Every Story Does Not Start With Love (character sketch and intro)

hi guys……………………this is shrusvri………………..i am a writing a krpkab ff but suddenly I realized that ishqbaaz is doing really great each and every episode is just superb. So, here’s an ishqbaaz FS(five shots). Hope you all enjoy it. Please give feedbacks no matter if its negative or positive. guys i want at least 15 to 20 comments to continue this. if not then sry but then i wont continue this. thank you. We’ll star

with the character sketch-
Shivaay Singh Oberoi: A business tycoon, loves his family, his bros……………..same as in the serial.
Anika Malhotra: Daughter of Vikram Malhotra and Anya Malhotra. She is hard, emotionless from outside but soft, innocent from inside. She is a workaholic and is very close to her mother but not so to her father but respects him a lot. She is the CEO in her father’s company and is also an interior designer.
Raj Malhotra: he’s anika’s elder brother. He loves anika and cares for her a lot. He is one of the best lawyer’s world wide.

Vikram Malhotra: He is the chairman of Malhotra Group Of Industries. He loves his family a lot especially Anika.
Ishana: she is vikram’s illegitimate daughter but is very selfless. She is the devi of sacrifice.
Priyanka: she is the only daughter of the oberois and is a spoilt brat also a sl*t.
Sommya: assistant of omkara and is very good in art.
Omru, dadi, Shakti, pinky, tej, jhanvi are same as in the serial.
This was the character sketch of my FS hope you all like it. Please keep giving comments.

Episode 1-
In Melbourne, Australia
In anika’s office,
Aira(anika’s secretary): hi everybody!(surprised as everybody is chatting and having fun) guys!! Ma’am is coming she’s on her way and will reach here in 5 minutes.(everybody straightens up as they hear this)
A girl in her 20s is shown walking with full confidence and attitude ina black kurta, Leggings, black heels, etc and is talking on her phone.
The girl: damn it, I just want that contract. I hate losses. I am anika malhotra aur jo main chahati hoon who main hasil karke rahungi at any cost(she cuts the call)
She enters her office,

Aira comes,
Aira: ma’am, you have a meeting with arora’s in half an hour and then………………..(anika ignores her and straightly goes into her cabin)
She throws her bag,
Anika: I will not let that happen. I will not let the oberois ruin my family’s reputation. Aur jaha tak uss shivaay singh oberoi ka sawaal hai use main uski jagah dekha kar rahungi.
Aira calms her down,
Aira: ma’am aapke donation camp ki sari preparations ho chuki hai and the organisers are waiting.
Anika: I am coming aur arora’s ki meeting reschedule kar do I don’t have time.
For now that’s its. Its only the intro please keep following my FS and yeah just wanted to tell that
anika and shivaay have never met each other

Stay tuned……………..keep giving comments.

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