Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-6)


“Finally, today I felt your need after many days”, said Swara, clearing the dust on her DAIRY.
“Sanskar replaced you in my life. Ever since he stepped into my life as my Love, I started sharing everything with him. All these three years, I never see you. Honestly, I totally forget you. But now my Sanskar is very busy, I don’t want to disturb him. And that made me remember my old friend”.

Swara opened the dairy. It is probably in its last stage of life. The pages lost its charm. Swara decided to share everything with it and started writing. (Here, I assume the dairy as non-dated one)
All this mess in my life, started exactly a month before. After Sahil’s incident, Sargam institute was taken a back seat. And all these years, I don’t even see my guitar. Many things happened in my life, mom miscarriage, clearing differences between Ragini and the family, reconciling Pari bhabi with Adarsh bhaiya, Bade papa’s health spoiled, and this increased business burden on rest of the family, Uttara’s marriage, ragini’s pregnancy…… & Sanskar’s love, care, surprises. And then one day, an angel came into my life…she made me realize what I forgot…….
Last month, Ragini and I went to pediatrician for sarayu’s regular check up. As the doctor was busy, we decided to wait. We couldn’t find adjacent seats, so we both settled at different seats. I called Sanskar, thinking his meeting with foreign delegates would have completed. But he didn’t answer my call. I felt damn boring and was observing the surroundings. My eyes fell on a cute little girl who was at the entrance. She was coming inside with her mom. Her eyes had some magic, pure smile on her rosy lips, and her baby pink frock increased her cuteness.

Suddenly, the persons who were sitting beside me vacated the seats. And the mother-daughter duo occupied them. I didn’t know why I felt very happy, when she sat beside me. I quickly turned to her and said,”You are too cute”. She blushed and her chubby cheeks turned red. But she was quick to answer, “So you are”, she replied. I laughed at her answer, and her mother smiled. But her voice has some rhythm. It was so soothing. Then I asked her name. She replied,”shona”. She asked my name, “I am Swara, but my mom calls me shona”. She was so excited hearing this. ”we have the same names”, she yelled. I nodded and our conversation continued for some time. I finally asked her, what she wants to become in future. She answered, ”An architect. You know, even now I build many buildings but with my building blocks”. She laughed and asked me the same question. When I put that question to her, I didn’t feel anything. But when she posed me the same question, something in my heart woke up. My Heart overflowed with lots of emotions…my body shivered and tears started rolling in my eyes…..

She asked the question again; with lots of effort I tried opening my mouth to answer….. Ragini came and said, “Let’s go home! Swara”. But we didn’t meet the doctor, I asked. And she said it was done, she saw me being busy with this cutie, so she didn’t want to disturb. I bid bye to shona. Ragini and I started walking towards the car. “She is cute”, said Ragini. I smiled but in my mind, “She is something more than that…actually she is an angel who came to realize me, my dream..Sometimes in life, small things, small conversations make you realize big things in your life…All you have to do is, observe and understand them”.

To be continued……

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  1. nice swasan scenes plssss

  2. Mica

    oh God.. so emotional Avnu!!
    it’s common dilemma for married girl….luv it Avnuu..

  3. mou(swasan lover) main thing abhi bhi samaj nahe aaya

  4. Emotional chappy dear… loved it…but beautiful toooo… awwww both have same names…tooo cute **pulling their nose**… loved that scene most…thnk u…

  5. Vyshu10

    Navya…..even after reading ur 17 parts on twitter and 6 parts again on TU……i still become emotional like when i read it for the first time.

  6. Awesome……. Continue soon……

  7. AnuAnn

    Don’t get anything but interesting

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