Does Everything Change With Time?!!a SwaSan ff (part-12)


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Swara comes out of her thoughts. Sanskar again calls her. She looks around for him and finally finds him. He is now standing beside Shivam. He carries a proud smile of victory. And Shivam folded his hands, his face became pale, eyes are filled with fear. Swara surely spotted out their expressions and concluded that Sanskar convinced Shivam. She goes towards them.
‘How he agreed to you? You definitely would have done cheating. I don’t agree this. You took the advantage of my absence. You would have surely shown ID proofs’, Swara blurts out. ‘Hello! Madam, I am Sanskar. Like my name I am always Sanskari. I never cheat people. Better don’t call me cheater’.

‘Oh! Is that so? Then how come, he agreed to you so fast?’, asked Swara.
Shivam stands there numb, he neither knows why they are fighting nor wants to speak anything because he is already trembling, thinking how his boss will react now, scolding himself for his foolish act.

‘Just because your husband is so smart and has brain. You know what! God made me extra smart as I have to handle my brainless wife too’, replied Sanskar.
Swara pouts, ‘Brainless! I think someone forgot his compliment. Mr. Maheswari, you called me smart many times. One minute, why are you diverting the topic? Answer me, how you convinced him’.
Sanskar keeps his hand on Swara’s shoulder, drags her close and says, ‘Yes, I used to call you smart. But that smart Swara does not exist now’.

Swara removes Sanskar’s hand off her shoulder, distances her from him, turns her face away from him and pouts. ‘Arey! Let me complete. When you challenged me, you didn’t put a condition that I cannot use my phone. I showed our family picture to him, simple!’

Swara opens her mouth wide. ‘What! Isn’t that called as cheating? Huh? Family picture can also be called as ID proof. Though it is not authorized by the Government, family is a real identity of any person. I don’t agree it as your win. You are not smart at all… you are….’
Suddenly Sanskar felt someone’s hands on his foot. It is Shivam, begging Sanskar to forgive him. Swara asks him to get up and says we are not that heartless to punish you, we just tried to enjoy the moment using you. ‘Yes Shivam, you don’t need to apologize. You in fact complimented me and helped us in creating a memory. Take the luggage and let’s go. We are getting late’, Sanskar ordered Shivam.

Shivam nods and escorts them to the car. Swara is about to occupy the back seat of the car. Sanskar stops her and says her to sit in the front seat beside Shivam. Swara exclaims, ‘what!’
‘If you forgot let me remember you that I won the bet and you have to follow my orders now’, Sanskar replied her raising his eyebrows.

‘You won? No dear, you tricked me, that’s it’, Swara exclaimed.
‘Whatever it is, he agreed that I am Sanskar Maheswari and I have not showed him ID proof. So it will be good if you accept this fast and obey me’.
Swara makes helpless face and mumbles ‘stubborn Maheswari’ and leaves to sit in the front seat. ‘Sir, shall we go?’ asked Shivam.

‘Yes’, Sanskar replies him ‘by the way Shivam anna, you can call me Sanskar. And please don’t argue on this now. You are going to call me Sanskar and that’s my order’.
‘That’s the minimum thing I could do, anna. Just because of your innocence my Swara smiled Whole-heartedly after long time. Just because of you, she started behaving with me like before…… thank you so much’

‘What happened to you Sanskar, you always wanted me to stay close to you. Though you don’t spend time with me all these days, I felt you were busy… but…are you avoiding me… is my feeling right? With time everything changes…it changed you too’
Shivam starts the car and SwaSan’s journey to Coorg has started……..


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    Swara! don’t think to much babe! just enjoy your life!

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