Every Story is Destined to be Completed (Episode 2)


Hii guy’s shraddha(kittu) here let’s start……

anika is panctual not ishana she is always late and so many people don’t know kiran srinivas so i m changing her her role is played by kunwar amar currently he is playing
the role of alaadin in naamkaran. he is ishana’s friend as i said.
Shivika song: oh jana…..
ishkara song: O saathiya…….
Rumya BG song: same song which is in the show(i don’t know there song name)
Siddika(siddharth+malika): mitwa(qubool hai asya song)

Recap: Oberio’s entry….

@Oberio mansion
Breakfast table
everyone is sitting and having there breakfast
Tej: woh kab aarahi hai (when she is coming)
Rudy: kaun papa (who papa)
janvi: tumhari behen (ur sister)
Rudy: oooh malika didi
pinki: han kab aarahi hai malika (when malika is coming) i can’t waits
shiv: i don’t know
om: what u don’t know
shiv: yes i’ll call and ask her
shak: ok use lena mat bhoolna (don’t forget to pick her)
Shivaay phone ring
shiv: important call k by… i’ll leave
shivaay leave
om: i want to complete my statue k by…
rudy: i m getting late for my collage by….
everyones leave

@Rana Villa
One huge mension is shown it’s a beautiful mansion
inside the mansion
@breakfast table
one man is sitting one girl enter
girl: good morning papa
man: good morning anika beta
ani: papa chalo papa nashta karte hai bhook lagi hai (come let’s have breakfast feeling hungry)
Vik: ruko mere aur princesses kaha hai (wait where is my other princesses)
two girls from back: hum yaha hai papa(we r here papa) good morning
They hug vikram anika smile looking at them
ani: papa ishya(ishana+soumya)appa long mujhe bhool gaye mere bina hug kar rahe hai(u forget me u r hugging without me)(she make puppy face)
trio: come
They all hug

somu: chalo nashta karte hai bhook lagi hai(let’s have breakfeeling feeling very hungry)
isha: bhukkad
soumya listen and make puppy face
ishana and anika laugh
They start breakfast
vik: mujhe kuch kehna hai (i want to say something)
somu: kya papa (what papa)
vik: That siddharth is coming back
isha: wow bhaiyya is coming
in excitement she stand on chair and start dancing
ani: jhalli
soum: oh my jhalli di neeche utro (get down)
ani: bhaiyya kab aarahe hai (when bhiyya is coming)
vikram is about to say
ani: papa chodiya mai bhaiyya se phone kar ke phoch longe waise bhi mujhe meeting ke bare mai bhi puchna hai (leave papa i’ll call bhaiyya and ask her actually i want to ask
about that meeting too so)
Vik: ok

isha: oops! aaj mere bohot imprtant meeting hai so by (i had a very important meeting today so by)
somu: ruko di mai bhi aarahi ho collage ke pass drop kardo na(wait di i m also coming drop me to collage)
isha: ok chal(come)
soum: ok by..papa by ani di
isha: by by
they both leave
ani: papa mujhe lagta hai hamai bhi chalna chahiye(papa i think we should also leave)
vik: hmm
They also leave

Precap: Shivika meet at…….

Thanks for reading i hope u like it……sorry for grammatical mistakes i m not good but i tried my best i know this episode is boring next will be good coz that’s is by hajira hope so u all like it by…by….tata 🙂 🙂 🙂

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