Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-4)


“Is this the life which I wanted to live, Sanskar??!! I totally feel lifeless today”. Saying these words, Swara left from there. Sanskar is shell shocked to hear such words from his very positive and strong wife. He can now sense the level of disappointment in Swara…. “You are never this weak Swara. Every problem in your life, you faced strongly. What happened to you now? Till now, I viewed this as a simple one. I really don’t find it complex. Is your problem really a big one or you feeling it as such?”

“I know Sanskar, you never expected me like this. Even I never thought I’ll become like this- confused and helpless. But what should I do? I have been trying to explain people but none is listening. I still cannot find out, who is right? Ever since I entered our house as your wife, from the very instant I tried to fulfill my duties as daughter in law of this house. It has been almost three years now; still our family does not trust my words, not understanding my condition. Instead they took me wrong, they are asking me to choose right path. I don’t get it even now what’s wrong in it if I ………” Swara where you have lost? asked Annapurna. Swara suddenly comes into her senses and realizes that she reached dining area, walking through the corridors, down the stairs and crossing living area. Annapurna again asked Swara, “Are you fine?” Swara answered, “Yes, badi maa”. Then AP asks her to have breakfast. Swara nods and sits at the breakfast table. Ap doesn’t want to ask why Swara didn’t come for aarti as she surely knows that Swara is upset with the yesterday’s incident………

Sujatha comes there. She doesn’t want to see Swara’s face. But Swara wants to talk with her.” Mom, Where are Ragini and Pari bhabi”. Sujatha doesn’t answer but she murmurs something. Ap asks her to stop. Sujatha says,”but jiji…..” Sanskar, who is on the landing of the staircase, interrupts saying that he is leaving for Office. “But have your break……” both Swara and Sujatha shouted. Even before their words complete, Sanskar left from there with Laksh. Both Sujatha and see each other’s faces and give an expression that Sanskar always does this!!! Sujatha recalls everything which has been happening from last few days. The smile on her face fades away and she turns her face. Swara gets disappointed and leaves from there…..
Sanskar is in the car on his way to office. Laksh is driving the car while Sanskar lost in his thoughts…He remembers his conversation with Swara, the night before Diwali, when he gifted her Lehenga for the first time. Then he thinks of the recent conversation with her that happened few days before………..

Swara is standing at the window of their room. Sanskar comes from behind, turns Swara towards him. He keeps his hands on her shoulders, holds her chin and raises her face. “Swara, you decide what you want. I will definitely support you, whatever may be your decision. I know you have the strength to decide”, said Sanskar. Swara’s face is still in confused state. Her eyes are asking him what he wants…. She leans her head on his heart and hugs him. Sanskar hugs her back….

Laksh applies the brakes and tells Sanskar,”let’s go, bhai. We are getting late”. Sanskar gets off the car and forwards his steps towards Office.
Swara completes her work in the kitchen. She comes to the living area. She is all alone in the house now as Sujatha and Ap went to the temple. She sits on the sofa and closes her eyes, remembers her face which is full of joy and happiness, how she used to play guitar and sing with her heart and soul (her introduction scene). She opens her eyes worried, looks around the mansion. Her eyes shift to the roof of the Mansion. She feels it like a barrier between her and the clear sky, she suddenly feels like, she is in a ‘Golden cage’.
Her thoughts are disturbed by the cry of a baby. Pari and Ragini returned home. She asks Ragini what doctor said about the baby. Ragini answers,”our sweetheart is absolutely healthy”. (Yes, Ragini is now mother of a 6 month old baby girl) Swara takes the baby from Ragini’s hands and caress the baby. Ragini asks Swara, “why you asked the servant to throw your guitar out of the house?” Swara freezes for a minute hearing Ragini’s question and is about to answer. “Not Swara, I asked him to throw it out”, a stern voice answered from behind………

To be continued……..


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