Does Everything Change With Time?!!a SwaSan ff (part-19)

“So the rain stopped”, said Sanskar sipping his coffee, and continued, ‘How about going out?’
Swara looks at him excited and nods yes.
‘Cool! Let’s go’, says Sanskar. Just then his phone rings, Sanskar gestures Swara to wait and he goes inside.
‘We came miles away from Kolkata but still these phone calls not letting us to stay together’,Swara sighs and keeps herself busy in admiring natural beauty. Suddenly some thoughts disturb her, her loneliness takes her to the past…..

Maheshwari Mansion:(few days back)
‘What! I don’t agree for this’, shouts Sujatha.
‘Mom! Understand me, I want to fulfill my dream’,Swara tries to explain.
‘My Dream! From when you became this much selfish Swara’, asks Sujatha controlling her rage.
‘Selfish! No mom, you are misunderstanding me’, Swara replies.
‘Then who will fulfill my dream? Answer me. Being a daughter-in-law of this house, you have the responsibility on you to make us happy. Now forget about Music school and plan for kids’, Sujatha argues.
‘Mom! I am not saying that I don’t want kids, I need some time to build my career’, explains Swara.

‘Career! Do you know Jiji is a great singer but after marriage she left everything. See Ragini, she is of your age. Even she left her career and is fulfilling her duties towards family’, replies Sujatha.

‘Mom! But everyone can’t be the Same………..
‘Swara! Let’s go’. Swara comes out of her thoughts and replies,’Let’s go’
She says in her mind,’ I will definitely share everything with you today.’
Sanskar holds Swara’s hands and they head to leave. Swara looks around, she couldn’t find the car around and asks him about the car.
‘So you want to go in car, I thought we will go for a walk’, Sanskar says to Swara raising his eyebrows.

‘Walk! Sanskar you are saying this? I really can’t believe it. Let’s go. I would love to walk with you’,replies Swara amusingly. Sanskar nods.
They both walk together in the silent woods. The chirping of birds replaced the need for melodious music. The cool breeze around is more fresh than that of air conditioner. The soil,which took bath a few minutes before added new flavour of freshness. It’s smell is tempting.
The distance between them is narrowing. Swara leaned on Sanskar’s shoulder. Their journey is endless. Many feelings yet to be expressed. New desires take birth. Now their eyes meet, they completely lost in each other walking…….
‘ I want this moment to be permanent, Sanskar’, she whispered.

Sanskar’s eyes smiled. His excitement could be observed seeing his eyes.
Shivam comes and handover the keys to Sanskar.
‘Keys! No Sanskar. Let’s walk more. I am fed up with car and it’s artificial environment’, says Swara to Sanskar pleasingly.
‘Who said you these are car keys’, questions Sanskar.
‘Then!’ Swara exclaimed.
Sanskar points his finger forward. Swara looks at it……

‘B..I…K….E!’ Swara shrieked out of amusement. ‘Bike ride?!’
Sanskar nods in yes. She jumps out of joy and hugs him in excitement. Shivam bows his head down. Swara becomes of conscious of what she is doing. She feels awkward and goes away from him. Sanskar asks Shivam to leave. Shivam leaves.
Sanskar starts the bike and says,’So Princess, will you give an opportunity to your Prince a chance to take you on a bike ride.’

There is no limit for Swara’s happiness. She felt like she is heaven. She nods and sits on the bike. Sanskar starts the bike and Swara still cannot believe what is happening! She is so much surprised. They travel through the curved roads enjoying their ride. Swara leans forward so that she can reach Sanskar’s ear and says,
‘ I am love with this place Sanskar. The mountains all around,Tender clouds that are moving because of the wind, the meadows, the trees which are trying to touch the sky, the rain, the wet weather, fresh breeze around…… My heart is flying… My mind relieved of all tensions….It is making me feel how much lucky I am to be a part of this beautiful nature…

The most special thing of all,is……. YOU ARE WITH ME…..
She places her soft lips on his ear,kisses him and shouts loud…….
‘I……….. LOVE……………… YOU…………………… SANSKAR’
‘I love you too Swara’,Sanskar replies..
Rain starts again…..

‘You know Sanskar, every droplet of this rain makes me feel more and more special’
‘You…Me…….Rain & bike ride……..’, she stretches her arms out,lifts her head and she keeps on laughing….She then hugs Sanskar.
Sanskar eyes are still in excitement. These confessions of Swara,actually not satisfying his soul. He is expecting something else.. Something more..
He stops the bike near a tree. Swara refuses to get down. He convinces her saying that it is becoming difficult for him to drive. Swara gets to down and takes shelter under the tree. There a smalll bench adjoining the tree

They sit there. They both rub their hands to feel some warmth… Swara thinks,’ This is the best time to confess’ and says, ‘ Sanskar, I have to tell you something’
Before that I have to give you something Swara….
He quickly keeps his hand below the bench in search of something and gives it to Swara..
Swara looks at it..
She doesn’t know whether she is shocked or surprised…
She doesn’t know to jump or dance….
She doesn’t know to smile or cry…..

Her eyes are smiling yet weeping….. She stammers…
G…..U….I…….T………A…….R…. She touched the strings of the guitar lovingly. She looked at Sanskar. Yess,this is what he expected from her. He smiles with utmost satisfaction. His pain totally reduced. In fact,he is the most happiest soul on the Earth at that moment. He cupped her face and wipes her tears, looks into her eyes and asks, ‘Won’t you sing for me?’
Her eyes sparkle with joy. She closed her eyes forcefully to squeeze out the tears, Her fingers started dancing with the strings of guitar and finally sings out……..

Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain….. khwaabon mein geet hain…..
Geeton mein zindagi hai…chahat hai, preet hai..
abhi main na dekhoon khwaab wo….jin mein na tu mile…….
le kholey honth maine…ab tak the jo sile….


So howz the surprise??!!!

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    Here comes my most favourite episode….love swasan. Love u too

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      But the next one is my most favourite one❤❤

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        haan….both r a tie…i feel lk both are same ep…like part a n b

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    what to say i feel so relieved reading your chappies
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  5. wow
    amezing epi. lv it.
    sanky knw abt swaras evry feeling,
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      Thanks for your wishes❤
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      Haha… thank you so much shreeyu
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    Avyuu! you really make me crying… oog God,, just too emotional..
    i kinda can feel what Swara feel.. oh God.. thank you soo much for this mindblowing chappy…i can’t imagine this Sanskar, i mean i know Sanskar love her so much, but still this surprise ooh God.. i kinda involved in this.. aaahhh..

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      Mica… thank you so much yaar
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    Happiness,, joy,, peace,, excitement all i have mix emotions… n d song uhhh cherry on d cake. those lines beautifully expressed her feelings… i also can feel that … it’s soo peaceful(i don’t know whenever i’ll got any perfect word or not) dear,,
    Prince with princess in bike ride ,, drenching in Rain… ohhhhh God it’s really making me crazy,,
    Love it Avyuu…
    Thnk u.. :-*

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    Its was emotional yet beautiful chapy??
    Continue soon

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