Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-21)


Sujatha and the rest of the Maheshwaris are so tensed as they couldn’t communicate with Mr. & Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari whole day. Sujatha has been continuously trying their numbers since yesterday. The Maheshwaris have called Shivam and enquired whether he knew about them. As Sanskar asked him not to reveal anyone about the surprise, Shivam denied to confess them. Sanskar’s intention was only to hide it from Swara,but poor Shivam failed again to understand his boss. He thought to meet Sanskar first and with his permission he wanted to confess. Maheshwaris worried more as Shivam also didn’t know about them. They keep on calling some of their staff. One of the staff members came home to check for Swara and Sanskar last night. The watchman said him that they are not at home. By then Santoshi also left from there as she needs to reach home before it gets dark. This worried Maheshwaris more. They all spent sleepless night. Early in the morning,they decided to send Laksh to Coorg. The Ladies are already crying and they sat in the Mandir praying Lord.

Swara and Sanskar are sleeping on the couch. Almost,half of the Swara’s body is resting on Sanskar’s as the couch is small and it’s unable for two people to sleep on it. They reached home past the midnight, as Swara still wanted to play her Guitar, they both settled in the living room. They don’t know when they fall asleep. Swara’s guitar is resting on the ground. Birds started chirping,they acted as natural alarm. Swara wakes up stretching her arms out and she loses her balance,and falls down.Hearing her cry, Sanskar wakes up and observes her on ground. He bursts out laughing. Swara smiles too. The reason for her smile is something else. Sanskar’s surprise and confession still appeared like a dream to her. She is happy,so happy. She finally manages to sit on the floor. Rests her hands on his knees, and says ‘I Love you Sanskar’
Sanskar cuddles her face, kisses her on forehead and asks,’Are you happy now?’ She kisses his palm and replies, ‘Of course I am.’
They deeply see into each other eyes. Seems like they both are lost in their love. These two idiots who are madly in love have forgot the World since yesterday. They don’t even realise about the outside World. They are very much in their World of Love. They don’t know that their family is very much worried about them. When they don’t even remember their family,then there is no chance of remembering materialistic things. Yes they both hadn’t carried their mobile phones with them and they really didn’t need it. He slowly makes her sit on his lap. She encircles her hands around his neck. Their lips meet. Their love gave them endless desire. The nature around arranged a perfect setting. The air is heavy as if it is going to rain. The chirping of birds sounded like a melodious song. The cool breeze touching their body, surely evaporating because of the heat created by their sizzling chemistry. They finally parted their ways. But their eyes still not wanting to leave each others sight

The door bell rings, breaking the harmony between them and the nature. Swara opens the door and it is confused Shivam who is waiting out. And this time he annoyed Swara by rushing inside without even looking at her. He soon found Sanskar and asked him whether he can reveal about his Surprise plan for Swara to his family. He even informs him that Laksh Maheshwari is coming to Coorg to check on them as the family is so much worried since yesterday. This annoyed Sanskar a lot. His hand reached his forehead. How can a person be so dumb? He rather cursed himself,that he would have clarified his point to Shivam well. He wanted to keep it as a surprise for Swara only. One question Sanskar asked to Shivam, ‘ What did you said them?’
He replied, ‘I don’t know about them’
Swara and Sanskar stared at each other and ran to their room. Sanskar’s phone is still ringing. He lifts it up and Swara asks him to turn speaker mode on. It’s Laksh who called. He is about to leave home to reach airport. His laziness urged him to try once again. Sanskar knows he will be scolded badly. He finally utters,

Laksh feels relaxed hearing Sanskar’s voice. He rushes inside to tell the family about it. All the Maheshwaris gathers around him. Sanskar says the actual reason to Laksh and asks him to manage somehow. And Laksh,keeps the phone on hold and says that they went to farm and got struck in the heavy rain. Sujatha senses it as lie. She grabs the phone from Laksh and says Sanskar how much worried she is, both Swara and Sanskar feels guilty. Swara apologises her. Sujatha blames her for Sanskar’s careless attitude. She accuses Swara that she is trying to separate her son from her. She uses some more words to humiliate Swara. Sanskar shouts on Sujatha and hangs up the call. Sujatha gets thinking.
Sanskar feels bad for Swara. But Swara tries to cheer him up saying Mom is angry now, it’s okay Sanskar.
Sanskar is very much surprised hearing Swara’s reply.
He asks her, ‘ Don’t you feel bad?’
Sh replies, ‘ No Sanskar,not at all. Because we did mistake and Mom is annoyed with me before. And this incident furiated her more. I am back to my own Sanskar. I kicked myself into darkness Sanskar. Whenever Mom used to scold me, my World turned more darker. I have lost myself. And that evening’s incident hurted me more. It’s so huge to bear,as my heart already weakened. You used to be so busy and I just couldn’t handle it.

But once I came to this place, my mind started relaxing. And it is you and your love dragged me out of that darkness. You gifted me back. You gave my strength back. With this phase of my life, I realised one thing. No matter how much strong a person is,there appears a low phase. I got to know how people went into depression. And when people around fail to understand them,it depresses them more. One has to share their feelings with others instead of hurting oneself and losing self esteem. I tried to express my feelings once, but when people didn’t understand me and started taunting me, I almost lost myself. First thing is we need to share our pain with our Loved ones. And secondly, the people around should understand one’s pain. If they feel someone’s thinking is wrong,they should try to make them understand. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Your love made me strong again. With your support, I can handle any thing in my life. Your care healed all my wounds. I wish every person in this world has a person like you in their lives. I am so blessed to have you in my life.’

PART 20:

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    avyu u realy made me relax. me to always want to do some thing creative but the society some time tauts me to be a patient , some times with my gender and so . but my parents always stands by my side which is my strength

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    tried to understand someone feeling gives peace on our mind instead of frustration.
    in this case, Swara tried to understand Sujatha’s feeling, people sometime have different way to express their love, for example Sujatha.. oohh God, Avyuu.. you describe well my Sujatha mom as the serial 😀 :D,
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