Does Everything Change With Time?!!a SwaSan ff (part-13)


Shivam has started the car. Sanskar is busy in his laptop. Swara asks him whether he needs anything. He nods no. she fastens her seat belt. She watches the passing buildings, malls, traffic and after sometime she tires. She then calls Sujatha to inform that they reached Bangalore safe. But Sujatha doesn’t answer the call. She then calls Ragini and informs her. Clouds of sadness are again hovering over her. Her mind is again remembering her heart – You are being travelling away from your dream. This is surely not your journey and that is not your destination……….. ‘You already took your decision, don’t think of it’, she answered herself. But she knows that cannot calm her soul…. Deep inside her heart, the fire of disappointment burning her soul….. she thinks of recent happenings……

(After the hospital scene)
Swara is very happy. She finally wants to build her career. Swara and Ragini entered the living area with saryu. ‘They both came’, said Pari. Hearing her, both Annapurna and Sujatha see them and question about saryu’s check up and doctor’s suggestions. Ragini explains them. She handovers saryu to Annapurna saying she will bring milk to saryu. Saryu starts crying. Annapurna and Sujatha tries hard to pacify her, but fails. Swara then takes saryu in her lap, sings lori for her. To everyone’s surprise, she stops crying and starts playing with Swara’s mangalsutra. ‘See jiji, hearing Swara’s voice she stopped crying and is playing. Saryu is so comfortable with her maasi’, said Sujatha. ‘Not only saryu Chachiji, I think every child feels comfortable with Swara’, Ragini says while approaching them and narrates the whole thing happened in the hospital. ‘Is it?’ exclaimed Pari. ‘It is good actually. Our Swara won’t face any problem in growing her own kids’, says Annapurna. Swara blushes. Sujatha smiles and says to Swara, ‘I think you both should plan for a kid now. It’s right time in opinion. And it is my last wish for this life. I want to see my Sanskar’s kids, play with them, pamper them… I didn’t force you both till now. It has been almost three years of your marriage. I am longing to see your kid….will you fulfill it’

Swara is dumbfounded. She doesn’t know what to reply her mom. Before she could confess her wish to start her music career again, her family confessed their wish. And this time, their wishes don’t even match. They are like north and South Pole… Swara’s face becomes pale… but still she has hope that her family will accept her and give wings to her to fly… she decides to tell her wish to them.. She stammers…… all the Maheswari men enter….

Sanskar’s phone rings. It forces Swara to come out of her thoughts.
‘Yes maa, we reached safe. We are now on our way to Coorg. I think it’ll take another five hours……….. Yes, we had our lunch in the airport itself…… okay maa, bye….’
It hurt Swara a lot. She realized that her mom doesn’t even want to speak with her. Tears rolled out of her eyes. She wiped them before Sanskar or Shivam could notice it. She closed her eyes. The conflict is still on. Her thoughts are disturbing her. She wants to sleep to quickly escape from the pain. Finally, after sometime her tiredness won over her internal conflict. Swara fell asleep…………………

After sometime,
A cool breeze struck Swara’s face. It is asking Swara to wake up. She surely could sense that the breeze is not from air conditioner. The aroma of lush greens is something new to feel. She is feeling the calmness around. She slowly opened her eyes. The hues of setting sun added beauty to the blue sky. The cottony clouds are playing hide and seek with the mountains altering their color from blue to green. She looked out of the window. She witnessed a green blanket spread on the earth. She forgot her pain, she doesn’t remember anything. The nature has done magic on her. Feeling of pleasantness filled her heart. ‘How much lucky I am, to witness this beautiful nature’, Swara thought. She wants to thank Shivam for waking her up though unintentionally, and making her part of this beautiful scenery.

She turned her face and surprised to see Sanskar in driver’s seat. She realized that she woke up because of Sanskar’s intentional act. She puts her hand on Sanskar’s left hand which is controlling hand break of the car. She looks at him admiringly. He smiles back with contentment. ‘Shall we go for a long drive?’ he asked. She nods yes and rests her head on his shoulder. He plays the song…….

“kabhi gardhishon se maara…. Kabhi khwahishon se haara….roothe chand ka hai chakor….. zara se bhi samjhote se…. yeh parhez rakthta hai..kyun…..maane na kabhi koi zor…….. duniya jahaan ki bandishon ki….ye kahan parwaah kare…..jab keeche teri dor…kheenche teri dor….”
Manchala….mann chala teri ore..

PART 12:

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