Every Story Does Not Start With Love (episode 2)


Hi guys…………………….this is shrusvri………………….i hope you all liked my intro………..in the serial the character of anika is shown weak and helpless so I wanted to give the character a strong role. Now, lets start.
Author’s note- shivom =shivaay and om
Omru =om and rudra and shivru =shivaay and rudra
Recap- anika malhotra is a businesswoman and is very straight forward, also she is the rival of shivaay singh oberoi.

In Melbourne ’s airport,
3 youngsters, a girl and an old women comes out, all of them are looking dashing. (guess who ? obviously, they are the oberois)
Suddenly, rudy starts shouting
Rudy: bhaiya, mera bag…………..(my bag!!!)
Om: ab kya hua ? india mein bhool gaya kya?(now what happened? Did you forget your bag in india)
Rudy: nahi, nahi, mera bag exchange ho gaya hai. (no………its been exchanged)
Om: oi ! jakar inform karde counter par tera bag tujhe mil jaayega.
Rudy: oksss
On the other side, 3 cars are coming and stops just outside the airport.
(the bodyguards come out and media is also there)
Anika comes out with bodyguards behind her and waits for someone. A cool guy is shown coming and stands in front of anika. They both take off their shades and stare each other.
Anika: you are one day late.
The man: actually…………….woh………………ah……………….uh…………….
Anika: aap ek bahut bade lawyer honge court mein, anika malhotra ke saamne bade-bade lawyers kuch nahi bol pate.(you may be the best lawyer but infront of anika malhotra no one can dare to speak)
The man: but Ms. Anika malhotra, aapka yeh attitude mere saamne nahi chalega coz you are my little sister right- choti?
Shivaay(in mind): kuch nahi ho sakta inn attention seekers ka, bas mauka dhoondte rehte hai media ke saamne aane ka.
(raj and anika leaves)
In the car,
Raj: choti tu bachpan mein kitni cute aur innocent thi aura b ek dum lady mogambo.
Anika: bhaiya, aap anika malhotra ke bare mein bol rahe hai !!!
Raj: tu mere liye hamesha meri choti behan rahegi nnot any anika malhotra.
Anika: bhaiya log badalte hai, anika malhotra nahi.
Raj: that’s my sis.
Anika: driver, new life orphanage le chalo.
Raj: what? Choti tu abhi bhi vahan jati hai. Why don’t you just move on-with someone else…………..
Anika stares him.

On the other side,
Shivom, prinku and dadi are waiting for rudra)
(Rudra comes)
Shivaay: rudra tum kahan the, we have been waiting for you and did you find you bag.
Rudra: ha bhaiya aur waha mujhe ek ladki bhi mili. She was so damn hot.
Om: oh god rudra! Yaha ki ladkiyon ko toh chod de.
Rudra: come oh O. ladkiya mere peeche aati hai main unke peeche nahi jata.
(shivaay pats rudra’s head)
(at the orphanage)
Anika and raj comes and aira is waiting for them)
Aira: ma’am donation camps ki preparation ho chuki hai aur arora’s ki meeting 2 hours ke liye delay kar di gayi hai.
Anika: ok aira, you go.
Raj: choti tu hamesha yaha aati hai who bhi aaj ke din inn bacchon ke saath apna pain share karne. 4 saal ho chuke hai just move on.
Anika: bhaiya broken glass cannot be mended. So agar main apna past bhulana chahoon toh kuch na kuch rehi jaayega. Anyways lets star the donation thing fast I have a meeting.
(after some time, they leave)
Anika: ok bhaiya aap ghar jaeye mujhe office jana hai. Raj no I will come with you.
Raj: on, I will come with you.
Anika: but……ok.
They reach the office,

In the conference room,
Anika: so in the end I just want to say that our presentation is good and the quotation are perfect. So this time not the oberois, we’ll get the contract like always.(everyone claps)
Raj: anika lets go home.
Anika: just a minute.
(she signs some papers)
(they leave)
The lavishing palace of malhotras,
Raj comes,
Vikram: raj! How are you? (hugs him)
Raj(also hugs him and says silently): main aapko kabhi maaf nahi karunga woh toh anika aapki bahut respect karti hai aur main uska dil nahi todna chahata.
(raj is a little sad)
(anya comes and raj hugs her happily)
Anika comes talking on phone,
Anika: yeah sure but I won’t be able to come. Dad I have planned a dinner, a family dinner.
Vikram: that’s great.
(after some time they leave)
On the other side,
Shivomru, prinku and dadi are talking,
Shivaay: its good that we are here. Ab uss anika malhotra se bi milna ho jaayega. I want to know want does she want. Uss deal mein usska zyada profit nahi hoga then why does she want it. I have heard that she is a good businesswoman.
Omru: no! on work here please…………lets go for a dinner.
Shivaay: cool, lets go.
In the restaurant,
malhotras enter,
manager: waiter, they are our special guests take special care of them.
They go,

After sometime, oberois also come
Raj: I would like to have a bruschetta and a glass of albana.
(anika remembers)
Flashback- 4 years ago, anika is having dinner with someone and the man also ordering the same dish.
Flashback ends
(anika gets teared eyes but controls herself)
Anika(in mind)- no anika, he is dead.uss trauma se meri family ne bahut mushkil se mujhe bahar nikala hai. Main unhe aur taklif nahi dena chahati.
(in the restroom, she is emotional and is about to cry heartily)
(she is like why?why do you do this to me ?)
(she goes to her family)
Vikram- where were you? We ordered for you.
Raj- also we have something special for you.
(waiter comes and anika sees the dish with the same appearance and i not able to comtrol herself)
(she stands up)
Anika- i forgot i have an important meeting. I got to go.
Vikram- anika!!!(shouts)we know what are you feeling. I know its difficult. Hum jaante yeh uski favourite dish hai. We have ordered this deliberately. Tell me how long will you punish yourself. I just want to tell you that we have seen a boy for you. So, we just wanted to see ki kya tum usse bhool payi ho ya nahi.
(she runs outside and drives away)
(she drives to a cliff and comes out of the car and shouts and cries)
Anika- siddharth!!!(shouts)
(raj, vikram and anya are in the car)
Anya- meri beti! Pata nahi kab uska past uskaa peecha chodega.
Raj- maa yeh sab ek hi inssan ki wajah se hua hai ‘am i right, dad?’
Vikram- what!maine usse bas sach bataya hai, uski help karne ki koshish ki hai.
Raj- seriously! Aap uski madad karna chahate haiya usse uske past ki yaad dilakar usse weak karna chahate hai.
Anya- will you both just stop it? Pata nahi anika kahan hai and you are fighting with each other.
Raj- dont worry mom, she will come aftershe is calmed down.
(they go to malhotra mansion)

Precap- anika’s past revealed, she comes back home and raj talks to her…….consoles her.

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