Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-5)



“Not Swara, I asked him to throw it out”, a stern voice answered from behind….
Ragini recognized the voice and asks Sujatha surprisingly,”Chachiji, why you did that, you know how much……..”, “Yes, I know. But that has become the root for all these problems. See her face, she hardly smiles these days. She is behaving odd. You questioned me that why I asked to throw guitar out. Swara was there when I asked servant to do that, she didn’t even question me why?” says Sujatha. Saying this, Sujatha goes to her room. Annapurna says Ragini to feed the baby. She nods yes. While going she looked at Swara, Swara smiles and gestures her to go. Annapurna comes to Swara, puts her hand on Swara’s head, both look at each other, Annapurna asks her to take care and leaves. Pari also leaves from there saying Swara that she has some work in her room. Swara is again alone in the living area. She starts walking to her room…, “I am not behaving odd mom, I am fed up explaining you. Yes, I hardly smile these days. You are showing your concern on me but why you do not understand me? You are right at your place. That doesn’t mean I am wrong. Why are you taking me wrong? Now I feel most conflicts in this World are not between Right & Wrong, but they are between Right & RIGHT….”

Swara enters the room. Goes near the cupboard, opens the drawer and takes something out. Clearing the dust on the thing Swara says, “Finally, today I really felt your need after many days…..”

To be continued……
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  1. mou(swasan lover)

    nyc bt short.abhi tu suspense reveal karo

    1. Avyu

      Will be revealed soon

  2. Chotu chappy but nice.. waiting for d next one..

    1. Avyu

      Already submitted it will be up in next two hours n thank you

    1. Avyu

      Thank you

  3. Kya yaar pls give a long part Na pls…….

    1. Avyu

      Purvi sorry for that,already submitted next part…. Will try to give lengthy updates

  4. Short!!!???

  5. MOU


  6. Vyshu10

    nice ep…next chap enta varaku vachindi?

  7. Anniya

    Waiting for next one..

  8. Arshaanya

    Nyc.. post nxt part ASAP

  9. Abirsha

    Awesome but very short dr…..

  10. Mica

    soo short, but i love conflict between rite & rite…..

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