Everyone is bonded by chains

I saw gauri and Kali in Sita but yesterday sati. When daksha insulted shiva sati gave up her life and yesterday Sita retorted back.

Shoorpanakha was pouring water I felt was she so heartless and was thinking how difficult it would be for police to torture criminals to bring out truth. Sorry I am bit mad at times
Megnand like laxman was protecting Sita but he had a choice to protest against his father.
Obeying father is important but dharm is also to be revered. Sita showed that materialistic pleasure is nothing compared to nature. Ravan coudnt control her and that is satitva and till she remains loyal to ram nothing can near her.
Ravan will realize in time what money can’t buy. Kaikesi is like mantra trying to manipulate fate. What has to happen will happen. Problems either make or break u. Sita chose to wait and hope for the best that makes her a goddess. As vedavati she would have given up her life but as Sita she would trust Hari.

All of us are bonded by chains some are of gold some are of metal. They all were bonded by ravan tyranny. Shoorpanakha tries to Instill fear but Sita bursts her ego.
What in life it is about choices u take up a bandhan and must do ur responsibility as with power comes responsibility and life is not what meets the eye but by the time u start searching for answers life will post a new question.

Sometimes life is made complex by us like shoorpanakha she had a choice forgive
Take the choice with responsibility everyone might be bonded but there can be a choice if there is no choice don’t sympathise but if u have a choice don’t let go like shoorpanakha did whereas Sita had no choice

I dedicate this piece of analysis which might be my last as school will be reopening to my favourite writer of soul of Ramayan
Shruthi Di

Thank you
If u watch dahleez check out my analysis
Abhay is abhimanyu even if not for my sake check it out

Lanka is beautiful na

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  4. awesome one ! everyone is bounded by chains 🙂

  5. Awesome line- Everyone is bounded by chains some are by gold and some by metals ….

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