Good morning guys….. I am very very sorry. I began my ff and then stopped it suddenly. So sorry. I had only posted intro and 2 epis. Then I got my project work so stopped it. I am so sorry. From now on I will upload regularly. All dear friends pls accept me and support.

And I should thank u all for supporting my OS colour of love. Every body found it very emotional. Sorry for making u all cry. And tq so much for all love and appreciations. Extend it to my ff also. Tq soo much Sonal, Asmita, Fatarazo, prit, Maria, simplesweety, Ngkrishnakumari, priya, devika, veronica, sakshi, Shruthi sagar, Ahana, Nishi, vinya, Arunika, Bhoomi, Deeptanu, sarayumanae… Tq u all so much guys for those lovely comments.

Now I will give u a small precap of my ff and its upcoming promo.

Story starts with Marriage of dev-sona and Shravan-suman. They all live in Brindavan with their family. Sona and suman are sisters. Their father is Bejoy and mom Asha(dead). Ramnath and Ishwari are couples. Shravan, Dev, Neha, Ria and Nikki are their children. Mama and Radha rani and Kamini with her family also lives with them. Neil is Bejoy’s sisters son. His wife Ragini and children preethi and chintu. The next day of marriage a man comes and gives some papers to sona and suman. They both look at each other with tears and anger. Now flash back opens. Sonakshi is the top most business tycoon of india and best Nutritionist. She runs TAKE CARE Health centres and health products pvt.ltd. Dev runs Ishwari group of companies and Shravan runs Ramnath companies…….

Here is the link guys for those who missed it up….

Intro: http://www.tellyupdates.com/every-relationship-colour-intro-edkv-krpkab/

Episode 1: http://www.tellyupdates.com/every-relationship-colour-episode-1-edkv-krpkab/

Episode2: http://www.tellyupdates.com/every-relationship-colour-episode-2/

Upcoming PROMO……

( Guys this ff is now in flash back segment which shows the meeting, friendship, love, break up and finally marriage segments of our leads. I promise u all that I will make it entertaining. Hope u all will like this.)
A big palace like house Brindavan is shown….

Two sisters bonding is shown. They pull each others legs and always supportive. There Sona is checking some files hurriedly with phone in her ears where suman comes and feed her tiffin…… Then suman struggles to wear some shoes where sona sits down and helps her…..

Bg voice: These two sisters are inseparable. Their lives are in each others happiness. They are embodiments of love.

Ramnath mansion is shown….
Shravan bends down to take blessings from his dad. In Tv a song on mother is playing. He switches off it and throws the remote angrily.
Bg voice: One hates his mom and doesn’t value brotherhood. For him his father is his world.

Ishwari mansion is shown……

Dev massages his mom’s legs. She blesses him.
In his office an employee comes and distributes sweets that he has became a father. He gives sweets to dev. Dev takes a sweet and in a rough tone says “Be a responsible father” After entering his cabin he throws that sweet in dustbin.

Bg voice: Other worships his mom and curses his dad.
The fate made them brothers. But the reality made them enemies. They both hate each other. They are poles apart. They are embodiments of hate.

A garden is shown…..

There Dev collides with Sonakshi and she falls in his arms……
A beach is shown……

There Shravan and Suman were holding each others hands and standing in waves…….

Bg voice: What will happen when love meets hatred. Will the sisters stay united or their love makes them stand apart…….
What colours will this new relationship bring into their lives.
How will these four live for the sake of each others…..

To know the answers read EVERY RELATIONSHIP HAS ITS COLOUR……

Guys how is my promo. Pls do comment. And my 3rd epi will be updated soon. Pls comment guys and silent readers too can comment. Share ur thoughts and tell me my flaws. I am waiting…………………………………………………….

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  1. Nandini aka Nandu

    Yes hi pinky. I just loved ur 2 episodes and were waiting for the next one but no worries. Post soon. Lots of love.

  2. Wow awesome promo. When I read it I felt like I’m watching it on TV
    Waiting for the next episode

  3. Marie

    Wow pinky….!! I WS waiting fr it fr a long tym…..
    Awww nt fair yr…..itna late post or wo Bhi promo ,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Plz plz post nxt prt soon….
    Promo WS kamal dhamaal 😀 …!

  4. Pinky…it was too intersting..promo..
    Vaisey tuney..such mey..humey anger kar dhiya..but its OK..☺☺☺☺
    Acha lagta tuney vaapas dekh kar..☺????
    Pls..continue..don’t take long breaks OK??☺

  5. Awesomeeeeeeeeee I was waiting for your ff and finally u posted plz don’t be late next time

  6. Neeti

    Love this ff missed it so much plss try to post soon by the way in neeti .i was a silent reader but now i will eat your brain everyday

  7. Good superb to much intresting eagerly waiting for episode

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