Does Everything Change With Time?!!a SwaSan ff (part-14)

Manchala….manchala…..teri ore….
Swara’s head is still resting on Sanskar’s shoulder. She started humming the song. She suddenly lifts her head becoming conscious that Shivam is there with them too. She looks at him. He is in deep sleep. But Swara still doesn’t want to get cozy with Sanskar. Their journey continued. A number of songs played. Swara kept on humming the songs and in some songs Sanskar also joined her.

The Sun is bidding bye to them. Darkness is filling its magical color in the blue sky. The paths became dark. The breeze became much colder. Lush green trees now changed into golden as the beam of light from head lights is illuminating them. Swara is observing every small change. She is completely lost in the nature and pleasant music. Sanskar stopped the Car at a road side restaurant. They had their dinner there.
Finally, they reached their home when Coorg slept. Swara is very tired and asked Shivam to show her room. Shivam showed her the room. Sanskar parked the car, and said Shivam to go home. He examined the whole house. He is impressed by the ambience of the house. It gave him a pleasant feel. He went to the room. By now, Swara had her bath and is opened her suit case to arrange her things in the cupboard. She smiled seeing Sanskar and Sanskar smiled back.

‘Tired’, asked Swara.
‘Until last minute, I was tired. But not anymore’, replied Sanskar.
‘What!’ exclaimed Swara.
‘This house is really beautiful. It is unique. I say before you sleep you must see it’, answered Sanskar.
‘No Sanskar, not now’, said Swara.
‘It’s okay, give me towel I need to take bath and take out my clothes too’, said Sanskar.

It remembered Swara something. She didn’t reply Sanskar. Her eyes are seeing the ground. And finally she said, ‘clothes? Haven’t you packed your stuff Sanskar?’ but Swara knows the answer that he didn’t packed his stuff and out of anger she didn’t pack either.
‘What?’ shrieked Sanskar, ‘Sanskar, actually I haven’t packed your stuff out of anger. I am sorry’ said Swara holding her ears.

‘Sorry? Swara, are you serious? You are kidding, right?’ asked Sanskar
‘I am serious Sanskar and how all, you deserve this. You were very rude yesterday’, said Swara.

‘Come on Swara. Don’t be childish, I don’t have mood to play with you. Please take my clothes out, I am going to have shower’, said Sanskar and forwarded his steps towards washroom.
‘Stop, Sanskar. I really didn’t pack your stuff’, said Swara.
‘Really, what I will wear now?’ exclaimed Sanskar.
‘I don’t know’, Swara replied and continued, ‘You are so smart, think of a solution for yourself’, and smirked.

Sanskar pouted, ‘How can you do it Swara? What I will wear now, what will I wear tomorrow? What you have done? You are not princess, sorry, you are a ghost. You torture me a lot’.
‘Oh, hello! This is your fault. You would have replied me yesterday. But no, you showed your attitude and this is my attitude. Don’t underestimate SwaraSanskarMaheswari, got it! Hmm, I have a solution. You drape my saree now and wash these clothes. Wear them in the morning. Cool idea, right?’ saying Swara opened the cupboard and is surprised to see the cupboard already arranged. Sanskar comes to her from behind and hugs her. Swara looks at him………..

To be continued….


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  1. Amazing chappy hope everything gets fine soon

  2. Shreeyu

    Awesome but a little small …. Isn’t it ?

  3. Mica

    speechless Avyu! i can’t comment.. i shocked along with Swara but without sanskar;s hug

  4. Arshaanya

    Loved it.. n he bck hugged her aaaawww cute ?

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    Sanskar in SAREEE !!!! awwwwww looking like Indian Barbie Doll… soooo Sanskari !!! i love it Avnu… thnk u..

  6. AnuAnn

    Superb dear

  7. Vyshu10

    swasan are so cute…..swasan nok-jhok and back hug ???
    Navu darling ?????this is for all the coorg eps

  8. Nice

  9. Ayonti(swasan)


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  11. Sanskar’s antics are really cute

  12. Deeksha gupta

    Superb dear …post nxt soon

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