his happiness”, thinks Swara. She forces a smile on her and wishes everyone “Good Morning”. Before anyone could respond to her, Sanskar announces, “As bade papa and papa have to sign the important papers regarding this project, they are coming from Coorg today. And I am going there to look after coffee plantations. The workers over there are still not organized and they are not behaving accountable. It’s compulsory to one of us to stay there”. Swara looks on confused. “But bhai, you have to visit U….” before Laksh could complete his sentence, Sanskar signs him not to speak with his eyes. Sujatha is worried and asks, “What about your food and all. Bhaisaab and your dad are used to that place and food. How can you manage there alone?” Annapurna opines the same. “That’s why Swara is also coming with me. We are leaving tomorrow morning. It could be a long stay as bade papa and papa need some rest”, Sanskar replied.
This words of Sanskar affected two people more – Swara and Sujatha. One thought in their minds, “Going Coorg means going away from the dream of Music School”. This very thought made Sujatha very happy while leaving Swara extremely sad…………………
To be continued…..


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    Awesome chappy… loved it…thnk u..

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    Want to see supportive sanskar again…
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